Alpha Says What Now?

After suffering two years of insufferable torture at a 'lady's development' academy, Maya Ryder finally returns home to her brothers, only slightly different than when she was first shipped off by her father. And it wasn't her tomboy personality that was altered forever; she suddenly has the power to change into a furry wolf at will. But a secret like hers isn't one that you would blurt out to your brothers at a confession session, and Maya's secret is big enough to turn her world upside down.

Xavier Weston is not the kind of guy Maya hangs out with. In fact, she will do anything to avoid him. He's annoying, immature, selfish, and seems to really hate her for some unknown reason. But when he's blinded by his hatred for rogues,he presents Maya with a life changing decision that leaves her confounded. And suddenly she ain't the only one hiding secrets anymore.

WARNING: Full of humor and general randomness and awesomeness :)


3. Chapter Three

Sam raises his eyebrow at me as I try to calm my racing heart. WTH?

"Who's that dude?" I ask, flicking my head in ‘Mr Weston’s direction, trying to distract Sam. He tuts in disgust and narrows his eyes.

"Oh him? That's Xavier Weston." My heart flutters at his name, which leaves me thinking WTH?! Again. Sam continues. "Stay away from him Maya, he's bad news."

I snort. "As if I would go near him." Sam raises his eyebrows again. "Really?"

I clutch my hand to my heart mockingly. "You have no faith; I am deeply wounded."

I hear my name. "Yes?" I ask as the class giggles. Ms Summer looks at me, annoyed. “I said," She clucks. "What song do you want to choose to sing for your assignment? You may sing solo or with someone else."

I resist the urge to drop my head in my hands. Seriously, we have to sing?! Sam nudges me and wiggles his eyebrows, and I grin.

"I'll sing duet." I tell the teacher. "With ma man Sam over here."

She doesn’t laugh, stuck up ol' bird. "What song?" She repeats.

I grin impishly. "Hmm. . . I don’t know. Oooh." I clap my hands in delight. "We'll sing Both of Us by B.o.B ft. Taylor Swift." I love that song!

Sam groans. "Seriously."

I grin at him. "Yup." I say, popping the P.

"Ok." The teacher nods. "You'll be singing it next period so make sure that you know the lyrics."

I nod excitedly. "Will do Miss."

She calls out for Amy and turns her attention to the blonde bimbo, and away from us. Sam punches me and I groan. "Dude, that was uncool."

He grins at me. "What you just did was uncool."

I hear a growl from behind us and turn to see the blonde Xavier glaring at Sam. "Don't touch her." He mutters hotly under his breath, making my heart race. OhMiGawd what was this random doing to me?!

Sam snorts and raises his eyebrows. "And what. You don't scare me Weston."

He narrows his icy blue eyes at Sam, growling softly enough that only my keen Wolf ears picked it up. I shake my head.

"Dude seriously, what is your problem?" I ask incredulously. His eyes snap to me and he glares hotly.

"Nothing." He mutters and looks away.

"Fine then." I say finally. "Then get your ruddy nose outta our business and stick it somewhere else."

Sam snickers next to me as Xavier recoils in slight shock, then looks at me with anger. "Stupid humans." He mutters under his breath, and I choose to ignore him. Wait. . . Stupid humans? Huh?

Sam slings his arm casually over my shoulder and I smirk at him. "Woah, eager beaver right there." I whisper to him, and he shrugs.

"Hey, I can't resist your womanly charms."

I snort, sounding very unladylike. "Womanly charms my foot."

He grins. "Hey, you must have learnt something at that 'development academy'." He makes quote marks in the air. I frown at him.

"Chris told you bout that huh?"

He nods. “‘Course he did; he didn't shut up about it, he was raving for at least 2 months."

I try not to grin. "That's ma boy."

Suddenly the loud clang of the bell rings and I leap out of my seat, only to be shoved down again as Xavier pushes past me roughly.

"Oi Weston, watch it!" I cry indignantly, glaring lasers into his back. He ignores me and rushes out of the room.

"Pig." I mutter under my breath as I harshly shove my stuff into my bag.

"Hey hey hey no need to hate on the stationary." Sam scolds playfully. "What did it ever do to you?"

I shrug. "Don't ask me." I sling my bag over my shoulder and throw my arm over Sam's. "Heyy. . . so, singing buddy."

He groans and shakes his head ruefully. "Why did you pick that song?"

I hug him sideways. “‘Cause it's an awesome song. Can you rap buddy?"

He shakes his head again, and I punch the air. "Yesss! Ok, so I'll rap and you can do the other singing parts, we can swap roles." I grin at him happily, and he sighs.

"Great, I'm singing Taylor Swift."

I pull away from him and stare at him in mock outrage. "Sam says what now?! Taylor is awesome thank you very much!"

He shakes his head. "Nu-uh."

I whack his head. "Uh-huh."




"UH-HU- Ohh, hey Chris!" I stop our argument to beam at my brother. "Wassup?"

He looks at me and Sam weirdly. "Were you two just arguing over Taylor Swift?"

I slap his arm. "Not another hater! She is awesome, no arguments about it." Sam raises his eyebrows. "Ok, well may a couple of arguments." I admit sheepishly. "But that still doesn't change the fact that she is Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift is awesome."

Chris shakes his head. "Whatever you say sis. What do you have next?"

I shrug. "Beats me. I think its Science."

Chris grins. "Sweet, so we'll be in the same class again."

I grin back with just as much excitement. "Awesome!"


By lunchtime I was ravenous, and was almost bouncing in the spot while I was waiting for Chris. He looks at me with an amused expression and purposely started going slower.

"Aww, c'mon dude that’s not fair!" I whine at him, begging with my Puppy Eyes. He groans and speeds up quickly.

"Don't use the Eyes on me May, you know you always win!" He groans as he walks next to me. I suppress a smirk.

"Damn straight. Now go buy me some food!"

He rolls his eyes at me, and I beam at him. "Get me some hot chippies and some . . . . . uhm. . . lollies!"

Chris chuckles. "How did I know you were going to say that, hmm?" I shrug at him smugly. "You gonna come and keep your dear old brother's company, or are you gonna go and meet with the others?"

I tap my chin and pretend to think. "Yup, gonna ditch ya. See ya laters, get my food!" And with that I skip over to where the triplets were sitting and shoving each other around.

"Wassup my brothers!" I cry, flinging myself into the middle of them. They all laugh and start to tickle me.

"Stop stop!" I laugh. "Guys this is really uncool!"

Zack grins evilly. "I don't know if I want to. . . ." He smirks, tapping his chin. Before he could think about it anymore I leap up and out of their tickle trap, straightening up my shirt. Then I think of something and grin impishly.

"Oh no!" I moan, flinging my hands up to the sky. "Why lord almighty, WHY?"

Harper looks at me weirdly. "What Maya."

I look at him with fake tears in my eyes. "Now I have to redo my hair you wankers!" I try to keep a straight face when I see their reactions, then burst out laughing.

"OhMigGawd you should have seen your faces!" I gasp.

Carter chuckles, trying to cover up his shock. "For a moment there I thought that they had transformed you at that school."

I mock glare at him over my nose. "Oh hell no they didn't." I shudder when I think of the primpy girls that were there. "Uggghh."

They all laugh at my horrified expression just as Chris walks up with my hot chips and lollies. I peer into the bag and cheer. "Yus! Sweet 'N' Sour mix, Chris I love you!"

He winks at me. "I sure hope you do sis."

Sam walks up behind Chris and they do the man-hug/slap thingy before Sam turns to me.

"I still can't believe you're making me do that song!" He moans to me, and I smirk at him.

"Aww, poor widdle Sammykins. Is he too scared to sing a song?" I coo to him, and he scowls at me.

"Sure I am, especially if it’s Taylor Swift." He shudders, and I whack him.

"No haters!"

My brothers all guffaw. "She's making you sing Taylor Swift?" Carter says, laughing.

Sam groans. "Either sing that or rap."

Zack tips his head at him. "What song is it?"

"Both of Us, B.o.B ft. Taylor Swift." I say smugly.

Chris chuckles, shaking his head. "Dude, you should do the rap part. It's soooo easy."

Sam sighs. "But I can't rap."

I smile. "You can still rap if you want to, I don't mind what part i do."

Chris nudges his friend. "You should take it; she hardly ever lets people have a second chance of singing her favourite part of that song. She must like you."

I click my fingers in his face. "She is right here Dude."

Sam sighs again, looking agitated. "Fine, I'll do the rapping part."

"Ok." I say simply, grinning impishly at him. Chris leans over and whispers in my ears.

"You have got to get that on tape May."

I smirk. "Sure as heck I will."


The last two periods of the day were English and PE, which flew by quite quickly. My wolf was getting pretty agitated having been cooped up all week, and was itching for a run. After I got changed after PE with Cody, who didn't say much again, I practically ran to the Jeep and waited for the boys to come, which they did, at their own slow pace. As soon as Harper unlocked the car, I leapt in the front and locked the door so Carter couldn't get in.

"Sucker!" I cheer as he hops in the back. He mutters something rude under his breath and I gasp dramatically.

"Carter Ryder, watch your language!" I cry in mock outrage. He flips me the bird with a smirk.


I giggle. "You just said whatevs."

He shakes his head at me. "What's got you so eager to get home anyways?"

I freeze. Was it that obvious? "Uhh, I want to check out the forests around our property, I haven't been in there for ages." I lie through my teeth

He chuckles. "Don't get lost then, do you want me to come with you?"

"No!" I say abit too quickly, and he raises his eyebrow at me.

"Ok, whatever you say sis."

As soon as we got home I leap out of the car, and run inside. Chucking my bag at the door, I quickly strip out of my school clothes and into some tight running shorts and a tank top. Tying my wavy brown hair up in a messy ponytail, and jog downstairs, almost crashing into the pile of boys that was on the landing outside. Honestly, is there anything else they door apart from wrestle?!

"I'm going for a run!" I announce to anyone who was listening. One of then grunts in reply and I roll my eyes as I edge around them. A hand shoots out and grabs my ankle, pulling me squealing into the mix.

"Oh hell no!" I shriek, and throw myself at them, kicking and punching. Once they had got the idea that I was pretty feisty with my defence, they let me go quickly, laughing. I wave at them as I run out the door, my wolf getting more and more excited the further away from the house we ran.

Once I'm in the depths of the bush, I strip down quickly and change into my wolf. It may sound pretty modest and self-centred, but I love my wolf. I have a pure white pelt, with two black paws and a black-tipped tail. I have this weird splotch on my shoulder that looks like a moon, and it’s pretty cool.

As soon as I change I took off, just running for the pure joy of it. Even though my wolf was quite small, completely different to my tall form as a human, I was super fast and could go on for ages.

After about an hour of running, I come across a small uninhabited cabin. Curious, I change back to human form and pop my clothes on, which I had been carrying in my mouth.

I walk over to the window, and peer inside. No-one was in there, so I try the door, and am delighted to find it open. Softly, I open the door, and creep in.

To my immediate left is a small kitchen, to my right, a lounge, which is a little bit bigger. There are two brown leather couches facing a stone fireplace, made out of what looks like greywacke (pronounced Grey-whack-e). I walk over to the fireplace and run my hands over the stone appreciatively, loving the rough feeling of it. A pile of wood was sitting next to the fireplace, aswell as some matches, and I'm sorely tempted to light a fire and just mulch on the sofa.

I turn to the kitchen, and see a small fridge next to a stone top and old gas burning stove & oven. A couple of shelves dot the wall next to the stove, and an old oak table stood proudly in the middle, with a couple of chairs. I decide that I love this place; it's so old and I can just imagine myself living in here like a hermit, with just myself, and no one else.

I look out the window over the stove & bench, and gasp. Running outside, I see the most gorgeous lake I've ever seen; sparkling blue waters surrounded by weeping willows and reeds. Walking over to it, I can see straight to the bottom, the water is crystal clear, and small brown fishes dart through its depths.

I wade into it and sigh in pure ecstasy as the cool waters lap at my feet, soothing them with its massaging fingers. I suddenly decide to name this places Maya's Meadow. It has a nice ring to it, and I love having something named after me.

I don't know how long I stayed like that, it was only the sinking sunlight sending prisms of colours scattering across the waters that jerked me out of my reverie, and I looked out across the lake in shock. How long had I stayed here?

"Beautiful, isn't it?" A voice emits from behind me, and I whirl around to see a dark-haired, shirtless guy staring at me with curiosity.

"Yeah. Who are you?" I snap, walking out of the water, slightly shaken. Why hadn't my wolf senses picked him up?

Don't blame me. My wolf talks up hotly. i was too busy enjoying myself for once.

Oh shut it. I retort back irratatedly. She shrugs and doesn't say anything, even though I know she wants to say something cocky.

The guy looks at me, amused. Wait, did he say something? "What did you say?" I say dumbly, and he smirks at me.

"I said, the name's Aiden. What's yours?" He asks, raising his eyebrow.

"Maya." I reply, shaking the water off my feet. "Now if you excuse me I have to-"

"Are you a rogue?" He interrupts me, and I stare at him, my heart racing.

"What? No!"

"Fine then." He retorts. "What pack do you belong to?"

I stare at him. Wait, he knows I'm a werewolf?! Crapsicles. "I don't know what you mean." I scowl, going for the playing-dumb approach.

He raises his eyebrow again. "Sure you do. I saw your wolf Maya."

I gulp. Crapsicles times two. "I don't know-"

"Maya seriously, stop playing dumb. What pack do you belong to?!" He repeats, getting slightly agitated. I smirk at him. Gotcha.

"I don't belong to any pack." I state. "But I'm not a rogue."

He cocks his head. "Wait, you said your name was Maya?" I nod. "As in Maya Ryder?"

I nod again, looking at him curiously. "And what."

He curses under his breath. "And you said that you don't belong to a pack?"

I was starting to get irritated. "I said what I said. Now please excuse me, I have to go."

I run off into the woods without hearing his answer, and quickly change, before setting off to my house.


I got home just before dark, and was greeted by 4 equally curious looks.

"Where were you?" Zack asks.

"What took you so long?" Chris.

"What were you doing?" Harper.

"Are you ok?" This one came from Carter.

I sigh, and shrug off their interrogations. "I was running, I found the cutest little cabin and lost track of time out there, I just waded into the water and looked out at the lake, and yes, I'm fine." I tick off each answer to their questions on my fingers and look at them when I'm finished.

Zack tilts his head. "Oh, the little cabin near the lake?"

I nod. "Yeah. I named it Maya's Meadow." I smirk at them all, and Chris snorts.

"Trust you to Maya."

I shrug. "Hey, it was as gorgeous as me, what other name could I give it?"

Harper shakes his head. "May, you need to stay away from there. It's too dangerous."

I raise my eyebrow. "What do you mean, too dangerous?" I mimic his voice in a high pitch.

He sighs. "I, just, just stay away, ok? It's not part of Dad's land."

"So?" I was failing to see the point he was trying to make.

"Malaya Hope Ryder, just stay away!" Harper commands me with finality, and the others all wince for some reason.

"Fine." I grumble to him. "Whatever you want, oh so mighty leader." I mock salute him and he cringes.

"Sorry Maya, but just stay away, ok? It's too dangerous."

I think back to the raven-haired guy called Aiden I met, and I wonder whether he has something to do with the meadow being 'dangerous'.


The next day, I woke up to the sunlight streaming through my pink curtains, and a grinning Carter holding them open.

"Screw you Carter." I mumble into my pillow. "Lemme sleeeeeep."

He shakes his head. "Nope." He chirps, popping the P. "C'mon sunshine, we've got another day of school!"

I groan. "Why are you so damn cheerful in the mornings?"

He grins. "I go for a run when it's early morning. Wakes me up pretty quick."

I fail to see the sense or logic in that. "But. . . but why?" I ask incredulously, looking up at him.

He shrugs, looking uneasy. "Just 'cause." He then grins. "C'mon May, otherwise I'll get Zack to come and pour water over you again." He teases.

I leap out of bed nice and quick. "No you won't!" I shriek. "I'm up, I'm up!"

Carter bursts out laughing, and leaves the room. "Priceless." He chortles. "Absolutely priceless."

I sigh angrily and hop in the shower, letting the hot water soothe my aching limbs. The run yesterday had taken more of a toll on me than I thought it would. I was sooo not looking forward to today.

I got out of the shower and dry my hair quickly, before wrapping the towel around my body and walking out to my room. I slip my school top on with a sigh and hunt around for my jeans. Once I’ve found those, I slip on a pair of green converse and walk down to the kitchen.

The guys are all sitting around our massive oak table, which I’m pretty sure can seat around 10 people, even though there’s really only 5 people in our family, as Dad never ever leaves his study.

I grab the Milo cereal box and pour myself a massive bowl. Sitting down next to Chris, I dig in, and he looks at me with wide eyes.

“You’re gonna eat all of that?” He asks incredulously. I nod, chewing. “You wanna give yourself a sugar rush Maya? Geez. That is a lot of Milo cereal.”

“Deal with it.” I shrug, still shoving food in my mouth. “Not my fault its good.”

Chris sniggers, then stops. “What?” I ask as he looks at me.

He smirks. “When are you gonna get Harper back?”

I smirk back at him. “Soon, oh so very soon.”

He grins. “Can’t wait to see that.”

I lean over to him, and whisper in his ear. “Just let Harper go through the door first, otherwise you’re gonna get a very big surprise.”

He laughs. “Ok.”

The triplets all look over at us, identical looks of suspicion on their faces. “What are you two conspiring?” Zack asks us warily.

I shrug and beam at him innocently. “Nothing.”

He narrows his eyes. “Mmm hmm, nothi-.” Then his face goes blank, before he bursts out laughing. I give him a weird look, and he shrugs at me. “Don’t worry bout it May. Oh, and I’ll make sure to let Harper go through the door first.” He whispers the last part, and I look at him, this time me wary. Did he hear us then?

I shrug it off, and shove the last spoonful of food into my mouth, before putting the spoon down with a flourish. “Well, I’m going to go get ready.” I announce. “Be ready in 20 minutes boys!”

Chris winks at me behind Harper’s back, and I nod impishly, before leaving the room. Rubbing my hands, I run up the marble stairs, skipping one at a time, and grab the provisions from my room for my revenge.

20 minutes later, I’ve set it all up. I grab my bag from my room, sling it over my shoulder, and slide down the banister to meet the boys at the front door.

“All set?” Harper asks, swirling the car keys around the keychain. I nod, and resist the urge to giggle like a little girl. I look at Chris and he nods. Time to put my plan into action.

“Harper, me and the others will grab Maya, I don’t trust her to come willingly today either.” He tells my brother, and Harper rolls his eyes.

“Really Maya?”

“Hey!” I cry indignantly. “Why would you think that?” As I say this I start edging away, and Harper nods at Chris.

“Ok, do it.” He orders. “I don’t trust her either.”

Chris grabs hold of my arm, while Carter holds the other and Zack hovers near us.

“Reinforcement.” He explains to Harper when he looks at Zack with a raised eyebrow.

He looks at my brother weirdly, before sighing and nodding. “Ok.”

Harper grabs his pack, and walks out the front door.


There ya go! It was 11 pages on Word, so hopefully it's enough! Thanks for all ya patience guys, I found time to update ASWN so took it! Hopefully next chappie will be up, having a writers block for Wings so writing ASWN for now :) Already started next chappie, which has the prank! Ooooh :) What do ya'll think she's gonna do! Please comment your thoughts! You know you want to wink wink ;)

Until next time my gorgeous purple cherries,

-Caitie xx

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