Another World

**Originally, this was my sister's FanFic but she told me to take over it ( She wrote up to chapter 9) because she didn't know where to go with it so I'll update this when my other fanfic is done or close to done! Thanks!! Check out her new FanFic:
"They Don't Know About Us" by Jessica Horan :) **


4. LuLu's Cafe


Niall and I walked through the front door or a petite little tea and coffee house. As soon as awe walked in, everyone seemed to recognize Niall. 

“ Heyy Niall! Welcome back!”

They all seemed familiar with him like he’s been there many times.

“ Hey Guys!” Niall answered “This is my new neighbor Jess, she moved here from New Jersey. I’m just showing her around a bit.”

They all smiled.

“hi I’m jess” I smiled back. 

Niall went ahead with his order. 

“ We’ll have two chocolate chip scones and two teas with milk and sugar. “ He then whispered to me, “ don’t worry, everything at lu lu’s is great.”

I smiled. “ thanks for ordering.” 

After we get our tea we sit down at one of the tables in the cafe. 

“ I’ve never really had tea,” I laughed

“Really?! Then you haven’t lived!! Taste it!”

“okay okay! Calm down!”

I took a sip, surprisingly it wasn’t half bad, it wasn’t bad at all. It was actually nice.

“ It’s good,” I said

“ Just good?!” He looked surprised 

“ Fine, great.”

“Keep going..” He gestured with his hands

“ Its amazing!!” I half yelled at him which made him laugh. He was a really attractive boy. Blonde hair, blue eyes, Perfect smile. The only slight imperfection was his crooked teeth, which only made him even more unique. But no, i wasn’t falling for him, i just met him yesterday, that would be crazy...... wouldn’t it?


(Nialls pov)


Wow......She sure was beautiful. Green eyes, perfect hair, great smile. Her personality tops it all. She’s just....... amazing. But no, I can’t be involved in any relationship right now i have lots of practicing to do....... Maybe i can have a girl in my life, it won’t be that distracting..... would it?


(Jess’s pov)


After we finished our tea and scones we walked giggling and cracking jokes.

“I had a great time Niall we should do that again sometime”

“And can that sometime be tomorrow?” He asked, “ I was going to go out to the lake tomorrow afternoon, and you’re welcome to join me!” Niall is so sweet How can I turn that face down? “ Sure! call me tomorrow and tell me the details.” 

“ Thanks Jess! See you tomorrow!” He gave me a bear hug almost tackling me to the ground right on his front lawn. 

“ Stop itt!!” I giggled 

“ Make me!” He playfully yelled.

At that moment our eyes met and a wave of awkward silence came upon us. We ended up on the ground, him on top of me, staring at eachother for a couple of seconds.

“ Well I guess I better be going,” I said to break the awkwardness. 

“ Yeah well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” I walked through the trail to my house and oped my door. My mom was waiting on the couch.

“ How was your day Jess?”

“ oh fun! I met our neighbors and I went out for tea with their son Niall, he’s really nice.


(Nialls pov)


I scurried to the door but right before i opened it the door flew open. It was Greg.

“So who’s that girl you were just ontop of Nialler?”


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