Love at first sight

This is about three girls quite like one direction they are not the biggest of fans but when they meet them love Is in the air!


5. Joys date with Zayn

Joy P.O.V

Zayn knocked on the door of the flat I went and answered it wow he looked smoking his hair was so sexy and he had black skinny jeans and he also had a hot top on

Zayn:wow you look amazing

Joy:speak for your self

Zayn: shall we go


Zayn:this is the restaurant
The restaurant was prezzos.

Joy:I love this restaurant



Waiter:yes sir

Zayn:table for 2 please

Waiter: right this way

Zayn: thanks

We sat down at our table.

Joy: thanks so much for taking me here

Zayn: no problem

Joy: your the sweetest guy i have ever dated

Zayn: aww thanks

We chatted for a while until we finished. Zayn took me back to our flat

Zayn:I love you and have a nice night

Joy:you too

Then we started kissing on the lips it was so passionate he gentle slipped his tongue into my mouth and started fiddling around with it, we stopped kissing and said

Zayn: good night joy

Joy good night Zayn I love you

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