In the world of the Lamania, fey aren't just your average Tinkerbell. They're dark, dangerous, disturbingly sexy, and seem to know all your darkest secrets. So when Ema Weblake is inadvertently thrown into the midst of this deadly realm with the kidnapping of her mother by supposed 'fairy tale creatures', you can tell that she may be slightly annoyed. Torn between two courts, the lines between good and evil becoming blurred, and a certain wolf-boy hiding his heart behind a wall of ice, Ema's starting to find out that not all faerie tales have happy endings.


7. Pranks

Ok, so just clearing something up. I love my beauty sleep. And I am a heavy sleeper. Which is why I completely didn't realise what Puck was about to do until he did it, and boy, did I hate it. Spluttering in outrage, I sit up quickly and look at him with water dripping off my head. He cracks up, and actually falls onto the ground laughing as he takes in my sodden state. Dorothy and Adam look at me, trying to hold their laughter in, as my face turns a deep shade of red.


"Uh oh." Adam smirks. "I'd run if I were you Puck; she's gonna totally kick your ass."

Puck was too busy laughing to hear Adam's warning. Stupid idiot. I think, an evil smile slowly appearing on my face. Adam and Dorothy take a step back as I get up, dust myself off and slowly advance on Puck. He stops laughing when he sees my face, a hint of fear fleetingly dressing his features.

"C'mon princess I was only joking." He says worryingly.

I smirk at him. "I'd run, right now."

Without hesitating he leaps up and dashes past the others, me hot on his tail. I zone in onto his fleeing figure and after a few seconds of mad out running, I finally catch up to him. Flinging myself into the air, I land heavily on him, sending him tumbling to the ground. I stand up, making sure that my feet are pinning his arms down, before looking down at Puck with a sweet smile on my face. He looks up at me fearfully.

"Paybacks a bitch." I say simply, before squeezing all the water out of my hair and clothes onto him, making sure most of it lands on his face. Then I pick up a handful of mud and smear it all over his now furious features, looking proudly at the now bedraggled and muddy face of Robin Goodfellow.

"Ta ta!" I say, waving at him. He mutters something under his breath, something sounding like "Stupid faerie princesses." as I walk away, and I grin to myself. Not that it was an ideal way to start the morning, it did have it's positives.


Adam was still giggling when we packed up camp. Puck was the same bright shade of red mixed with the brown of the mud he hadn't washed off yet.

"I can't believe you got beaten by a girl." Adam says, grinning. "And a human one at that."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Dorothy and I say at the same time, identical looks of mock disgust on our faces. His smile drops when he looks at us.

"Sometimes it's super obvious that they are twin sisters." He mutters under his breath. Dorothy glares at him, and he hastens to correct himself.

"I didn't mean anything girls I swear!" He says quickly. I look at Dorothy.

"Well, we wouldn't know would we?" I ask her. "Cause, you know, we're girls."

He winces, and we march ahead of him, ignoring him blatently.

"You're in it deep. No kissies for Calix tonight." Puck cackles at Adam, and I hear a loud thump echo from behind us. "OW!! DUDE I WAS JOKING!" Puck yells at him. Dorothy shakes her head.

"Adam, leave him alone." She calls over her shoulder, brown eyes twinkling despite her supposed 'anger'. I know Adam's taken the bait when he cries in outrage.


Dorothy sighs loudly. "I never said that . . . . "

I grin at her and she rolls her eyes exasperatedly. "Honestly," She sighs. "Boys."

"Tell me 'bout it." I shake my head. "I had to live with that for 15 years!!"

She laughs as the boys pick up the bags, and jog to catch up with us. Puck sends me a filthy, and I literally mean filthy, look as he walks past, an Adam shoots a similar one at Dorothy. We both try to stifle our laughter as their chivalrous sides get the better of them both and they stomp past us to take up the lead.

We walk for around an hour before I finally realise something that kinda is important. "Hey Puck!" I call out to him. He turns around, annoyed, and I grin to myself. He still hadn't forgiven me for this morning. I just hoped that he wouldn't get me back for it.

"We're travelling to the Seelie Court princess." He says over his shoulder.

"Oh, ok, the Seelie. . . . . woah, woah, woah, woah, WOAH. The Seelie Court? As in, my father's Seelie Court??!"

Puck sighs frustratedly. "Yes princess, we are going to your father's court."

I stride up to him and yank back his shoulder. "Do you really think that I'm going to happily skip along and meet my father after he's abandoned me for fifteen years?!" I hiss, my green eyes flashing. He shrinks back slightly when he see's my face.

"Well, yeah I do princess." Puck says slowly. "You want to save your mother, right?" I nod at him, still shooting daggers at him. "Well, we gotta meet up with the King to sort out whether he knows where she is. And whether you consider him this or not, he still is your father, and he will want to meet you."

I grimace - what a jolly meeting that will be. Hi Dad, its me, Ema, the daughter that you abandoned all those years ago because you cared more for the faerie realm that shouldn't even exist, it defies logic, than you did for your family. . . . . Yeah, ily too Dad. . . . . Of course I'll give you a hug. . .what are daughters for? Yeah, I dunno why, but I certainly can NOT see that happening. We are never, ever, ever ever, getting back together! Like, EVER. Taylor Swift sings in my head, and I smile to myself. Trust her new song to get through to me again.

Dorothy looks over at me and tilts her head. "Why are you smiling?" She asks suspiciously. I beam at her innocently.

"Oh, just imagining what the meeting will be like when I meet my father." I say with wide eyes. She snorts despite herself. "Oh god, that'll be an awesome meeting. Hi Dad, its me, Ema. . . . " I grin at her. "Its always awesome people like us who think alike."

"Hellz yeah." She cheers. "Up high!"

The boys look at us, annoyed at our rowdiness, and we just smirk back at them.

And that changes the score to 1 to Nil to team Dorothy & Ema! Dorothy cheers in my head, making me laugh out aloud. Dorothy looks at me with a wide-eyed innocent What? expression, making me laugh again. She shrugs when Adam looks back at us again, mouthing "Crazy woman." at him. I shake my head ruefully at her antics. It's so good having my best friend back.

Adam suddenly stops, making me run into his rigid back. "OW Adam." I growl. "What was that fo-"

"Shut up Ema." He snaps, shutting me up nice and quickly. I look at him with a hurt expression; he's never talked to me like that, even when he was ingnoring me.

I look over at Dorothy, and she's gone completely still, eyes darting around warily. A quick glance at Puck reveals similar movements, and I just have to go and open my mouth. Well, duh!! Everyone would.

"Guys. . . " I start warily.

A loud rustling to my right interrupts me, and we all swing around to meet an utterly gorgeous guy. Dorothy growls loudly to my left, and I would have cracked up laughing at the utterly inhuman sound that erupted from her if I hadn't been distracted by this beautiful guy in front of me. He was amazingly handsome and perfected and all I wanted to do was grab him and have my wicked way with him. . . . .

"Oi, leave her alone." Adam says sharply, interrupting my dirty thoughts. "We don't need any of your mind games fae. Get lost before things get ugly."

I look at him, brows furrowing. What was this heaven-sent beast doing to me? Nothing, apart from corrupting me with his dreamy hair, and dreamy eyes, and dreamy body. . . .

A loud smack echoes throughout the forest and I growl at Dorothy, touching my stinging cheek. She looks back at me with an expressionless face while my jaw falls open.

"Sorry." She shrugs. "You'll forgive me later."

"We'll see about that." I grumble. "You bitch slapped me!!"

Movement caught my eye and I turn to it, immediately to start daydreaming about the guy in front of us. As if in a daze, I start to slowly walk towards him, and he beckons to me with a sweet smile dressing his wonderful face. . . .

A loud growl interrupts my progress, and I turn around briefly to see my best friend erupt into a giant chocolate brown and mighty furious wolf.



Heyy guys! So sorry about this chapter, its more of a filler and alot shorter!! I promise I'll get the next one up soon with heaps more, I just had a tiny writers block, and I had to get something up for you guys!! So yeah, hope you enjoy it, I had fun writing about all the pranks :)  So sorry its so short and it's a cliffhanger!! Tehehe I like writing those ^-^

Until next time my magnificent armidillos,


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