Alpha Says What Now?

After suffering two years of insufferable torture at a 'lady's development' academy, Maya Ryder finally returns home to her brothers, only slightly different than when she was first shipped off by her father. And it wasn't her tomboy personality that was altered forever; she suddenly has the power to change into a furry wolf at will. But a secret like hers isn't one that you would blurt out to your brothers at a confession session, and Maya's secret is big enough to turn her world upside down.

Xavier Weston is not the kind of guy Maya hangs out with. In fact, she will do anything to avoid him. He's annoying, immature, selfish, and seems to really hate her for some unknown reason. But when he's blinded by his hatred for rogues,he presents Maya with a life changing decision that leaves her confounded. And suddenly she ain't the only one hiding secrets anymore.

WARNING: Full of humor and general randomness and awesomeness :)


2. Chapter Two

By the end of the day, everyone except me and Chris was covered in a pink coating, including Harper, who had returned to the fight shortly after I 'killed' Carter. Unfortunately for us, Chris and I were covered in green paint splatters - the 'dead man's revenge as Carter called it. Where the heck did he find that paintballing gun, anyways?! Since when have we ever owned a paintball gun?!

I flop down on my girly pink bedspread that Harper took the liberty to replace my old lime green one with, not really caring whether I get any paint on it. It's gonna be replaced anyways - did Harper really think that I would actually keep it?! So, who gives?

Chris follows me into my room and flops down on the bed next to me, breathing heavily. The triplets soon follow us in and collapse on the pink swirly mat that Harper had placed next to my bed. Carter looks around, grinning, and slaps Harper on the back in an attempt at a man slap.

"Nice work dude." He smirks. "Really brings out the girliness in this room."

I growl at him, trying not to sound too animlistic. "Soo uncool dude."

Harper tries not to grin when he gazes around the room. "It was pretty easy." He shrugs modestly. "She doesn't have a lot of- oof!"

I smirk smugly at him, and he looks at me, slightly shocked, as the pink pillow with a princess crown embroidered on it falls into his lap. "You are a douche Harp. Good luck surviving the next week dude."

He tries not to show how scared he was. "You can't scare me sis. You're just a-"

I glare at him and he shuts his mouth quickly. "Don't even bother finishing that sentence."

Harper opens his mouth with a smirk and Zack shakes his head warningly at our brother. "Dude you're up to you're neck in it. Don't let it hit the fan." he warns.

I grin when Harper shuts his mouth quickly again and high five Chris behind my back. Yeah, that's me, Maya Ryder, feared even by her own brothers. Dayum.

I sigh loudly and stretch out on my bed, tracing the swirly pattern of the pink duvet. "I am sooo happy I got sent home. Now I can rub it in all of your faces when you all have to go to school and I won't." I cackle evilly.

Chris coughs and turns to me with a slightly smug expression. "I don't think so girl. Dad enrolled you in the high school that we're going to. You start on Monday."

I sit up quickly. "Chris says what now?!"

He bursts out laughing at my expression. "Sorry Maya. Not my fault." He shrugs. "Go get Dad if your so scared about attending." He looks at me maliciously.

I slap him. "I am not scared of going to school! I'm just too lazy."

Carter snorts. "Now that I believe."

"How does he expect me to go?" I moan to the world. "I haven't learnt anything for the past two years; I'm gonna look stupid next to everyone else!"

Harper grins. "Can't wait to see that."

I glare at him again and Zack looks at Harper pointedly, before turning to me. "Maya, you'll be fine. You're naturally smart; you'll do fine."

"Anyways," Chris grins. "You have us; what could go wrong?"


The next day, I'm woken up by a pillow to the head by a grinning Zack. I throw him the bird and snuggle deeper into the covers, trying to ignore him.

"Wakey wakey Maya." Zack teases in a sing song voice. "Time for school!"

"No." My voice is muffled by my pillow. "Don't wanna go."

Zack sighs, then mumbles something under his breath that sounds like, "Then you give me no choice." He leaves the room, and I worry slightly before reassure myself that he wouldn't do anything, he's just left because he got-

"AAAAARRGH!" I shriek, leaping out of my bed. I look at Zack with water dripping off my head. He roars with laughter, clutching onto the doorframe for support. I glare daggers at him and I hop off my now sodden bed. "ZACK YOU WANKER!"

Chris appears in my doorway, looking slightly annoyed . "What's going on. . . " He then catches sight of me and bursts into laughter. "Dude, what did you do?!"

Zack explains between fits of laughter. "She. . .wouldn't get. . .up. . . so I. . . . dumped a bucket. . . of. . . WATER on her!" He gasps. "Her face, Oh my lord!"

Harper and Carter appear in the doorway, and as soon as they saw my state they started laughing too, turning it into a massive laughing fest, all at my expense. I glare at them all hotly before taking in what they were wearing.

"Yeah, well at least I'm not wearing what you all are wearing." I say cockily, before spluttering into giggles. They all start scowling at me, and I shrug innocently.

It was pretty horrendous what they were wearing. They all had navy t-shirts along the side, with a pair of bright red stripes on the side, with a pair of black shorts and shiny leather shoes. A crest with a wolf on it and 'Mantle High' was on the breast of the t-shirt, and they all have navy blue ties crudely tied up around their necks. Chris smirks at me and suddenly I wonder what the female version of this obscenity is.

Carter comes forward and hands me a bundle of clothes before sending me a smug look. "Have fun with your uniform Maya."

I snatch it from him and hold it up in the air, and gasp. "You are seriously not serious!" I cry in horror. The shirt was similar to the boys, except it was much smaller and was very figure hugging. "Was the creator of this shirt a perv or something?" I say, clucking in disgust. Harper scoffs with a grin. "Wait til you see the skirt."

"There's a skirt?!" I shriek, and sure enough, when I throw the top onto the bed behind me, the skirt is revealed. Squealing in disgust, I throw the skirt in Carter's direction and hurriedly cover my eyes. "Keep that abomination AWAY from me!!"

Before I had oh-so-quickly got rid of the skirt, I had seen it's pleated, checkered red and blue, kilt-like appearance, and I sure as heck was not wearing that. Frowning and still shielding my eyes, I shuffle over to my bed and sit down. "I am wearing my jeans and a looser shirt." I announce to the boys. "I am not showing my chest to the world, and I sure as heck am not EVER gonna wear that."

I see Harper smirk through the lines of light between my fingers before he tosses me another shirt. "I thought you might say that." He answers me. "So I got you a bigger one just in case."

I smile at him, gratified. "Cheers man. Right, scoot." I shoo them all out of my room with my hands. "Get out, I'm getting changed. Oh, and Carter?" He turns back to look at me, eyebrows raised. "Burn that . . .that thing."

He smirks as he leaves my room, and I can hear them all laughing out in the hallway as they make their way back into the kitchen. Sighing, I stare at the shirt, hoping my gaze would burn holes in it and burn it up, and when it doesn't, I head into the shower so I could dry myself off.


"I can't believe you actually said 'what could go wrong'." I mimic my brother in a high voice, earning a incredulous look from Chris. "Everything could go wrong, I'm going the same school as you guys."

Harper snorts. "You'll be fine May-May."

I growl at him. "Do. Not. I repeat NOT. Call. Me. May-May." I enunciate each word before turning away from the front door and throwing my bag down. "I'vechangedmymind,I'mnotgoing." I say quickly before running up the stairs. Carter sighs frustratedly and leaps after me.

"Maya seriously come back! You're not scared are you?" Chris calls after me. I laugh at his suggestion. "As I said yesterday; I'm not scared!!" I yell at him. "I just really really don't want to go today! I'm too tired, I'm sore, the driver talked too much. . . " I throw random excuses over my shoulder. Suddenly a hand yanks me from behind and Carter tackles me to the ground. Screaming, I drop like a stone.

"CARTER LET ME GO!" I scream. He shakes his head ruefully, and throws me quickly over his shoulder. "Nope." He says, popping the P. "You're coming, whether its forcefully or not."

Screaming bloody murder, I kick him in the stomach and pound my fists on his back. He winces each time one of my limbs falls on him but doesn't loosen his hold. He quickly walks out the front door and motions for the others to follow us, and they do so, with Harper holding my backpack. Carter walks over to a blue Jeep, and tosses me in the back. Groaning in pain, I rub my head and sit up, and hastily yank at the door handle, only to find it already locked. Carter grins at me smugly as I glower at him.

"Damn you Carter!" I yell. "Why won't you let me do what I want?"

"Because what you want isn't what everyone else wants." He says at Chris and Zack slide into the car next to me, with Harper getting into the front with The Devil. I sigh and slump into my seat, defeated. "Since when have you even wanted to go to school Carter? You hate school."

"No reason." Carter shrugs unconfortably. "I've changed since you left."

I snort. "Yeah, apparently in more ways than one. Hate you Carter."

Carter grunts as he manouvers the car out of our driveway. "Whatever Maya. You'll be fine, the schools designed to work with people like us."

I raise an eyebrow at him. "What do you mean by people like us?"

"Nothing." He replies hastily. "The school is just, ah, a place where they ah, gather hooligans and teach them the rightful way."

I sigh heavily. "Great, now I'm a thug. That is sooo reassuring."


We arrive at the high school and the boys all shove each other out in the haste to escape the moody silence that I created in the car. Rolling my eyes, I follow them in a more graceful fashion. . . Until Chris sneaks up behind me and foot trips me, sending me sprawling across the pavement. Other teenagers stare at me and I glare up at him, beet red, before leaping up and chasing after him.

"Chris Ryder!" I scream. "I am going to KILL you!"

He bursts out laughing as I dash after him. So much for a graceful entrance.

Catching up to him, I tackle him to the ground and fall on him heavily when he plunges to the ground. I sit on his chest, and pin his arms and legs down so he can't escape. He squirms around underneath me as he tries to escape, but I've got him good. He glares up at me as I smirk down at him triumphantly.

"Let me go Maya." He cries as students pass us, giving us quite a few weird looks.

"Nope." I say evilly, popping the P. "Prepare to die."

I start tickling him ferociously, and he laughs despite himself.

"Maya seriously. . . gerroff me." He huffs as I continue to tickle him. I shake my head and go at him with even more ferocity.

"Maya get off him." A voice commands from above me. I look up, pouting at Harper with pleading eyes.

"Aww, why?" I whine. Harper smirks at me and Chris.

"As entertaining this sight is, Chris has to go to class, and you have to go and sign up."

I sigh, and leap off Chris with a ninja-like jump. Chris jumps up less graceful, red in the face and puffing slightly.

"I really am regretting wanting you home." He huffs at me, embarressed. I beam at him innocently.

"Don't know why on earth you would think that."

"Lets go Maya." Harper grins, tugging on my arm. Reluctantly, I follow him as he drags me off to the office. He shoves me in and I tumble forwards, grinning weakly at the receptionist who raises an eyebrow at me, which disappears into her grey hair.

"Hi, the name's Maya Ryder, I'm new here." I say to her. She nods and types something up on the computer.

"Is it Malaya?" She asks, her eyebrows once again disappearing into her hair. That really is a lot of hair for one small woman.

I grit my teeth and nod. "Yes, but just call me Maya, please."

She nods again, and hands me some papers. "Here's your schedule, a map of the school, your locker number and the combination for the lock. Oh, and some spare paper, as I guess you didn't bring any books?"

"You guess correct." I say in a deep voice, and she looks at me strangely.

"Right, ok, well your first class is Maths with Mr Finn, which is in F block." She points to a random building on the map. "Good luck, and make sure you wear the correct uniform tomorrow." She looks at me sternly.

I nod, smirking. "Okey dokey, thanks Mrs. . . " I look at her nametag. "Gordon. Thanks."

The last thought that passes through my mind as I leave her office is No way in heck am I wearing that STUPID skirt.


By the end of Maths period, I had made mortal enemies with most of the girls in the class with my loudness and raucous laughter. Chris, luckily, had Maths with me, so kept me entertained when I almost died of boredom. Mr Finn was an alright teacher, except Maths was the one subject that I hated with an undying passion, and he just didn't get that.

Chris introduced me to a couple of his friends, a blondie called Sam and a black-haired guy called Cody. Much to my amusement and Chris's annoyance, Sam constantly tried to flirt with me, dropping various corny pick up lines, to the point where Chris finally bellowed at him to STOP IT, interrupting Mr Finn's speech about something called Parabolas, causing me to burst into a fit of giggles, which kept up for most of the lesson.

Finally, the bell rang, signaling the end of the lesson, and I quickly packed up my empty paper and unused pencils and headed out of the classroom with Chris and the others on my heels.

"What do you have now?" Chris says, popping his chin on my shoulder. I shrug him off and consult my timetable.

"Ahhum. . . Music." I say, flicking him with my ponytail. He jabs me and I grin at him cheekily. Sam grins at me and holds his hand up for me to high five him. I go to high five him, and draw my hand back quickly.

"Too slow!" I cheer, then raise an eyebrow at him. Or try to. "Jellyfish." I smile, flicking my fingers out in a jellyfish like movement. Sam laughs at me, his blonde hair falling into his brown eyes.

"I've got music too." He says, winking at me suggestively. I laugh, and wiggle my eyebrows at him. Chris glares at Sam and me.

"Try anything and I will be forced to kill you." He warns his friend, and Sam smirks.

"I wouldn't try anything would I Maya?"

I smirk aswell, and throw my arm over my new friend's tall shoulders. " 'Course not. But he may need to watch me. I may not be able to refrain myself." I wink at him and Chris thumps me.

"Nawww, is someone jealous?" I coo to Chris, and he scowls at me. "Don't worry bro; I'm reserved purely for you."

I make a kissy face at him, and Chris draws away slowly, face screwed up in revoltion. Laughing, I grab Sam's hand and draw him away from my brother. "See you at lunch!" I yell at him, and he nods. "See ya!"

I slow down and drop Sam's hand. "Soooo. . . where is Music block exactly?" I ask him, and he laughs. "Follow me."

We rush into Music just before the bell rings, and we collapse down on a couple of spare seats, laughing. The teacher looks at us strangely, before turning back to the class and clearing her throat.

"Good morning class. My name is Ms Summer and I'll be your music teacher this year. I believe we also have a new student in the class. Miss Ryder?" She asks, and I suppress a groan. Standing up, I raise and eyebrow at her and ask "Yeah?"

She looks up at my towering figure before nodding at the others. "Why don't you introduce yourself to the class."

I look out to them. "Hi I'm Maya. That's it. If you want to know more about me don't approach me under any circumstances. Cheers." I sit back down as the class titters, before turning back to the teacher as the door bangs open. I look over to the source of the sudden breeze, and freeze in the spot as the most gorgeous guy steps through, scowling at everyone. His blonde hair tumbles over his forehead, half obscuring his piercing blue eyes, and his tall figure is toned and muscled. Time freezes as we look at each other, and his gaze rakes down my body, making me blush inadvertantly. Ms Summer clears her throat, interrupting our little eye-rape session, and I look down, blushing, as the teacher sighs. "Nice of you to grace us with your presence Mr Weston."

He scowls at her before heading to the back of the classroom. "Whatever."

When he passes me I quietly gasp as he subconsciously brushes past me, making him glare at me hotly. A sparkling shock shoots up my arm from the point of contact, and I look at the guy with confusion. Who is he, and what the heck was that?!



Here you guys go! Another chappie, hope it's good, I've never written anything like this before! Thank you so much for taking the time to read it, I'll hopefully get the next chappie up soon! Oh, and while you're at it, have a geezer at my other story, Wings! It's got more chappies and it's my absolute pride and joy, so I would love you forever if you read it! Thanks so much! 

Okay, thats enough gushing for now! Thanks you wonderful green octopai!

-Caitie x

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