Another World

Have you ever thought about if there was no law about not killing people? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to walk into a street knowing that someone could kill you and get away with it?


1. Prologue

I walked out of my front door and straight away I saw someone get their head blown off. 

What had I just witnessed? 

A new Prime Minister was elected and he changed one little law. There was no law against people killing each other. We could kill as many people as we wanted to. I terribly wanted to move countries but my parents don't have the money, plus it's too much risk leaving the country. 

I have to walk around carrying a weapon, at the moment I have a nice pistol in my pocket, ready to whip out if needed. 

"That's the last time you swear at me again!" The man yelled to his friend's dead body. The man spat in his face and walked off. 

What had the world turned into? 

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