They don't know about us

Jess goes to her brother Josh's band practice to meet his band, but when she goes to the market to pick up milk with Niall, she had an unpleasent surprise waiting for her.


2. Christina



Harry’s pov


I ran with the lads back to the car and hopped in. I took out my phone and dialed the number.


“Hello, is this Christina?”

“Yes, may I help you?”

“ Hi, this is Jess’ brothers friend. Jess is hurt, pretty badly. Josh told me to call you and tell you to meet us at the hospital.

“ What happened to her?”

“Some boy, Jonah, he punched her in the face, she’s unconscious and has a bloody nose, probably broke it.

“ Oh my gosh, I’ll be right there... What did you say your name was again?

“ I’m Harry, Harry Stlyes,”


“ Hello?”

“ Oh sorry, umm I guess I’ll meet you there.”

She hung up the phone and I started the car. I headed in the direction of the hospital and drove as fast as the speed limit would let me.


(Christina’s pov)

I hung up the phone and ran around my house idiotically looking for my hair straightener  and my makeup. I know I should be worried about Jess right now, and I am, but Harry fricken Styles just called me.... I can’t meet him looking like a wreck. I quickly straightened my blonde hair and threw on some makeup. At least it’s better than a ballerina bun and no makeup. I Grabbed my keys and raced down my stairs checking in the mirror twice, then I ran out the door into the car, and drove down the street. 

I turned down the street to the hospital, and parked my car. It was only about 1:00 in the afternoon, but it feels like Night time. The sky is dim and its damp outside. I get out of my car and walk up to the hospital doors. They open automatically and I rush to the front desk.

“Hi do you know what floor Jessica Devine is on?” I asked the woman, she looks like she couldn't care less if she was here or not.

“She’s on floor 5,” She answered without looking away from her computer. I walk to the elevator and press the number 4 button. I take a deep breath.  It’s ok, don’t worry, it’s just Harry styles. Think calm, cool, and collected. The elevator doors open and I navigate around the room with my eyes. There they were, four angels sitting in a hospital waiting room. But Niall’s missing. I walk over calmly, but in my head I’m freaking out.

“ How is she?” I say in the coolest voice possible.

“ Oh, Hi! You must be Christina, well she hasn’t woke up yet, but they figured out that she has a broken nose.” Oh my god, he said my name!

“ What about Jonah? What happened to him?” I sat down next to Harry.

“ He got arrested for assault,and possession of weed. They found him smoking it behind the market.” He looked at me, then it hit me. My best friend is unconscious, and I’m here worrying about Harry Styles. When I couldn’t hold it any longer, I burst into tears and put my hands over my face. 

“Don’t cry love, it’s going to be OK,” He wrapped his arms around me and I rest my head on his shoulder.

“Do you want to come see her with me?” I lifted my head off of his shoulder and looked into his eyes. 

“Your makeup’s all messed up. Here let me fix it.” He wiped under my eyes with his thumb.

“There, now come on, let’s go see her.” Harry stood up and put out his hand. I grabbed it and he lead me to Jess’ room.


(Niall’s pov)

She’s hooked up to an iv, and a heart monitor. I could’ve stopped this from happening. I look over at Josh, who’s sitting on the chair next to the bed twiddling his thumbs.

“Can we come in?” Harry’s at the door with who I guess to be Jess’ friend. She looks like she’s been crying. Harry is holding onto her hand tight.

“ Jess...” she manages to spit out and pulls Harry over to the bed. She looks at her bruised nose and bloody head.

“How is she?” Harry asks. I realize that he’s talking to me. I really don’t want to talk about it now, but I do.

“She has a broken nose, and a concussion. She possibly lost memory too.” I look down at my feet and bite on the skin of my thumb.

“Niall you don’t think this is your fault do you?” I look up at harry and shrug my shoulders.

“ Niall, it’s not your fault. How did you know that her boyfriend, well ex boyfriend now, would jump her? Don’t blame yourself, right now all we can do is hope she can get better.” Harry looked at me with his eyes widened. I walk over to Jess. The rooms crowded enough when Liam Zayn and Louis walk in. They all gather around her bed.

“A broken nose, concussion, and possible memory loss.....” Josh finally speaks.

“A BROKEN NOSE, CONCUSSION, AND MEMORY LOSS!” He bangs his fist against the wall making a dent.

“Josh, it’s going to be fine all right,” Liam walks over to Josh. “ Relax,” He grabbed Josh by his shoulders and shook him a little. Jess’ eyes fluttered open. Her green eyes wandered around the room.

“Josh! She’s awake!” I yell over to Josh and he rushes over.

“Jess! Are you okay?” He holds her hand tight.

“Jess.....Is that my name?” She looks at me now and starts to cry a little, Which makes me want to cry too.

“My head hurts, what happened to me?!” Liam calls in the nurse, Seidy.

“ Okay guys, don’t overwhelm her, have one person at a time talk to her, try to get her to remember things.” She walks out of the room and leaves us to talk to Jess.

“Niall,” Josh says, “you talk to her first, you saw what happened.” Yes, I saw what happened but I don’t want to relive it. I begin.

“ Well, My name is Niall, this is Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Louis. This is your brother Josh. We’re all in a band together called One Direction. This Morning, You came to one of our band rehearsals, where you met us. On the way home from our bad rehearsal, You an I went into the market to get milk. Then Your boyfriend, Jonah, he thought you were cheating on him with me...” I paused not wanting to continue, “ He punched you in the face and you fell unconscious. We got you in the hospital, and they told us that you had a broken nose, a concussion, and possible memory loss...Which is why I’m explaining this to you right now,” I point to Christina,” This is Christina, She’s your best friend. She rushed here when she heard you got hurt. We’re going to stay the night with you, until we can take you home tomorrow.” She looks at me and the room is silent.

“Josh... I remember Josh....and Christina, I remember her too... I don’t remember the band though... Or the milk, or this morning.....”

“Thats a start Jess, now get some rest, they still have to fix your nose and put wrap your head,” Says Josh, “we’ve only been here about an hour. We’ll leave you to get some rest. After they fix your nose we’ll come back. Come on guys.” They all follow Josh out of the door but I stay.

“Feel better jess,” I plant a soft kiss on her cold forehead, “ I know you don’t remember me, but I really hope you do.” I walk out and meet up with the guys in the waiting room.

“Got any threes?” Zayn asks Liam

“Go fish...” Liam replies. Zayn picks up a card slowly while raising one eyebrow and keeping his eyes on Liam.

“ YES! VAS HAPPENING LIAM! A three I win, you loose!”

I walk over and sit next to Josh who looks slightly better than he did in Jess’ room.

“I guess it could be worse,” I said to Josh.

“I guess...” He looked down at his feet and began to twiddle his thumbs again.

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