In the world of the Lamania, fey aren't just your average Tinkerbell. They're dark, dangerous, disturbingly sexy, and seem to know all your darkest secrets. So when Ema Weblake is inadvertently thrown into the midst of this deadly realm with the kidnapping of her mother by supposed 'fairy tale creatures', you can tell that she may be slightly annoyed. Torn between two courts, the lines between good and evil becoming blurred, and a certain wolf-boy hiding his heart behind a wall of ice, Ema's starting to find out that not all faerie tales have happy endings.


3. Silent Exchanges

Welcome back my amazing noodles! So this is the second chapter in Wings! I would really appreciate it if i had more criticism coming, as usual!! Thanks!! And if it doesn't make sense, just keep reading and I'll try my best! But it may take a while, I have to battle my parents for the laptop.-bats adults away with a broom- STAY BACK!! haha, I'll go now and get rid of them, enjoy!!



"Ema! Ema wake up!"

My world is shaking, and I'm surrounded by a fevered blaze, shuddering and spitting hot flames. My hands feel white-hot, and as I bring them up to my face, they burst into flames. The tongues caress my hands softly, sending flickering tongues snaking up my arms, licking them lovingly, until I am all consumed by the fiery embrace. I am a glowing, flaming tycoon. I close my eyes, open my mouth to scream a-

-nd sit up with a strangled gasp. Dorothy's hand is frozen on my shoulder in mid-shake. Her face breaks into a picture of exquisite relief.

"Ema!" She smiles. "I was beginning to wonder. . . "

"Cut the crap Dorothy." I interrupt. "What happened?" I look down. "And why am I at my house, lying in my bed, in my pijama's?!"

She looks at me sheepishly. "It wasn't me! The school called your mother, and she came and collected us." I raise my eyebrow. Or try to. "You didn't think I'd leave you at home, all alone, unconscious and handicapped did you?" She grins. "Anything could've happened; Jealous girls crawl through your window, burglars' crawl through your window . . ." She pauses. "Lovestruck boy's crawl through your window . . ."

I laugh. "Yeah right." Then I realize what she's doing. "Stop changing the subject Dorothy. Tell. Me. What. HAPPENED."

My tall friend sighs. "You burnt your hand in science, and the metal sword reacted with it, burning your hand even more."

"That's not even possible!"I exclaim. This weird feeling engulfs me, and for some strange reason, I am pushed toward believing her story. I shake my head mentally, refusing to give in. But I'm pushed even more and silently have to agree with whatever is forcing me to do so, against my very will.

Dorothy looks at me, consequently after I've given in to the force. "Yes it is Ema."

"Oh. Ok." Somehow, I know she's lying, but I don't push it. She's looking unusually pale under her light caramel complexion, her chocolate brown eyes tight and drawn. She smiles at me tiredly, and pushes her deep mahogany hair behind her ears. "Guess you can't come to fencing, yeah?"

"No, really?" I ask sarcastically. "Of course I'm not going!! You shouldn't either. Get a rest, you look tired."

"I'm alright. Just a long day." She slings her bag over her shoulder. "You ok by yourself?"

I take in her state. "No." I lie. "I could really use someone with me. Let's crash in front of the tv." I don't add that my older brother Adam will be home soon. She'd stress out. I smile inwardly. She always does that around Adam.

Dorothy hands me my fluffy green dressing gown as I ease myself gingerly out of bed. Shrugging it carefully on, I trudge down the staircase after my friend's retreating back. She throws her bag down at the front door and drapes her slender frame across the couch, switching on the tv. I squeal and sit down on the Lazy-Boy next to her.

"Dorothy, turn it up!! Castle's on!"

Silence answers me, followed by a soft snore. I smile triumphantly, and leave my friend be.


A loud knock startles me out of my seat. I rub my eyes wearily, and look at the clock. I must have fallen asleep too, and I curse to myself. Falling asleep in the middle of my favourite show! I brush the tangle of curls that was my hair behind my ears and stretch lazily, before passing Dorothy's still slumbering figure on my way to the door. The person behind it knocks again more insistently.

"Allright I'm coming, keep your panties on." I mutter under my breath, before softly laying my hand on the doorknob. Even though she was still jesting, I wasn't taking any chances after what Dorothy had said to me earlier.

"Who is it?" I demand.

"The Pizza man," A familiar voice replies sarcastically. "Who do you think it is?"

I open the door with a grin. "Hiya Adam."

He brushes past me roughly and I let out a quiet cry of pain. He turns back to me with a surprised expression. "What did I do?" Then he notices my heavily bandaged hands. He raises his eyebrow.

"I burnt them." I explain shortly.

"Oh." Adam widens his eyes. "How. . . never mind." He interrupts himself hastily when he sees my sour expression. "That would explain why you never turned up for a ride." He says jokingly, trying to lighten the mood.

A loud sigh escapes from the lounge, and Adam looks toward the location, startled. I grin. "Don't worry it's just Dorothy; but be quiet, she is a slumbering damsel." Adam blushes briefly, and I smirk at him, my suspicions of the chemistry between them finally confirmed.

"I wish you two would just come out and tell me!" I whisper hotly. "It's so annoying trying to find out!"

He goes red again, looking at me sheepishly, before turning away from me, before throwing his bag up the staircase. I cluck in annoyance. "What is it with people in this household? It ain't a bloody shotput contest!"

"It well could be." Adam counter-attacks as he slips past me, grabbing a packet of chips.

"Uh uh." I shake my head at him. He sighs and puts them back, grabbing a second packet. He holds it up for my inspection, and I nod my approval. "Hellz yeah."

"I don't know why you even like that flavour." my brother says with a groan. "You're so weird."

"Don't i know it." I grin. A yawning figure appears in the doorway, and freezes in mid stretch, blushing deeply.

"Hiya Adam." Dorothy greets him shyly. My brother's gone for an expedition into the deeper shades of red, again, as he greets her back, and I smirk knowingly. Dorothy looks back at me and smiles viciously at my expression. I shrink back slightly.

"I'm gonna go now Em." she says sweetly. "Thanks for letting me. . . . "

"Why?" Adam interrupts her sharply. She glances back at him

"Why? Why, because I have a ton of homework to do." She answers him. I notice with amusement her subtle rearrangement of her uniform, making it reveal a lot more than it should, and shake my head ruefully.

"No holding back for my sake is there." I mutter under my breath. She grins at me.

"Not a chance. See ya tomorrow Ema." She waves at me as she picks up her bag. "Bye Adam." She exits the door with a self assured swagger. I groan loudly as the door shuts.

"I did not just see that. I want to vomit."

Adam smiles and plasters a dreamy look on his face. "She is the most beautiful crea-" I whack him hard.

"Stop it!" I snort. "Or I really will vomit."

"Don't you dare vomit on my carpet." A voice emits from behind me. "Do you know how much it will cost for the carpet to be cleaned?"

I turn around and grin at the woman standing behind me with a false-angry expression on her face.

"Hello to you too Mum." I say wickedly.

"Hello Ema," she smiles warmly, the last night's argument obviously forgotten. "Was that just Dorothy I saw leaving?"

I nod. "She's been 'looking' after me all afternoon." When I say looking, I make quotation marks in the air with my fingers. "If 'looking after' means crashing on our couch."

She grins. "Oh, that girl." Then her smile fades and she looks at me with concern. "How are you feeling? How's your hand?"

I grimace and twist my right hand around my aching left wrist. "It's ok. Panadol won't make the pain go away. I think it's healing though."

It's true, it wasn't burning as much as it had straight away, which struck me as odd, considering the severity of the burn.

Mum nods. "It shan't t take too long to heal." She says, mumbling something else under her breath.

"What?" I ask. She averts my gaze, glancing instead at Adam, who shakes his head slightly. She frowns at him, and a silent exchange seems to pass between them.

"What?" I repeat, now more curious than offended. "What do you mean, it shan't take too long to heal?"

"Nothing Ema," My mother dismisses me in a regal tone. "Forget it."

I scowl at her. "Fat chance of that Mum. I'm not stupid. I know how long it takes for burns to heal, especially serious ones." I look pointedly at my bandaged hand, and she winces. "Anyway," I continue. "Here's another question that you can answer. What exactly burnt me?"

I hear Adam inhale sharply, and shake his head for a second time at Mum. She looks at me with an unreadable expression.

Adam clears his throat loudly, and Mum finally brushes him off with a wave of her hand, and looks at me, almost determined.

"The iron," she says. "In the sword. You're . . ." She searches for a sufficient word. "Allergic. To the iron."

I look at her in disbelief and bark out a laugh. " You have got to be kidding me. Ive never been allergic to iron in my entire life. Why would I be allergic," I sneer the last word. " Now?"

Mum squirms under the glare Adam was sending her way. " You don't need to know." she says shortly. "All you need to know is that iron is very dangerous now. So stay away from it."

" You have got to be kidding me." I repeat. " Iron is in everything."

She laughs humorlessly. " Why do you think we live in a stone house?"

Adam clears his throat again, this time much louder. He looks pointedly at Mum and a silent exchange seems to pass between them, again. I resist the urge to stomp my foot and scowl at them both. Mum's face suddenly closes up and she turns away from me.

" Conversation closed."

I cross my arms and stare after her as she leaves. Adam glances at me, expressionless, and walls up the stairs, leaving me still standing on the landing with a sour expression on my face.

" I'm not stupid!!" I yell after them exasperatedly. Silence answers me, and i want to scream in frustration. There was too much secrecy going on, and i wasn't included in the handful who knew what was going on. And that pissed me off. Big time.


A few days later, to my complete amazement and dismay, my hands were completely healed, and Mum deemed me well enough to go back to school. To be completely honest, I was dreading going back to school, as most people would now know of my fainting episode in PE, thanks to Stacey and her gossiping gang of airheads.

As I entered the school grounds, a few girls stood socializing, and immediately started whispering when I walked past them. I raised my head stubbornly and ignored them, determined not to let their pretty jibes get under my skin.

I'd almost made it to my maths classroom when I heard a giggle behind me. Whirling around, I came face to face with a sneering red head.

"Well, look who's back." Stacey purrs while her pack of blondes try to mimic her expression behind her. I struggle not to laugh outright at the finishing products.

Stacey clucks, grabbing my attention again. I look at her, annoyed. "What do you want Stacey?" I try to push past her, and she resists, leaving me in her perfectly manicured clutches.

She curls up her lip as she looks at me with disgust. "Better watch yourself Ema, we don't want you fainting on us, do we?"

Her pose laugh as I blush slightly, and Stacey smiles triumphantly. I resist the urge to wipe that leer off her face, and duck my head and I finally am able to push past them. A petite brunette mimics a fainting cry as i walk past, and my face burns involuntarily. "Bitch." I mutter under my breath.

I arrived just as my Maths teacher, Mr Twigg ( and I swear to God he looks exactly as his name suggests, with floppy brown hair, big square glasses, and long gangly limbs which didn't look like they belonged on a fourty- something man) opens up the classroom door. He gives me a curious look as i rush past him, not greeting him like i usually do.

I fling my bag down next to my chair and sit down, trying not to notice all the stares i was receiving from my classmates. Dorothy smiles at me sympathetically. "Feeling better?" she whispers. I nod slightly, open up my book, and try to focus on the lesson.

45 minutes into the lesson I throw down my pencil with disgust.

" Honestly." i complain hotly to my friend sitting to my left. " What the hell are we gonna use parabolas for??!"

She shrugs. "I dunno." Then she smiles mischievously. "All the better to flick rubber bands at you m'dear."

I'm about to report a reply when I'm interrupted by a quiet knock. 24 pairs of eyes flick round to see our principal, Mr Minoski, enter, with a chagrined Rob Goodfellowe in tow.

" Good morning class." Mr Minoski greets us. We all mumble replies, but look on with interest. He strides through the classroom, and Rob follows him, shooting me an amused look as they near the front of the classroom.

Most of the students, including Dorothy, lose interest as the principal starts to speak to the teacher in low tones, but as I've already finished the set work, I listen with unveiled interest. A few words float over to me, and I frown, confused.

". . . . Rob. . . . .tutor . . . . worried about grades. . . . necessary. . . ."

Rob notices me listening in, and smiles at me, somewhat impishly. I shudder at what he could be thinking, and look down, my face heating. Again. I hope this isn't going to become a habit.

Mr Twigg nods, looking serious, and turns to Rob.

"All right Rob." he says in his squeaky high voice as he looks around the room. " The only spare seat we have is next to Ema." he sounds almost apologetic, and i groan inwardly. Greeeat. 4 periods a week sitting near Rob Goodfellowe. That was surely not going to be good for my health.

Rob flings down his bag next to me and grins mischievously. "Hi Ema."

I groan and look at Dorothy. " Why him off all people?"

She looks up and glances at me curiously. "Who. . . . ." She then spots Rob, and sucks in a breath sharply. " What are you doing here Pu- Rob?" she demands hotly, hidden meaning obvious behind her words.

I look at her inquisitively when she slips on her tongue, and Rob looks. . . . Rob looks ashamed??? That definitely was not right. But soon its covered by his usual self assured sneer, and i wonder whether my eyes are tricking me."Just joining a math class sweetheart."

Dorothy looks furiously at him, and I see a flicker in his facade before it is smoothed out once more. I look at her curiously and she glares at me. Recoiling, i turn back to my work and try to ignore the tension that the room was swimming in.

The last fifteen minutes was torture, with Dorothy ignoring me on one side and Rob sending me looks that I ignored. Rob had just opened his mouth, no doubt to say something cocky, when Mr Twigg glared at him and addressed the class.

"Nice work today class." He tries to smile but fails miserably, the finished product more like a grimace. "Finish off that chapter for homework, and I'll see you tomorrow." A flurry of movement starts up just as he finishes speaking as the class packs up. I sling my bag over my shoulder and just as I'm about to leave, I hear my name. Confused, I turn around, and see Mr Twigg looking at me, and he repeated his question. "A minute please Ema? It wont take long."

Dorothy raises her eyebrows at me, and I shrug, saying "Meet you in PE?" as I weave my way through the slow moving traffic that was my classmates. Standing in front of my short teacher, I look at him inquisitively and ask "You wanted me sir?"

He nods, and looks at me seriously. "The principal received a call from your mother today," I suppress a groan. " And it has come to our attention that you are falling behind in Maths. She would like for you to have one on one tuition with an exemplary student for a week or two, depending on how much help you need."

I look at him incredulously. "You have got to be kidding me Sir." Sure, i was a little further behind on my maths than most of the class, but hey, it wasn't my best subject! I was trying my hardest. Shaking my head, I look back up at him. He returns my glance, almost sadly.

"I am most certainly not Ema." he says gruffly. "Not on something as important as this. We have found a student who is willing to help you for a little while. It is. . . "

"Dorothy?" I interrupt hopefully. He narrows his eyes at me and I subside apologetically.

"No it is not Dorothy." He scolds. "It is Rob Goodfellowe."

I'm pretty sure my mouth had dropped open then, because he stared at me with a weird expression. "You are not serious Sir." I gape. "Rob Goodfellowe??? He-he- . . " I splutter as I blush furiously.

Mr Twigg is now looking at me with a bemused expression. "Yes, it is Rob. He has agreed to come over to your house this Saturday and start your tuition lessons. It is vital that you accept his help, as it will help you with your upcoming exams." he adds sternly. I sigh and blow my hair out of my face frustratedly.

"Yeah, sure, whatever." I mutter. "Thanks Sir."

He nods at me and dismisses my embarrassed personal out of his class with a wave of his hand. "See you next time Ema."


Not much of a cliffhanger lol, and a short ish chapter, they'll get bigger I promise!!! This chappie is more of a filler, sorry guys! More action is on its way :) Though it is getting interesting!! What will happen when Rob comes to 'tutor' her? Haha that part was not really a part of my original plan but oh well *shrugs* It helps tell the story a bit more!!

Until next time my purple oranges. . .


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