Girl Heart Boy: Deleted Scene

This is a possible deleted scene from the amazing 'Girl Heart Boy'. It was basically deleted because it shows Sarah in a different light. She acts the way she probably wouldn't normally and evidently this doesn't fit in with her natural character. I hope you enjoy :)


1. The Party, Deleted Scene

I heard Ash say “Let’s get a drink”

But I was already making my way to the kitchen, I grabbed a cup and half filled it with Vodka and topped it off with Dr Pepper. Then drained the entire cup. When I turned around I could see Ash was staring at me with her mouth hanging open. I had to bite my lip in order to stop myself from laughing.

“Very Attractive”

Was the only dry remark that I made, even though I wanted to take advantage of this rare moment that Ash didn’t look perfect. Okay, so I’m more the WKD or Bacardi Breezer kinda girl, but why can’t I have a change?

“Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?”

Her demanding tone was slightly annoying but I was saved from replying when I was abruptly spun around and crushed by someone’s face. Literally. The alcohol had slowed my reaction times down and left me unable to respond in time. This guy was very drunk, but I still pushed him away and then punched him. Right in his mouth. Now, I have no idea what came over me, because this is the exact opposite of how I would usually react. I’m not a violent person; that’s usually left up to my friends, but it felt incredibly good to punch him, and I was exceptionally pleased with the gasp of pain that escaped his lips and the clearly involuntary step back that he took.

“Whoa!” Ash was looking at me with unconcealed respect, awe and admiration. And this further heightened my mood. She was undoubtedly going to talk about this later, but now her mind was on the party.

“Whose place did you say this was again?”

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