Callie Westleigh is a normal 15 year old, with nothing interesting in particular.
Niall Horan is a teen sensation, in the biggest boyband in the world.
Callie is always putting herself down, telling everyone she can't sing, but secretly, she works on the world biggest radio, CatchMEZ.

Hmm, something missing?


7. Catch Him.

Callie walked down the carpet with her dad. Luckily, she'd put on a wig and covered her eyes with glasses, so, no-one would tell it was really her. Photo's were taken, and people screamed, but all Callie could think about was Niall. She'd checked the One Direction Main Site, and there was a concert at the O2. Surprisingly, the premiere finished in the middle of The One Direction concert. But Callie's dad, voulentarily, told Callie he'd drop of her off.

That was, of course, when they got off of the red carpet.

Her dad posed for one last photo, and they hurried inside before the press could take him away for questioning. They were now inside of the building, where the film of The Music would begin. This was just a reality movie, about Radio and live music. To be honest, Callie wanted to be out of there before the film even started, but her dad told her to stay for at least fourty five minutes. By then, The Direction concert would be in full-swing, but luckily, the One Direction concert lasted for about 4 hours.

Which was lucky for Callie.


She setteled down in her seat after a short-toilet break. They were on their way to the O2, but her dad had to stop of to go to the toilet, and Callie had taken the break for granted, too. She had gone off to the toilet, gotten lost, but eventually, found her way back. Luckily, in time for her song to be played on the Radio.

"Uh, here I am again!" she spoke, pointing at the radio. Henry, their Limo driver, didn't look too happy, but he continued to drive anyway. They arrived about half an hour later, and her dad rushed into the main lobby of the O2. Of course, like always, he got through, with hardly any questions asked, (more autographs and pictures more then anything) and up the stairs into the backstage rooms. There, she met Mike and James, and then she setteled down, and waited for the boys to finish for the Intervaul.


About twenty-two minutes later, Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall came flouncing off of the stage. They all look as equally shocked as each other, as if they didn't know who I was.

"Who are you?" Zayn asked, giving Callie a strange look. She pulled off her glasses and wig. That's when the smiles hit them.

"Callie!" Niall cried, reaching out to give her a hug.

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