Alpha Says What Now?

After suffering two years of insufferable torture at a 'lady's development' academy, Maya Ryder finally returns home to her brothers, only slightly different than when she was first shipped off by her father. And it wasn't her tomboy personality that was altered forever; she suddenly has the power to change into a furry wolf at will. But a secret like hers isn't one that you would blurt out to your brothers at a confession session, and Maya's secret is big enough to turn her world upside down.

Xavier Weston is not the kind of guy Maya hangs out with. In fact, she will do anything to avoid him. He's annoying, immature, selfish, and seems to really hate her for some unknown reason. But when he's blinded by his hatred for rogues,he presents Maya with a life changing decision that leaves her confounded. And suddenly she ain't the only one hiding secrets anymore.

WARNING: Full of humor and general randomness and awesomeness :)


5. Chapter Five

"Yes!" I whoop, jumping up and throwing my hands in the air. "I am the champion, my friee-eends. . . "

"Shuddap Maya." Chris groans, throwing his controller down. "It was . . . a lucky shot." He glares at me.

"Aww, is poor widdle Chrissykins upset?" I tease, tweaking his nose with a cheeky grin. "Poor widdle Chrissykins."

"You suck Maya." he grumbles, frowning at me and swatting my hand away.

"You swallow." I retort. "Just because I'm the best at COD. Fine, we'll start again and see who wins then hmm?" I restart the game with a grin and zone in once again.

"I told you she'd win," Carter remarks casually from the sofa. Then I hear him say quietly to Zack, "Dude, you owe me $5."

I pause the game, much to Chris’ dismay, and turn around to look at him. "You bet on who would win?" I ask incredulously with a shake of my head. "You two are unbelievable."

"Hey," Carter says, holding his hands up innocently. "It's easy money."

I can't resist smirking as I unpause the game. "You can say that again."



"Clever donkey."

I lean back and whack his leg, which is the only part of him that I can reach, and he smirks at me. "Once upon being verbally outwitted, a woman resorts to violence."

Pausing the game again, I turn around again, eyebrows arched. "You think you verbally outwitted me?" I snort. "Lookie here boys, Carter thinks he's funny."

Zack chuckles and holds his hand out again. Scowling, Carter slaps another $5 note in his triplet's outstretched hand, and I shake my head ruefully. "Un-bloody-believable." I mutter as I unpause the game. "I'm not going to even as-diediedie!"

"Hey guys," Zack says after a minute of me shouting 'die!' continuously to the screen. "Have you seen Harper?"

"Ahh . . . nope." I mumble. "Sorrycan'ttalkplayingCOD."

"No I haven't." Carter says slowly, sounding puzzled.

Chris smirks as he kills me, making me cluck in annoyance. "He'll be out with all the ladi-" He suddenly pauses the game, and I cry in outrage. "Dude what the actual hell?!"

He ignores me, instead leaping up and sprinting out the door in rush. I stare after him, mouth hanging open in disbelief. "I knew I was good but you don't have to run away from my awesomeness!" I yell after him, but not receiving any answer. "The rudeness of some people." I mutter to myself.

Then Zack and Carter dash after him hastily. "Guys!" I call. "What's the matter?"

The only reply I get is Zack slamming the door in my face, locking it behind him.

"ZACK!" I shriek in complete outrage, leaping up and banging on the door. "What the hell man?!"

"Stay Maya!" He orders, and my mouth drops open. He thinks he can tell me what to do? Stamping my foot, I poke my tongue out at the door with a scowl, even though I know he can't see me.

“Zack, you nincompoop, you can’t frigging order me around!"

He just did. My wolf comments wryly, making me scowl even more. Zack doesn't answer, and I childishly scream out in frustration, throwing myself at the sofa. Stupid brothers and their stupid controlling ways. I curse to myself. What the heck are they doing that I can't do anyway? I scowl into the brown leather sofa cushion. I bet they're out there doing things that they deem to 'dangerous' for a girl. "Sexist Pigs." I mutter to myself, before rolling over onto my back. Staring up at the paint splattered ceiling - which we still haven't cleaned from our paint war - I sigh heavily and tap my fingers together absentmindedly. Now what am I supposed to do? I'd get a book from my room but my stupid brother locked the door, and I wasn't really in the mood for COD anymore. I laugh quietly to myself. If the boys could hear my thoughts right now, they'd be horrified.

A sudden gust of wind blows the curtains out against the sofa, billowing the ends into my face, and I flip them out of the way whilst counting the paint splatters on the ceiling. The curtains hit something solid and come careening back to me hastily. Frowning, I sit up and peer over the top of the sofa.

"Hello there Maya."

Screaming, I leap off the sofa as if it had tried to bite me, settling into a fighter's stance.

"What the hell?!" I growl, relaxing slightly when I realise who it is. But only slightly.

"Aww, did I scare the big brave Maya?" Aidan teases, smirking, and I glare at him hotly.

"You sure as hell did." I snap. "Now please don't do that again; I have a reputation to manage. What do you want douchebag?"

His face sobers up quickly, and an expressionless mask dresses it. "My Alpha knows what you are."

I snort. "Yeah, well whatever. Unless he want's me as his pack slut, I really don't give a toss on whether he knows or not." Despite my bravado, my heart starts racing.

"Not the fact that you're a werewolf Maya." Aidan replies cooly, and it kinda scares me how official he seems. "The fact that you're a rogue."

My mouth falls open. "I am not a rogue!" I throw my hands up in exasperation. "I just dont belong to a pack . . . "

"So you're a rogue." He says flatly. "Look, my Alpha doesn't like rogues. He has a longstanding grudge against rogues - they killed his mother and sister when he was young."

My heart goes out to the unknown Alpha - I know what it's like to lose your mother. "Look, I feel sorry for him, I really do." I explain. "But what does this have to do with me? Just because I'm a rogue doesn't mean that he has to blame me."

"He doesn't trust any rogue now Maya, not after he lost his whole family to them."

"Even the ones who haven't done anything wrong except exist??!" My voice rises with indignation.

"Maya, you have 3 days to either get out of Canterbury." Aidan's voice rings through the room with formality.


"Or My Alpha will kill you."

"WHAT?!" I gasp, my blood running cold. "You have got to be kidding me! That is just frigging stupid!"

"Do not insult my Alpha!" Aidan growls, eyes flashing, and I flinch back slightly.

"But . . . but he's overreacting!" I protest angrily. "He can't just order me to leave!"

"I believe he just has." Aidan smirks.

I curl my hands into fists. He's here, telling me that I have 3 days to leave my family, or I die, and he thinks that it's funny?

"Get. Out." I manage to get out through my gritted teeth. "Now."

He doesn't move, instead looking at me hesitantly. "Maya. . . "

"GET OUT!" I scream, my wolf dancing dangerously close to breaking out. "Out! Now!"

My eyes must have changed from their usual piercing green to an inky black, the most obvious warning tht my wolf is about to make an unexpected appearance, because Aidan stops hesitating, and leaps out the window, with one last comment tossed over his shoulder. "3 days Maya."

I rush over to the window to see his midnight black wolf disappear into the forest. Breathe Maya. I instruct myself, trying to unclench my fists.

How dare he come in here and tell us we have to leave. My wolf snarls in outrage. We will do no such thing!

I silently agree with her, my fists inadvertently. Then the severity of the situation comes crashing down on me, an I slump down onto the sofa again, deflated. "But if I don't leave, then I die." I whisper to my wolf with a sick feeling of dread. "I don't want to never see my brothers again."

But you'll never see them again anyway if you leave. She reminds me, but even she sounds uncertain.

I sigh deeply, and hang my head in my hands. "What am I going to do?"

My wolf sighs aswell. I have no idea. Then she disappears.

"Great help you are." I mutter sarcastically with a roll of my eyes. "Thanks."

Letting a deep breath flutter through my fingers, I run my hands through my hair, a sign of stress that I've inherited from my dad. What was I going to do? I don't want to leave my family behind, but then I don't want to die. . . .

Then a plan forms in my head, and I grin slightly. Heck, it even screamed me: it was irrational, dangerous, and potentially life threatening. The guys would skin me alive and feed me to a carnivorous armadillo before they let me do this; and that is what makes me finally decide to carry it out. I stand up, and quickly strip down to my birthday suit, before running at the window and shifting mid-air, thinking with an excited grin, I've always wanted to do this!!

Then I hear the one thing that sends a thick bolt of dread spiralling down my spine.

"Holy bleep. Maya?"

My heart wrenches as I keep running, and disappear into the forest, leaving my shocked twin staring after me.


Chris' POV

I blink my eyes as the white wolf disappears into the forest. I blink again, trying to contemplate what I've just witnessed. Wait. . . . Maya was a wolf aswell?!

Uhh, guys? I call out to my brothers using the pack link, and they all grunt non-committal replies. You all better come home quick; I need to tell you all something. I try not to let the urgency I feel leak into my voice.

Do we have to come now? Carter complains, and I feel Harper roll his eyes at his triplet's childness. I resist the urge to snap at Carter.

Dude, quit your whining and get your asses over here. I growl. It's about Maya.

Immediately I feel all 3 of them stop what they're doing and run hard out for the house. Luckily they didn't have to run far, but by the time that they get back they're all panting. Harper bends over, gasping slightly, holding his sides.

"Getting abit unfit there Harp?" I can't resist teasing, grinning cheekily, and he glares at me.

"You know damn well I'm fit." He snaps angrily, defending his honour. "It's just the battle took a little more out of me than normal."

Carter nods grimly. "Dude, those rogues were vicious."

I nod in agreement. It had given me one hell of a shock when Cody had hurriedly spoken through the pack link to us, telling us of the unexpected rogue attack to the pack house.

"Who would've thought that Cody actually spoke more than one sentence to us?" Harper jokes. "And to help his pack at that, I thought he didn't like using his Beta powers."

"Beta-to-be." I correct him absentmindedly. "And he speaks more than one sentence to me."

Harper scowls. "I wonder why." He says sarcastically.

"No need to get up on your high horse Sargent Sarcasm." I scoff, mocking saluting him.

"So, what happened with Maya, Chris?" Zack interrupts us, worry etched all over his face. Out of all of us, myself included, Zack definitely was the most protective of my twin sister. "Is she ok? I made sure I locked the door as I went out, though I'm not sure that she was that impressed about me doing that." He chuckles slightly, and I smile inside, imagining Maya's outraged face when he did so.

"Yeah, she's fine." I say dismissively, waving my hand. "If you count her jumping out of the window and shifting into a wolf mid-air as 'fine'." I make the quote marks in the air with my fingers.

Their mouths all fall open at the exact same time.

"Wait, Chris says what now?" Carter gapes, his bright blue eyes wide with disbelief.

"Y'know, ya'll look like dipshits at this moment in time." I smirk, and they all shut their mouths simultaneously.

"Maya's a wolf too?" Zack frowns. "How come we didn't know?"

I shrug. "Well, she was at that school," We all shudder at the same time. "When our 16th passed."

He nods slowly. "I guess. . . but, how come we never smelt it?"

I know it sounds weird, but hey, humans and weres have different scents.

I shrug again. "Beats me."

"Dude, are you sure. . . . " Harper trials off, sounding uncertain.

"Oh, I think I would damn well know when my own twin sister turns into a hulking great white wolf in front of my eyes." I growl, clenching my fists. Harper opens his mouth to retort when Zack slaps his hand over his mouth.

"So where did she go?" Zack buts in, glaring at Harper, who scowls back.

"Into the woods." I answer, and Carter frowns.

"Well why the hell didn't you go after her?"

I shift hastily. "Uhh, she probably only went for a run. She’ll be fine.” I don’t add that I had seen the determined look in Maya’s eyes, the look that meant that she was up to no good, and nothing was going to stop her. I tried not to think of the many times that that look had landed her in deep trouble. I’m sure she has her reasons. I try to reassure myself. She’ll be fine.

“But she doesn’t know where our territories end.” Zack says worriedly. “She could run into-“

“Dude, chill.” Carter soothes. “This is Maya we’re talking about; she’s not stupid enough to run headfirst into danger.” I try not to bark out a laugh. Yeah, you keep thinking that mate. “And besides, she’ll be more freaked if 4 random wolves turn up and start following her around, yeah?”

“I guess. . . “ Zack doesn’t sound convinced, and Carter slaps him reassuringly on the back.

“Stop being a worry wart, she’ll be fine.” Then he grins. “Betcha $5 I can beat you at COD in 10 minutes.”

Zack smirks at the prospect of earning more money, and shakes Carter’s hand, all thoughts of Maya gone, and I shake my head ruefully. “You’re on.”


Maya’s POV

Letting my nose drop to the ground briefly, I inhale Aidan’s fresh scent and alter my path slightly. I reckon I’ve been running for around half an hour through the forest, and Aidan’s scent’s slowly getting fresher and fresher. He mustn’t be far off. I think to myself, slightly slowing down my speed so that I don’t rush past him, gearing myself up for a confrontation.

The atmosphere around me changes slightly, which leaves me confused and a little bit worried. What have I done now? I muse wryly.

A low growl interrupts my thoughts, and I whirl around, snarling, to face a midnight black wolf. It stops growling when it recognises me, eyes widening in surprise. I blink as I recognise the wolf, and mentally pat myself on the back for my awesome tracking skills as I narrow my eyes at him.

Well, if it isn’t the Big Bad Wolf. I smirk.

What are you doing here Maya? Aidan questions me, teeth bared slightly.

I laugh, the sound similar to an odd bark. Take me to your leader. I say sarcastically, and his wolfy eyebrows shoot up.

Why? He asks warily, and I sigh frustratedly.

Because I damn well do not want to leave my family douchebag! I growl.

His brown eyes narrow into slits. Do you have a bloody death wish? He snarls angrily. Or did you nt hear me when I specifically said-

Oh, I heard you all right. I snap back, noticing how the conversation sounds oddly familiar to the one I had earlier with my wolf. And I don’t bloody care. I’d rather die than not ever live without my family, knowing that they’re still alive and I’m not allowed to see them because of a stupid picky Alpha who stereotypes a group of people because his family was killed by one member of that group of people, some of which didn’t even freaking know this person.

He snarls again, leaping at me with his teeth bared, and I dance back. Now, I really don’t care how it happens, but I am going to see your Alpha and tell him exactly what I think. I threaten, my teeth bared at him. So, how is it going to go down, hmm?

He stares at me for a minute, before nodding with a sigh. He’s gonna have his hands full with you. Aidan murmurs somewhat amusedly.


He shakes his head. Don’t worry about it. He dismisses, before tilting his head. Follow me then.


Aidan leads me through the dense forest for another quarter of an hour, unspeaking. Several times a pair of wolves (each time different pairs) would approach us, but each time, Aidan would snarl at them warningly and the wolves would scurry off into he bush again. This left me curious and puzzled, and after he’d sent away the fourth pair I decided to speak up.

Who are those wolves? I question him. And why do they always run away, looking scared out of their brains?

He smirks in the best possible way a wolf can smirk. They are the sentries who guard our borders and land from rogues. He explains. And I’m the Beta; they pretty much have to obey me.

And because you scare them. I tease laughingly, and his mouth falls open in childish outrage.

I don’t scare them! He protests, and I chuckle.

Aww, he’s in denial. I coo. Riiight. So that’s why that last wolf looked ready to wet himself.

That wasn’t me! He cries, but I can hear a hint of a grin in his voice.

Mmhmm. I say with a grin and a roll of my eyes. Oh, it must’ve been the magic mushroom faerie that scared him,

Nasty little critters they are. He agrees with me, finally cracking into a cheeky grin.

Yup, don’t want to mess with them. I reply jokingly. They chew on your tootsies and turn bright pink when aggravated.

He sniggers before we lapse into silence again. Then I think of something.

Hey Aidan? I ask, and he looks at me briefly.


How old are you?

17, why? He sounds slightly amused.

I dunno. I shrug. I've just never seen you around school.

He smirks. That's because you never look.

I scowl at him and run faster. Shuddap.

Snickering, Aidan steps up the pace aswell. Hurry up slowpoke!

Oh, you did not just go there! I set the challenge with an impish grin.

Oh, hell yes I just went there! He mimics me in a high pitched voice, and I wince.

I do not sound like that! I protest, and he shrugs.

Whatever makes you sleep at night Maya.

I narrow my eyes. Oh it's on like Donkey Kong! I cry a battle cry before sprinting ahead with an excited bark. He follows me with an exasperatory sigh, but I can sense his childish excitement at the challenge.

As I hear hin come closer, I grin to myself and step up my speed a little bit. A few seconds later he's literally snapping at my heels again, and I finally start running at my full speed.

Are you toying with me Maya? Aidan asks, sounding amused.

I send him a mental image of me grinning cheekily.

Maybe. I draw out the short syllable.

He smirks. Well, two can play at one game y'know.

And before I can comprehend what he just said, he breezes past me casually. Growling in annoyance, I run harder, determined not to let him beat me. When I still can't catch up, an idea strikes me, and I fall over with a yelp, tearing the skin on my paws slightly with my teeth.

Ow. I think, and wince. At least I don't have to fake the pain now.

Aidan. I whimper. I think that my paw is broken.

He laughs and keeps going. Nice try Maya.

I whimper again and look at him with big green puppy dog eyes, willing tears to appear. I'm serious. It's bleeding, I think it broke the skin.

He falters and sniffs the air, eyes widening slightly when he smells blood, and he races over to me. Maya, are you ok? His eyes hold more concern than I initially thought they would, and I smirk triumphantly inside.

I slump to the ground. I think . . . . I'm . . . . I roll my eyes into the back of my head and make my limbs go limp. Cracking an eye open, I see his eyes widen even more in shock and as he pads over to me I shut my eye hastily.

Maya?! He nudges me with his nose. I don't move a muscle, hardly daring to breath. Maya??! I still don't respond, and he curses, and starts shaking me urgently. MAYA?!

There was my cue. Leaping up, I burst out laughing as I sprint off. Aidan's still sitting down next to where I was lying, staring after me dumbfoundedly.

Sucker!! I call with an impish grin.

He blinks, then jumps up suddenly, running after me.

MAAAYYYYAAAA!!! He growls, shaking his head, laughing slightly. I laugh again and keep running, as if the hounds from hell were after me - which in a sense, was kinda true.

I maintain my lead with triumph, and burst into a clearing, stopping suddenly when I notice the several people frozen in the spot, looking at me warily. Smirking, I nod at all of them and lift my head.

Greetings earthlings. I say loudly. I come in peace.

Aidan comes skidding into the clearing behind me, a wolfish grin on his face, and he crashes into me, sending us flying. I hit the ground with an oof! and immediately start cracking up big time. Aidan stands up with a huff, and brushes himself off, still grinning, while I roll around on the ground laughing. He eyes me dubiously, and chuckles. Uhh, Maya, you ok? He asks. I haven't broken you have I? He teases me as I finally get up off the ground, still laughing, my white fur stained green from the grass. Aidan finally notices our audience, and blushes slightly, before snapping at them, making them all hustle away hastily.

Not scary huh? I tease, still hyper from my laughter attack seconds ago, and he rolls his eyes at my grin.

Shut it Maya.

Aww, who's feeling like a little kid? I coo, and he whacks my head with his paw, making me scowl and poke my tongue out, which, although it looks weird on a 16 year old girl, it looks completely ridiculous on a wolf, and he chuckles.

Who's the little kid now? He smirks. You look ridiculous by the way.

Rolling my eyes, I huff out a breath and turn away from him, shoving my nose in the air. Just take me to your Alpha.

Still chuckling, he nods and leads me to a little hut, stepping inside it. I got to follow him, but he shuts the door in my face, making that the second time someone has done that to me today. I squeak in outrage, and attempt to open the door with my nose. He laughs from inside the hut, and speaks out aloud this time, obviously human.

"Now, I know you're eager to see me Maya, but I don't feel that comfortable with the speed at which our relationship is travelling." He sniggers.

I snort and scowl at the door. You wish.

"Yeah, I do." He teases, and my mouth falls open.

Pervert. I laugh.

The door opens and Aidan struts out, only sporting a pair of faded blue jeans. I look up at him, annoyance written all over my face.

Finished? I ask, and he nods.

"Well, obviously. It's not like I'd come out here in my birthday suit, even though I'm sure you'd love that." He smirks, and I shake my head in disgust. "Theres a shelf at the back with girls stuff."

Cheers. I thank him as I walk into the hut, pulling the door shut with my teeth. Once I've quickly shifted back, I immdiately make my way over to the guys section. I flick through the various shirts, disappointed to find that most of them are too big for me, with most of the shirts reaching past my knees. Geez, these guys must be huge!

Finally, I find a black ACDC shirt that only reaches my thighs, and I shrug it on as I thumb through the jeans, already knowing it's a lost cause but still hoping.

Once I'm triply sure that none of the jeans fit me, I make my way over to the girls section with a feeling of dread. I flip through the jean shorts and skirts, sighing with disgust. Geez Louise, is this all the self respecting girls in this pack wear??!

Finally, I find a pair of decent faded blue jeans at the very bottom of the pile, and I slip them on. They're a little short, due to my long legs, so I roll the bottoms up until they become 3/4 pants. Satisfied with my appearence, I grab a hairtie and tie my rough curls into a loose ponytal as I leave the hut.

Aidan smirks when he sees my choice of clothing, but doesn't comment. Choosing to ignore him, I fold my arms across my chest and tilt my head up in a gangster way.

'Ready?" He asks me, and I nod.

Time to see the bastard who orderd me to leave.



Heeeeyy my little apples! How are ya'll doing? Im sorry it took so long to update, I'm run off my feet trying to study for my exams :)

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