Alpha Says What Now?

After suffering two years of insufferable torture at a 'lady's development' academy, Maya Ryder finally returns home to her brothers, only slightly different than when she was first shipped off by her father. And it wasn't her tomboy personality that was altered forever; she suddenly has the power to change into a furry wolf at will. But a secret like hers isn't one that you would blurt out to your brothers at a confession session, and Maya's secret is big enough to turn her world upside down.

Xavier Weston is not the kind of guy Maya hangs out with. In fact, she will do anything to avoid him. He's annoying, immature, selfish, and seems to really hate her for some unknown reason. But when he's blinded by his hatred for rogues,he presents Maya with a life changing decision that leaves her confounded. And suddenly she ain't the only one hiding secrets anymore.

WARNING: Full of humor and general randomness and awesomeness :)


6. Chapter Six


Xavier's POV

I was in the backyard pushing my sister on the swing when Aidan called me through the pack link.

Hey Alpha. He jokes. I have someone who wants to see you.

I sigh. Can it wait? I say irritably. I'm kinda busy right now.

She won't take no for an answer. He says, smirking knowingly.

I sigh again inwardly. Fine. Bring them up.

“Sorry Dae, I gotta go sort something out.” I say to my sister, and she pouts.

“Aww! Please Xavi don’t go!” She pleads, with big eyes.

I ruffle her hair. “Sorry bud, its pack business.” I step away from the swing and give her one last big push. She squeals in excitement as the swing reaches new heights, and I chuckle to myself as I walk away.

Meet me in the office Ai, I pack link as I quickly walk through the house, nodding politely at everyone who acknowledges my presence.

Already on our way. Was his reply and I smirk to myself. My Beta knows me so well. Well, Beta-to-be. I remind myself. Even though my father hadn’t officially handed over the Alpha position to me, I was pretty much the one who runs the pack, with Aidan filling in as Beta, as my father’s Beta – Aidan’s father – was killed during another rogue attack.

I roll my eyes when I think of my father; the puny wuss had hidden himself away from the rest of the world when my mother was killed, refusing to acknowledge anyone and usually taking comfort in his wolf form, which is what he usually went by nowadays. Aidan’s father had helped me run the pack ever since that fatal night when I was 8, but he was killed when I was 14, leaving Aidan filling in for him. We had been ‘running’ the pack for the last 3 years.

As I enter my office an unfamiliar scent immediately hits me – it smells like a mixture between fejoa and chocolate. I look up, trying to find the source of the smell, and immediately narrow my eyes, a low growl ripping from my throat involuntarily. The girl in front of me takes a hasty step back, before narrowing her eyes right back at me.

“What the hell dude?” She says, hitting Aidan on the arm hard. “You didn’t tell me it was him.”

My Beta chuckles. “You didn’t ask.” He smirks, and she glares at him, muttering something nasty under her breath.

I clear my throat. “What are you doing here rogue?” I ask through clenched teeth.

She clucks in annoyance. “And in your first sentence you have already identified the problem, good boy!” Maya says sarcastically. “Look, dude, I don’t know what your problem is, but I’m not a rogue, and I’m not going anywhere.”

My eyes flash. “Do you belong to a pack?” I say quietly.

Her green eyes narrow even more. “No.” She admits.

“Then you are a rogue.” I state. “And therefore a danger to my pack. Now get out of my territory or I will not hesitate to kill you.”

My wolf howls angrily at me. Damn right you will hesitate! He growls. I tune him out.

“I don’t see how any of this is my fault!” Maya cries, throwing her hands up in the air. “Just because I don’t belong to a pack doesn’t mean that I’m a rogue! It’s not my fault that I was the only one in my family that is like this! I don’t see how you can blame all rogues for-“

“Wait,” I interrupt her rant. “You think that you are the only wolf in your family?”

She looks at me, a puzzled look on her face. “Well of course I am.”

I chuckle humourlessly to myself. “That is unbelievable.”

“What is?” Her voice rises painfully as she gets more frustrated with me.

I ignore her question. “Look,” I say slowly, as if speaking to a child. “You are a rogue, which is therefore a danger to my pack. I don’t want you to be in my vicinity.” I can hear the coldness in my voice, and her eyes narrow down to green slits. Something tells me that isn’t good.


Maya’s POV


I narrow my eyes. “Ok, I get it. “ I answer angrily. “You were emotionally scarred as a child because your mother and sister were killed right in front of your very eyes and you’ve hated all rogues with an undying passion ever since.” I hear Aidan suck in a sharp breath as I continue. “But that doesn’t mean that you have to blame me for it! I have done nothing wrong! All I’ve done is come home to the family I haven’t seen for the past year. Is that so terrible?”

“Yes.” He replies angrily, eyes flashing dangerously. “You could carry around fluffy bunnies and give them out to charity for all I care and still be harmful to my pack. First rule of rogues: Never trust a rogue. No matter what the appearance.”

“Uhh, Xavier,” Aidan interrupts, looking from me to him. “Don’t you think you are over-“

“Aidan.” Xavier says warningly, and Aidan shuts up quickly with a sour expression.

“I AM NOT A FREAKING ROGUE!” I scream, stamping my foot childishly. “JEEZ!”

“Prove it.” Xavier challenges. “Prove that you are not a rogue, and I will let you go free.”

“I uh,” I begin, racking my brains for an answer. How could I convince him that I wasn’t a rogue? He wasn’t really listening to me when I said that I wasn’t. Stubborn prick.

“She belongs to our pack.” A new and familiar voice emits from behind me, and Xavier narrows his eyes at the person behind me.

“Oh really?” He taunts. “Given the fact that she doesn’t even know about you……”

I turn around and my jaw drops. “Zack? Harper? Carter?”

They all look at me uneasily. “We’ll talk later Maya.” Zack explains. I fold my arms.

“Oh we sure as hell are not.  Spill buddy boy.”

He glares at me impatiently. “Maya shut it. I’m trying to save your furry hide at the moment. Which you need to explain, by the way.”

I open my mouth to argue but Harper wraps his hands over it, silencing me. Letting out a muffled shriek of outrage, I stamp my foot and glare at him childishly, making him chuckle.

Xavier looks at me, somewhat amusedly. “You say she’s a part of your pack?” He asks, turning back to Zack again, who nods.


“Then why didn’t she say that earlier?” Xavier sighs, rubbing his forehead.

“Becofh I didthn bowh!” I protest through Harper’s hand. Then I thought of something. If the triplets belong to a pack, doesn’t that make them……..?

I glare at the triplets. “Bu awl hafth aloth of exthplaininth tho doo.” I mutter at them all, scowling hotly. Carter sniggers.

“Harper for god’s sake man remove your hand from her mouth so she can speak properly!” He chuckles. “She sounds stupid enough talking normally.”

Harper whips his hand away and I turn to my brother in outrage. “Excuse me?!” I exclaim, narrowing my eyes at him furiously. “What do you mean I sound stupid enough talking-“
“On an afterthought Harp,” Carter interrupts me hurriedly. “Gag her again.”

Harper covers my mouth again, laughing, and I glare at him before chomping down hard on his hand. Yelling in pain which sounded oddly like a monkey screaming, he pulls his hand away from me, looking at me wide eyed like I was crazy.

“You bit me!” He cries. “You actually bit me!”

I flick him the bird. “That’s what you get for shoving your filthy hand over my mouth!”

Aidan snickers. “As entertaining as this is,” he smirks at us all. “We still have business to tend to.”

Zack shrugs. “I don’t see what business you’re talking about.” He says mildly. “Maya belongs to our pack, simple as that. What else do you want to know?”

Xavier glances at me. “As far as I know, the last time I checked she was most definitely a rogue. Which means that even if she does belong to your pack, she’s obviously branched off and become a rogue. Which means that she needs to get out of my territory.”

Zack sighs. “Well she isn’t a pack member as of yet….”

“Which means she’s a rogue.” Xsvier answers. “Which means she is a danger that I need to eradicate.”

I gape at him. “Helloooooo?” I say, waving my hand in front of his face. “She is still in the room! And wasn’t the original agreement that I had to either get out of the territory or join a pack?”

My brothers look at me quickly. “He’s contacted you about this already?” Zack asks me sharply, and I shrug, before nodding.

“When you guys all disappeared this afternoon to wherever you went, which Zack I’m still not amused about!” I explain, shaking my finger at him. “Aidan here came through the window and went all hauty taughty on me about how “I had to leave the territory or join a pack in 3 days otherwise I will be killed”.” I say the last bit in a deep voice. “So I followed him back here and started yelling at this dude.”

They all gape at me. “You followed him here?!” Carter asks angrily. “You could have got hurt!”

I roll my eyes. “Are you seriously going to go all protective older brother mode on me here? I got here, survived, yelled at Xavier, survived.” I check them off on my fingers before motioning at myself. “I’m still alive, am I not? So stop being a worrying old ninny.”

They all glare at me simultaneously. “This is not over.” Carter warns me. “We will discuss it later.”
I roll my eyes again. “Oh, I sooo look forward to that talk.” I say sarcastically, before turning to Xavier. “So? Am I right or am I right?”

He looks at me for a second, before nodding slowly. “Yes, I did originally say that. But that was before I realised how annoying you were.”

I flip him the bird. “You can’t make decisions based on someone’s personality. So we are done here?” He barely has time to nod again before I nod at him. “I can’t say it was nice doing business with you, but anyways, nice doing business with you, and cheerio.” Without waiting for a reply I’m out of the door and already running home. A minute passes before I’m joined by 3 other dirty white, almost grey wolves, who spread out on my flanks. Rolling my eyes at them, I ignore my brothers and continue on my way home.




As soon as we arrive home Chris runs out of the house and hugs my wolf self tightly. “Don’t ever do that to me again!” He whispers fiercely. “You had me worried shitless.”

Carter chuckles from behind me, and I turn around. Immediately I let out a disgusted howl and cover my eyes with my paws, trying to erase the memory of my brother naked from my scarred brain. “Oh come on Maya.” He tuts. “You’ve seen me naked plenty of times!”

I scoff. Not with all your bits showing though. I think that I may be scarred for life.

The others all snigger, but I don’t turn around again. Once was enough for me.

Hey, how did you guys know where I was anyways?  I ask them, and Chris chuckles, tapping his head.

“Twin connection, remember? I can pretty much hear your thoughts and feeling sis. I could tell that you were pissed, and I kept getting thoughts of how “stupid and irritating” Xavier was, so I connected the dots from there.” He explains.

Oh right. I forgot about the twin connection. I say, mentally slapping myself in the face. Nice work Maya. Great way to cover your tracks.

“Hey, it helped us find you.” Chris shrugs, and I widen my eyes at him.

You guys heard that?

“Yup.” They all chorus, and I groan, hiding under my paws. Someone shoot me now.

“BANG!” Harper yells, and I leap up in shock.

Dude, what the hell was that for??! I cry angrily.

He shrugs. “You told me to shoot you.”

I facepalm. Right. I mutter under my breath. And they say I’m childish. I’m getting changed. I announce the last part, before trotting off to my room. After shoving on a pair of jeans and one of Chris’ old t-shirts, I walk back out to them, and fold my arms, looking at my brothers, who were still in the same positions quietly discussing something. I clear my throat, and they all look at me. I raise my eyebrows. “You gonna explain anything?”
Zack looks sheepishly at me. “Oh right. Yeah about that…….”



My purple carrots!

I haff returned, with a:


 Sorry guys its taken so long! Life is so busy right now -_- But anyways, hope you all likey! Im not that happy with this chapter, and I might edit it later….. But we’ll see! Please comment your thoughts below! *points down* I love hearing from you guys, it makes my day!

Lots of love, skittles and green lemons,

~Caitie x

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