They don't know about us

Jess goes to her brother Josh's band practice to meet his band, but when she goes to the market to pick up milk with Niall, she had an unpleasent surprise waiting for her.


1. Milk


“JOSH! WHERE THE HELL IS THE MILK?!” I shouted to Josh who was upstairs practicing his drums.

“ I DONT KNOW WHERE THE MILK IS JESS!” he yelled down sounding agitated.

“BUT YOU USED THE MILK LAST!” I rummaged through the fridge looking for the milk.

“IM LACTOSE-INTOLERANT!” Josh ran down the stairs.

“NO, YOU’RE NOT! I CANT EAT MY CEREAL WITHOUT ANY MILK JOSH!” Josh walked over to me, “Chill Jess, the milk is on the counter...” I walked over and took another look.

“This milk is expired.....Josh will you take me to go get more milk?” I put on the biggest puppy dog eyes ever.

“Jess, I have band practice,” I rolled my eyes,” But, heres the deal, if you come to practice, on the way home I'll get you some milk.”

Not to be rude or anything, but I really didn’t care much for Josh’s band. The girls at my school are all over them. I mean, whats so great about one direction?

“ Josh you know I don’t like them-”

“They really want to meet you though,” Josh smiled and put his hands together pleading.

“Fine, fine, But you better get me my milk.” I smiled and headed out the door with Josh. We walked over to his car and I made myself comfortable in the front seat, and with that, we were off.

“You know, you should give them a chance, they’re pretty awesome,” 

“Oh please, and become an obsessed fan like the other girls in school?” I looked over at him.

“ Hey, they’re not obsessed, they’re dedicated.” He laughed  and I laughed with him, we turned into a shopping center and parked in the lot of the nail salon.

“Um... Where are we? I shot him a confused look.

“This is our recording studio, secret recording studio.” He pulled a key out of his pocket. “Come on, let’s go.” We got out of the car, and scurried over to the “Nail salon” He rushed in, but I took my time. The windows were painted black so no one could see in. There were wires everywhere, and a big glass recording studio in the back. A vending machine lay against the wall next to a flat screen tv, which was surrounded by a big cushy couch. They were sitting on it. Whatever their names were, Neil, Lewis? I don’t know. I stood by the door not sure what to do.

“Jess, come here,” Josh said to me, motioning with his hands. I slowly walked over.

“Is that your girlfriend Josh?” The curly haired one said with a cheeky smile.

“Ew no,” I cringed.

“Guys this is my sister Jess, Jess this is Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam.” I shook their hands one by one “ So boys, my sister doesn’t really like us or our music-”

“Josh!” I interrupted him, “ Relax Jess, So We’re going to prove her wrong,” He looked over at me and I rolled my eyes purposely.

“Make yourself at home Jess, we’re going to be recording our new song today.” The blonde one said in a heavy Irish accent. I think his name is Niall. He flashed me a smile and followed the other boys into the studio. I sat down on the couch and pulled out my phone. A text from Jonah, my “boyfriend” We always have these on again off again relationships, and I’m pretty much not interested anymore, note the quotation marks” 

“Hey Babe, I checked find your iPhone, why are you at an abandoned Nail salon?”

Oh and did I mention, he was a complete stalker? I decided to ignore the text, maybe he’ll just disappear. Then they started playing.


“Hey girl I’m waiting on you,

 I’m waiting on you, 

Come on and let me sneak you out. 

and Have a celebration,

A Celebration,

The music up

The windows down”

I felt my foot start to tap, but I forced myself to stop.


“Lets go!

Crazy, crazy, crazy ‘til we see the sun!

I know we only met but let’s pretend it’s love,

And never, never, never, stop for anyone

Tonight let’s get some

And live while while we’re young”


They’re not as bad as I imagined, the song’s actually catchy too.

“I know you got my text, my phone says you read it a minute ago what are you doing?”  Jonah texted me again and I decided to put my phone back in my bag, I didn’t need any distractions right now.


“So Jess, did we change your mind?”  My brother asked me and sat down with the boys next to me on the couch. They all waited for an answer. 

“ Okay fine, you guys are good,” I looked down at my feet. 

“ What’s wrong love?” Louis asked me. I didn’t really want to get them involved with my boyfriend drama so I just made up an excuse. 

“ Oh nothing , I just haven’t eaten because SOMEONE didn’t get me my milk.”

I looked over at josh and He laughed at me.

“ Jess, don’t worry we’re going right now. Do you mind boys? We’re going to the market for a little. And Jess The boys are staying over tonight.

“ We don’t mind, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Liam smiled.

“ Well let’s get going then,” Josh, the boys and I walked out and piled into my brothers truck. 

“ Hey look Jess, the markets right there.” My brother drove the car over a little bit, and I hopped out of the car. 

“ Someone go in with her, safety in pairs” Liam said, I could tell he was the “Daddy” of the group.

“ I’ll go,” The Irish one Stood up and got out of the car.

“Don’t take to long Jess,” Josh shouted to me as Niall and I walked away.

“ So Jess, Josh never told us he had a sister..”

“ Oh.. Really? Because this morning he said that you guys couldn’t wait to meet me.” I looked over at Niall as we stepped through the automatic doors.

“ Well, even if I didn’t know, it’s still nice meeting you.” Niall smiled 

“ Thanks....” We walked awkwardly to the milk section.

“ OOH! Could we get these chips? And this salsa? WAIT?! They have cheese filled pretzels?!?” I laughed as he picked up bags of junk food.

“ I guess you like to eat,” I said to Niall. He opened a bag and pulled out a chip.

“ Like to eat? I was born to eat ,”he mumbled between chews. I grabbed a gallon of milk out of the fridge. “ I guess we have to buy those chips now?” I asked Niall.

“Oops,” he replied. I laughed.

‘Who is this Jess?” I heard an angered voice from behind us.

“Oh no! Jonah ” I whispered to myself. I grabbed onto Niall’s arm tight.

“what’s wrong Jess? Who’s that?” Niall turned around causing me to turn around too. There was Jonah, Angry and sweaty.

“ You didn’t answer my fucking texts!” Whats wrong with you bitch?!” He moved closer and closer to us and I kept moving closer and closer to Niall. 


(Niall’s pov)


He moved closer to Jess and I, and she moved closer to me.

“ YOU CHEATER!” He moved closer and before I could do anything he swung his fist into Jess’ face sending milk and food all over the place.

“ Bitch..” He mumbled under his breath and ran away.

Jess was on the floor, with a bloody nose and unconscious.

“Jess! Wake up!” I tried to shake her awake. “ HELP! SOMEBODY HELP!”  

A Worker at the store ran over to the isle and saw Jess on the floor.

“What happened?!” she asked me bending down and franticly looking for her phone.

“ Some guys came over, and told her that she wasn’t answering his texts, then he punched her in the face, I tried to stop him!” I looked down at Jess. I could’ve stopped this.

“It’s going to be OK, I’ll call the police.” The Woman stood up and dialed 9-1-1 on her phone.  I held onto Jess’ hand and didn’t let go. I pulled out my phone and dialed Josh’s number. 

“Niall what’s taking so long, get your ass back here!” I looked for the right words to say.

“ Jess, Jess got jumped...” I looked down at her again.

“ What?! By who?!” He sounded worried

“ I’m not sure who he was, but she said Jonah, they’re calling the police now,” I squeezed her hand tighter.

“ We’re coming in don’t worry.” Josh hung up the phone. 

“ The ambulance are coming , but for now just hang in there, I’ll stay until they get here.” I heard  Yelling and pounding footsteps.

“ Jess?! Where are you?” Josh looked down our isle and ran to us.

“Oh my god Jess!” The boys followed after him

“The ambulance are coming” I assured them. Josh ran over and held Jess’ other hand and squeezed it tightly. He sobbed and laid his head against hers.

“ Everybody move! Move!” We heard the police wheel the stretcher to our isle.

“ Back up guys, we need to get her on the stretcher.” Josh and I let go of her hands and they lifted her up and strapped her in. 

“Who’s going to ride with her to the hospital?” the police looked at Josh and I.

“ We will,” josh grabbed my shoulder and walked towards the stretcher.

“ Harry,  drive my car to the hospital, call this number tell her that Jess’ got hurt and to meet us at the hospital” Josh pulled out a pen and wrote a number on Harry’s hand.

“Who’s this?” He asked as Josh and I started to walk away with the police.

“ It’s Jess’s best friend, Christina”

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