The silent river pixies

this is a fiction story about pixies living in the river and the end of my street.


1. know the unknown

I have never been very superstisious. I may've minded a crack on the pavement or dodged a ladder but not fairies, pixies. well, not until the day I moved house. My new house is the biggest in the road and has pictures of cats along the walls.

I went to explore the road that afternoon and dicovered a hidden stream with glowing flowers and beautiful clean water. It felt like I had been trying on my Gran's glasses my whole life and know I have taken them off. It was a whole different and I never wanted to leave. I kicked of my trainers and socks, Rolled up my trousers and paddled. I felt five again and a bit bayish but I didnt care. It was beautiful here and I wanted to paddle forever. I decided to walk further along the stream. It wasnt cold. it was warm and as if it was a mother cuddling me. I walked with my trousers slagging behind me. It was like walking through a fantasy land. I stopped and looked back. I couldnt see where I started. I thought I would stay where I was for a while so I found a little rock and I sat on it. I watched nature pass me by. Butterflies and dragonflies flew by me showing of their beauty. Suddenly a splash disturbed me. I slapsh as if someone was paddling in the stream. I looked. I saw a blurr rush into the trees.

"come out. I dont hurt. I dont want to hurt you. I want to be friends. Just show yourself to me." I said in my softest, kindest voice.

"Are you different? NO poaching me?" it whispered

"No poaching. You are safe." I replied calmly.

Slowly, out came a little cute child, maybe about 5 or 6. He wore A blue cap, A dark blue jumper and red knee high shorts. he was like a commpletely normal boy except one thing. There were a pair of glorious, glittery wings upon his back. He flew towards me and landed in front of me with no splash at all.

"they want me. Im the only one left in my family." He said, a tear dripping from his eye.

He lifted his arms at me. There were cuts all up his right arm and there was a missing finger on the left.

"how did you get these? who hurt you?" I asked.

"Ever heard of endagered animals and poachers? I am one, just not an animal and poachers want me." he answered.

I hugged him tight. I have just witnessed a pixie living down my street, and he needs me. I cant tell anyone.

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