Another World

**Originally, this was my sister's FanFic but she told me to take over it ( She wrote up to chapter 9) because she didn't know where to go with it so I'll update this when my other fanfic is done or close to done! Thanks!! Check out her new FanFic:
"They Don't Know About Us" by Jessica Horan :) **


3. Out for Tea



The sound of my phone buzzing woke me up, I didn’t recognize the  phone number but I answered anyway.


“Hi it’s Niall”

“Oh hey”

“Oh Sorry, did I wake you?”

“Ha ha, yeah kind of”

“ Well now that you’re up, would you mind going to tea with me?”

“ Just can’t get enough of me Niall right?”

“No, its just, I, I-” ( I could tell by the sound of his voice that he was blushing)

“I’m joking Niall sure I’ll walk over there at Twelve”

“ sounds great Thanks!”

“ See you later!”

I Hung up the phone


I Hastily jumped out of bed to check the time. “Crap it’s eleven!” I don’ usually wake up this late. I guess i spent a lot of time talking to Niall last night. I walked over to my suitcase and picked out my clothes. A ripped pair if denim jeans, my “running wild” T-shirt, and Grey converse. I applied my make quickly but I made sure it looked good. I straightened my long dark hair and pulled  it back with a silver sparkly head band. I looked in the mirror, “Perfect!” 


(Niall's pov)


“Sounds great thanks!”

I hung up my phone freaking out. “Yes!!” I screamed which made my brother Greg walk in. “ You ok Niall?” he asked. “Yeah I’m Fine, I just uhh... stubbed my toe..” I said making up an excuse. I don’t want greg to know that I met someone, he’d bug me all day. “sure mate...” Great now he’s curious... I hate it when he’s curious. I decided not to worry about that right now and to get ready for our “date”. I grabbed my red polo shirt, khakis, and white supras. I threw them on and fixed my hair. 11:15. I still had some time to spare so i grabbed my guitar and decided to practice for x- factor. I softly strum  and sing along for about five minutes until i’m interrupted by a text from Liam. It was a group message.


“Hey Niall, Harry Zayn and Louis!!! Miss all of you! Whatcha been up to?”


One after one, messages flooded in.

Harry: Heyy guys! Nothing new here, Hanging with Gemma and mum

Zayn: Same harry, spending time with family 

Louis: Going on a golfing outing today!!


I smiled. I missed my best friends, I cant wait to see them again


Niall: Hey Mates, Nothing new except a new family moved in next door. A girl about our age lives there, here names Jess.


I smiled as I wrote that.


Liam: Oh so Niall's got a girl!?

Harry: OOOOOOO!!! ;)

Zayn: vas happening Niall!! You falling in love

Louis: if she likes carrots she's a keeper!

Niall: No no we just met, I have to go guys, I’m going out to tea with her byee!!


I decided to ignore the beeps coming from my cellphone knowing that there were going to bug me all day.


(Jess’s pov)


“ Mom! Im going to go for a walk!” I didn't tell her about last night, I didn’t want her to bother me about boys.

“ok honey be careful”

I walked out of the door and followed the trail that i followed last night. As I walked  i noticed the tree root I tripped on and I laughed to my self. I walked through the trees and found my self on Niall’s front lawn.  I guessed he noticed me because he opened the front door and ran to me. 

“ Shh, i told my parents i was going for a walk.” He said 

“ Don’t worry, I said that too” I smiled

“ Lets get going then?” He winked

I followed him as he walked up the road . I had no idea where i was going. We walked for a bout two minutes, making small conversation.


“ So why’d you move here?” He asked

“ My dad lost his job, but here was the only place where he could find a job. Im starting to like it here. 

“Yeah it’s nice”

“so where are we going Niall?”

“ A place called Lu Lu’s cafe its nice, I don’t usually go here only on special occasions.”

“ Oh so this is a special occasion?” He blushed and let out a cute laugh

“ Look we’re here!”


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