Love at first sight

This is about three girls quite like one direction they are not the biggest of fans but when they meet them love Is in the air!


3. Paparazzi

No one P.O.V

They had finished their drinks and where out shopping

Rebecca P.O.V

Rebecca:guys why do I hear screaming and footsteps behind us

Niall: oh shit it's the paparazzi again

Liam:we need to get out of here and fast

Niall:our car Liam you drive guys follow us

We ran right behind Liam and Niall Louis grabbed my hand and ran along with me his hands had a nice warmth in them.

We finally reached the car.

Louis: where should we go

Mary: our place we all have a place sharing it we will show you the way

20 minutes later

Joy P.O.V

Joy: this is our place

Zayn: your place is really nice

Niall:but ours is better

Liam:come on follow us

Rebecca: it's not that far is it

Louis: no sweetie not that far at all

We walked down the hall then stopped

Mary: why have we stopped

Harry: cause cutie we are here

Rebecca: No way you guys live down the hall

Joy:how come we have never seen you around

Zayn: cupcake we just moved in this morning


Louis:so would you girls like to watch a movie


Niall:then we could take you out for a meal



Liam:when will you stop thinking about your stomach
I giggled a little

Niall:you thin it's funny do you


Niall:I'm gonna show you what I can

Niall nearly punched but I grabbed his dust and his arm and flipped him over

Niall:you weren't meant to do that

Joy: you tried to punch me

Niall: so

Joy : so I gotta defend myself

Zayn:holy shit I don't wanna get on the bad side if you

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