Another World

**Originally, this was my sister's FanFic but she told me to take over it ( She wrote up to chapter 9) because she didn't know where to go with it so I'll update this when my other fanfic is done or close to done! Thanks!! Check out her new FanFic:
"They Don't Know About Us" by Jessica Horan :) **


1. Moving to Mullingar


“IRELAND?! Mom we are NOT moving to ireland!” I shouted. This couldn’t be happening! I have the perfect life here! friend popularity. And my mom had to throw that all away by moving us to ireland. “ But honey, thats the only place where your father could get a job. You know that we are really short on money, we need to take anything we can get Jess!” I started to get agitated. “Then why can’t we “take any thing we can get ,” the next state up! Not across the whole freaking world! Where in New Jersey, do you know how far it will be to visit my friends?!”  My mother just kept going on and on about how it was the only thing we could do and that I can make new friends. “What if I don’t want to make new friends? What if I’m perfectly satisfied with where I am right now!?” I ran up the stairs and into my room slamming the door behind making sure that my mother could hear it. I went to the mirror and untangled my messy bun and let my dark brown hair loose . I just stood there for a while trailing off into my thoughts. Once i snapped back into real life  i took off my makeup and put some sweats on. I just wanted to be alone so I could take all of this in. My father used to work as a school teacher but got laid off as the school began to loose more money and couldn’t pay the teachers. Soon the school shut down, leaving my father no place to work. I knew we were going to have to move, but not all the way to Ireland. It was already late so I decided just to go to sleep and think about this tomorrow.


“Jess, Jess wake up! We need to get packing.” My mothers voice awoke me, “What?” I asked. “ we have to start packing, the moving trucks coming in 5 hours”

I just laid there in shock . I only had 5 hours until I was leaving my hometown. I bursted into tears. “Mom! are you kidding me! We’re leaving today?”  I cried on her shoulder for a couple of minutes. until she pulled me off gently and told me that if was going to be alright, and that we would be moving to a really good neighborhood with really nice people. My mom helped me pack my whole room up and I helped her pack up the whole house. Before we knew it It was 2:00 and the moving truck arrived. My father and mother walked out of the house heading toward the truck, carrying boxes out. I took a deep breath in and closed my eyes. I whispered to myself, “ so many memories” and a single tear rolled down my face before heading out the door. I took one last look and ran to the the truck. They were all waiting for me.


The truck driver drove us to the airport, but he kept driving, we only packed some necessary things that we would need until the moving truck would be at our new house. We boarded the plane and I was so exhausted that i fell asleep.



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