The silent river pixies

this is a fiction story about pixies living in the river and the end of my street.


2. Unexpected turn

The boy pixie wept in my shoulder as we walked back to the spot I found this stream. Once we were there the boy stopped me.

"wait. There are more. come." the boy said

I followed unntil he stopped.

"there. Here is my new family" he whipered

I looked ahead and watched as a whole massive coloney of pixies crept out of the trees and bushed. One carried a baby. He had not grown wings yet and he was softly crying.

"boy" said one of the men, "is she one of them? What is she going to do??

"dont worry father, she is safe." The pixie replied.

"Hello. We are the pixies living in this river. This river is hidden so it os therefore the best spot for us to hide. How did you find it?" the man asked.

"well, I had to crawl through a lot of bushes and flowers. I climbed over a wall and there it was. the most beautiful thing I had ever seen" I replied

" you have bravery. Not many humans would be prepared to go to such lengths." The man said.

The people showed me around there home and showed me their limeted food supplies. I told them to stay where they were and that i will find food to bring to them tonight.

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