Callie Westleigh is a normal 15 year old, with nothing interesting in particular.
Niall Horan is a teen sensation, in the biggest boyband in the world.
Callie is always putting herself down, telling everyone she can't sing, but secretly, she works on the world biggest radio, CatchMEZ.

Hmm, something missing?


3. Surprisingly...

It was Saturday, and like usual, Callie was found (by her dad only) in the main studio, at CatchMEZ Radio station. She was still confuesed in why it was called that, but it sounded sort of catchy, so she guessed that way you'd remember.

She had just finished preforming live, and this time, she felt sort of good. After yesterday, she knew she had to let her proper voice out. Yesterday, she'd tried to pipe down a little, just in-case somebody recognised her voice, because, obviously, it was the song she sung on the radio regulary.

She began to pack away her books and notes away in her bag, and setteled it on her shoulder, before air kissing Jessica, the main radio specialist, good-bye. She opened the door, and bumped into a familiar face.

Niall Horan, sweetest and most cutest boy from One Direction.

"Oh, christ, I'm sorry!" she cried, and rubbed at his shirt. He just looked at her oddly, and she pulled her hand back.

"Uh, habbit" she muttered, before sneaking past him, and heading down the stairs.

Callie, your stupid,stupid, stupid! Why did you rub at his shirt? Why did you bother...

"Excuse me, Callie, you left your songbook!" Craig called, waving it about at the top of the stairs. Callie sighed, and climbed all the way back up. She almost bumped into Niall again, but this time, she stopped herself.

"Did he just say Callie?" Niall asked, cocking his head.

Callie nodded.

"Yeah, I'm Callie..." She almost paniced. What's my real name...?

"Callie Westleigh?"

She nodded.

Niall sort of hit his palm on his forehead.

" I'm so sorry! I just haven't seen you in, well, a picture. You know?"

Callie smiled awquedly, and sort of entwined her fingers.

"Callie, songbook?"

Callie snapped out of it, and Craig passed her the song book.

"I'm sorry, Niall, I got to go. Do you want to walk down with me, or are you here for something else?"

Niall looked as if he didn't know what the hell he was doing. Well, that's what Callie thought anyway.

Then he picked up, and nodded.

"I'll come with you. I was actually coming here to find out who you were. My fame can get me anywhere".

Callie laughed lightly, and set off down the stairs. She felt as if all of this was surreal. I mean, she was walking with NIALL HORAN for christ's sake! They got to the bottom of the stairs, and they walked down the lobby and out of the building.

Callie turned right, and Niall turned left, but they were both on the oppisite side, and bumped into each other.

"Oww!" Callie cried, flinging her hands to her forehead head. Niall was laughing, but was clutching his own head all the same.

"God, I'm sorry" he spoke, and rubbed at his head. Callie laughed, and apoligised herself.

"So, why are you here in Newstonly, Niall?"

"Were recording at The Studio over at Figureton. You can come visit, if you'd like...?"

Callie smiled, but inside, she was jumping for joy. Niall Horan was speaking to her! Her! The shy girl who was always made fun of, the shy girl who couldn't even stick up for herself.

Look what I'm doing now, Michelle!

She nodded.

"Okay, I'll come. But only for a bit. I'm supposed to be back by...uh..."

She was meant to be back now, but who cared?

" Well, I have another hour or so of break, so if we head off now, we'll be back in time for another cup of tea, or what ever you reccomend".

Callie smiled, and surprisingly, Niall linked his fingers in hers, and they walked off down the street towards Newstonly Station.


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