Love at first sight

This is about three girls quite like one direction they are not the biggest of fans but when they meet them love Is in the air!


4. The movie

No one P.O.V

Liam: which movie do you wanna watch

Joy:I think Niall should choose since I flipped him over

Niall:yeah let's watch cloudy and the chance with meatballs

Joy and Zayn went to sit down next to each other joy cuddled up to Zayn

Joy P.O.V

Me and Zayn were cuddling suddenly Zayn whispered in my ear

Zayn: do you wanna go out to dinner on a date tomorrow evening

Joy: I would love that

I pecked the top of his nose he's so cute

Louis P.O.V

Rebecca:they look so cute

Louis:hey would you like to have dinner with me in a restaurant tomorrow

Rebecca:I would enjoy that so much

Harry P.O.V

Harry:do you wanna go on a date tomorrow night

Mary: of course

Harry: great

I can't believe she said yes!!!
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