Save You Tonight.

I don't really want to tell you about the story yet because if i do you will already know what the story is about! But I'm Emily, and this is my first story.. I really appreciate it if you leave comments and add my books to your favs. I will probably post 1-2 times a week and post 3-4 chapters or more during those days. Oh, I also should tell u about myself! Im 12 ( my stories are kinda dirty i shouldn't know some words.. but its not my fault i have a 14, 19 and 24 year old cousins!) I absolutely love One Direction!! I love all them equally, but Niall just stole my heart. I also like building Lego houses with Ed Sheeran ;P But I just really hope you enjoy my story!
Oh and if you read all the way down here, I <3 you! (heehee) but also My story is about Louis and a girl named Blaire O'Connors


3. Meeting Him

"Hello love, how are you feeling?" Were the words I heard from the boy in the same room as me.

"Who are you?" I started to move towards the door "and where am I? Are there any adults home?"

"Don't worry love I won't hurt you. I was the one that saved you from the road, and you're in my house.. my mum won't be home for awhile so I can't exactly introduce her to you." He explained to me.

"Oh.. well thank you. But I didn't exactly want to leave that road." I said. "And why is that?" He asked. "Well... you see... I was going to end it there. My life is a living hell as most people say, and I just don't want to be apart of it anymore." I tell him.

"Oh my... if u don't mind my asking why did you want it to end?" He asked concered putting his hand on my lap. I think he could see my cheeks burning up, because that's when he moved his hand away awkwardly.  "Um.. well," I told him everything. He could see tears brimming up in my eyes and gave me a big hug.

He then pulled away..

 "I don't even know your name!" He says. "Oh right! I'm Blaire O'Connors." I reply. "I'm Louis Tomlinson I'm in-" "Haha I know, you're in One Direction. I've often listened to you guys on the radio. You guys are really good, and I'm not just saying that." I say.

"Thanks Love." Louis replies. And then the doorbell rings. "That must be my mum, I'll go get it." He says walking to the door.

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