Callie Westleigh is a normal 15 year old, with nothing interesting in particular.
Niall Horan is a teen sensation, in the biggest boyband in the world.
Callie is always putting herself down, telling everyone she can't sing, but secretly, she works on the world biggest radio, CatchMEZ.

Hmm, something missing?


2. 2 Hour break.

Niall rubbed at his blonde hair, and held the microphone.

"One last time, Harry, or, I swear to God..."

"Alright, alright, kept that lushess hair on, Horan!" Louis cried, sitting on the edge of the sofa. He watched, Niall's face crinkle everytime he stressed over Harry. Harry, on the other hand, didn't find it funny at all. Instead, he grabbed Louis shirt, and yanked it hard.

"Hey, this is my best shirt! Keep your bear paws of it, Harry!"

Niall almost cried. His band was in pieces again, and they were about to spend a 4 months touring around Britain. If they were going to argue every minute, it wasn't worth the time.

"Come on guys, focus! And this time, no funny buissness, alright, Harry?"

Harry nodded, and setteled at his own microphone, followed by Louis, Zayn and Liam. They were all in place, and all they needed now was Mike, their music producer, to begin the record.

"Hey Girl I'm waiting on ya, yeah, I'm waiting on ya..." Liam began.

From there, the song began, and finally, Harry had come in at the right moment. Before they knew it, the song had finished, and they all high-fived, and hugged it out. Niall took a toilet and food break, obviously not at the same time, and took the patience of waiting for his food to be served at the small cafe down the block.

Their were many furious squeals, but Mickey, his security Guard, led the girls away, and finally, he was left in piece ; to enjoy the muffin he well deserved.

He hummed along to a familiar song on the Radio, sung by a girl a little younger then him, on the best radio ever, CatchMEZ. In fact, her name was Callie something or other, and she was amazing. But, of course, she kept low profile, and was under private protection.

After a few more chomps of his muffin, Niall picked up his messenger bag and left, heading back down the street, but this time, he walked past Harding's Studio, and towards the train station. Luckily, they had finished recording until about half 3, so that gave him about 2 hours to do what he liked.

And he knew EXACTLY, what he was going to do.

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