The silent river pixies

this is a fiction story about pixies living in the river and the end of my street.


3. Even more beatiful

I waited until I heard the final light to go out that night and then got one of my biggest bags and filled it with different foods like crisps, fruit and bread. I got changed and snuck outside. I found my way to the bushes. i dragged myself through the bushes and over the wall and there I was. WOW!! It was even more beatiful at night! I thought I had seen it all earlier on!! I admired the beauty until i remebered the reason I was here. Once again I kicked of my trainers and pulled up my trousers. I paddled through the stream until I found the pixies.

"Hello. I am back with food." I said, proud of my helpfullness.

"wow there are lots of food here!" said the pixie boy with joy.

" i know but dont waste it all at once. you must ration it" Told him

I gave the food to the boy's father and said goodbye.

I made my way back home and snuck back into  bed with no sweat.


the next morning, I couldnt help but admire the beauty around me in my new street. After what I saw yesterday, everything seemed to me to be different. I couldnt see it as the boring old prdinary street anymore. If this to me seemed very beautiful them just imagine!

Once I arrived at the stream I made my way to where the pixies lived. I looked to find them but I couldnt see any of them. WAIT! there was the pixie boy. He stumbled out from a bush. I cant believe it!

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