Love at first sight

This is about three girls quite like one direction they are not the biggest of fans but when they meet them love Is in the air!


2. Meeting the band

Joy P.O.V

Joy: hey guys where are you I'm in costa and I am looking like a loner cone on where are you!

Rebecca: sorry me and Mary are just coming we are just coming out if the train station

Joy: great lost them

I looked around hoping to see them when suddenly 5 boys in disguise cane up to me

Joy: what do you want

Stranger 1: are you ok you look kind of frustrated

Joy: yeah I'm just mad my friends are ages away and they where meant to meat me here

Stranger 2: do you mind if we sit with you there are no other places Joy: sure......... What are your names I'm Joy

Stranger 3: hi Joy I'm Zayn this is Harry this is Louis this is Niall and this is Liam

Joy: you are one direction aren't you

Zayn: yeah we are

Joy: cool!!

The boys sat down with Zayn next to me then Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam.

Harry: so what are your friends called?

Joy: my friends are called Rebecca and Mary

Joy: hey here they are now

Mary P.O.V

OMG Joy was sitting with one direction I turned to look at Rebecca she was as surprised as I was

Rebecca: What the hell

Mary: I know

Me and Rebecca walked over to the table

Joy: heya guys meet Zayn Harry Louis Niall and Liam

Mary: joy can you come over here to talk with me and Rebecca

Joy: sure

Joy got up and walked over to us

Rebecca: what the heck are one direction doing sitting with you

Joy: they saw I was annoyed so they came over to chat with me and they asked If they could sit with me because the cafe is so busy

Mary: ok let's go sit over there

Zayn P.O.V

Joy looks so hot it's hard not to ask her out she is so sweet and smart and funny
They were coming back over here stay cool try to keep calm ask her out for a meal later with her friends and the boys.

Zayn: hey do want us to get you girls drinks

Joy: no it's fine we'll get our selfs our own drinks

Zayn: no I insist what do you want

joy: are you sure


Joy: ok I'll have a hot chocolate if that's ok with you
Zayn: sure any cream or marshmallows
Joy: no I'm vegiterian I don't eat marshmallows

Zayn:Really cool
Harry: I'll get something for you Mary
Louis: I'll get something for you Rebecca
Mary:I'll have the same as joy
Rebecca:I'll have the same as joy and Mary
Zayn:we will go get that and you can stay here

Joy P.O.V

Joy:looks like Harry likes you Mary
Mary:speak for your self Zayn obviously likes you
Rebecca: lucky you no one likes me
Mary: really because i swear Louis likes you
Joy:it's like our fav boy from that group likes us
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