Callie Westleigh is a normal 15 year old, with nothing interesting in particular.
Niall Horan is a teen sensation, in the biggest boyband in the world.
Callie is always putting herself down, telling everyone she can't sing, but secretly, she works on the world biggest radio, CatchMEZ.

Hmm, something missing?


9. Drama

Callie hopped into the Limo.

"Drive, now!"

The Limo pulled off of the curb, and drove the short journey home.


Callie spent the evening crying in her bedroom. Delany, Rachel and Missie comforted her for a while, and Rachel raced off down the stairs to make them all hot drinks.

"I just don't understand!" she cried, wiping her nose with a damp tissue. Delany held her shoulders, and shook her.

"Wake up, Callie! I told you boy-bands aren't worth the hassle! All they do is break your heart. They think they can do anything, and when they appoligise, they think you'll automatically take it. Well their wrong, so stuff them. Forget him, forget them. Okay?"

Callie smiled weakly, and nodded. Her eyes were all red and puffy, and the tears wouldn't stop falling from her eyes.

"I know, Del. But, he was different. But he told me to forget what happened. I CAN'T! I mean, they threatened to kill mum. I can't help but think one of them hired somebody to hit her. You never know".

Callie watched as Delany rolled her eyes.

"They were young. Don't you think they feel guilty doing that? I'm sure that they didn't mean to offend you, and that they were only playing a harmless trick. But I still think Niall is some-what, twisted".

Callie couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her best ever mate, was sticking up for them? For THEM?!


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