In the world of the Lamania, fey aren't just your average Tinkerbell. They're dark, dangerous, disturbingly sexy, and seem to know all your darkest secrets. So when Ema Weblake is inadvertently thrown into the midst of this deadly realm with the kidnapping of her mother by supposed 'fairy tale creatures', you can tell that she may be slightly annoyed. Torn between two courts, the lines between good and evil becoming blurred, and a certain wolf-boy hiding his heart behind a wall of ice, Ema's starting to find out that not all faerie tales have happy endings.


8. "Oh, it's just the lost Summer Princess Mae."

I gape at my best friend, as she snarls viciously at the Creepy Cute Guy behind me, all thoughts of him temporarily forgotten.

"Well done." Puck sighs. "We were trying to avoid Lea going all wulf on us."

"Did she just-I-she-I . . ." I splutter, trying to make sense of it all. Puck grins at me as the huge brown wulf next to me growls and rolls her eyes. I blink, and blink again, and when she still doesn’t appear even slightly human-ish, I rub my eyes, muttering “This is so not how I planned my day to turn out.”

Looking at Dorothy, I can't resist myself and pat her on the head, saying "Who's a cutie? Good doggie."

The wulf growls again, narrowing her eyes at me. Puck chuckles next to me.

“Now you’ve done it; she hates being called a dog. Don’t worry, it’s a wulf thing.” He reassures me. I glare at him.

“That’s not very reassur-AAGH!”

Dorothy leaps at me with a snarl. Yelping, I duck quickly, eyes wide.

Did you just try to attack me?!” I shriek, turning around. My voice dies down quickly as I see her tearing into the fae’s throat with ferocity, a mere meter away from where I was standing.

“Oh.” I say. “Were-were you trying to save me? Gosh he was close to me.” My eyes widen when I think that. “And you killed him. You killed him.”

She rolls her eyes as she turns around.

Oh indeed. And I wasn’t trying; I did save you dumbass. You owe me. And yes, I killed him, do you really wish that he was still alive right now? Her voice resonates through my mind, and I resist the urge to roll my eyes.

“I didn’t need saving.” I tut, even though that’s a lie, and ignore her last sentence, trying to avoid the logic in it, even though she still killed an innocent, well not really that innocent. . . Brain, stop thinking up excuses for her behaviour! She killed him and that is inexcusable.

Her wulfy eyebrows rise. Uh-huh, you didn’t need saving. Liar. That’s why you almost became that fae’s dinner. And trust me; he wouldn’t have eaten you first. Fae are like cats; they like to play with their food before they eat it.

I shiver at the double meaning in her words. “Ew.”

Ew doesn’t even cover it. Dorothy says, voice sounding amused.

Puck raises his eyebrows at our silent exchange. “As much as I like not knowing what you two are talking about, we need to get a move on. We don’t want to run into another one of him.” He says, smirking when I pale slightly, obviously enjoying my discomfort. Puck then turns to our wulfy friend.

“You gonna change back or stay wulf?” He asks her. She raises her eyebrows at him, shaking head slightly as Adam glares at Puck.

Pervert. I hear her say, laughing slightly, and Adam echoes her, only out aloud, making Puck laugh.

He shakes his head ruefully, and turns away. “I see your point Lea. Ok, stay wulf then.” He sighs. “And don’t get your undies in a twist Calix, I’m not gonna try to get into your girl’s pants. Besides, it’s not too far to the castle anyway.”

He turns around and starts off again. Adam glares at his retreating back, before picking up Dorothy's now useless clothing and shoes. He swings the backpack over his shoulder so that it now sits on his chest, and stuffs the clothing in it, before swinging it back over his shoulder. Sparing a tender glance at Dorothy, which makes me gag, very, very loudly, he sets off after Puck, whistling softly. Dorothy pads after them, and I follow them with a loud sigh. Yay, more walking. My favourite thing in the world. Notice the heavy sarcasm dripping off that sentence.



“Are we there yet?” I whine, dragging my feet along the ground. “Please dear God tell me we’re there. My feet are killing me.”

Remind me to never go tramping through the land of faeries, like, ever. It’s really not good on the ol’ feet. Not only do we walk for ages, but there are tree roots that sneakily try to trip you up when you’re not looking, and weird creatures that stop you for the latest faerie goss. So far we’d been stopped by a willowy tree sprite with deep forest green hair and skin that looked suspiciously like bark, a water sprite, who had floated out of the pond, her pale blue hair floating in her water bubble, and a grouchy old gnome, who only wanted to know if the ‘namby pamby royals had screwed up and fallen on their ruddy golden asses'.

Dorothy looks back at me, half amused, half exasperated, and rolls her eyes. Puck grins at me a nd bounces on the spot. Stupid faerie and his energetic self.

“Nope, not yet.” He chirps. “Another hour or so I would say. But don't worry, we've entered Lamania now. No bad beasties around here.” His eyes twinkle cheekily.

I groan loudly. “Are you kidding me?! Another hour?! I would have died and gone to faerie heaven by the time that we reach there."

“There is no faerie heaven Em,” Adam explains, smirking. “We’re supernatural beings, we defy logic. What makes you think that we deserve a heaven?”

“Great.” I groan again. “So now I get told that there’s no heaven. What is this??!”

Dorothy turns her great wulf head and shakes it ruefully. Do you want me to give you a ride? It would make the journey much quicker.

I screw up my face. “Ewwww. That is wrong in soo many ways.”

She turns away again, shrugging her massive shoulders. Fine then, but stop bloody complaining. You’re doing my head in.

I mimic her silently before running up to walk next to her. “I didn’t say no, did I?

She smirks, and bends down. Hop on.

I sigh loudly and flip my leg over her back, gripping onto the fur at the nape of her neck. “I am so not going to think about what I’m about to do.”

She laughs, it sounding like an odd bark, before looking at Adam. She obviously talks to him telepathically, because he nods and tightens his hold on the backpack straps.

Hold on! Dorothy cries, before jerking herself forward. I let out a short scream as she starts running, far faster than should be humanly possible – but I guess she’s not a human, so that doesn’t really count. I can see Adam running after us, with Puck right next to him, both only lagging behind slightly. Puck lets out an insane laugh and speeds up to run in front of us, barely able stay in front of us, which impresses me. Man, my friend was fast.

“Slow down!” Puck chuckles, not even sounding out of breath. Dayum, I wish I could run like that! All I could run was a couple hundred meters before I collapsed on the ground in a panting, sweating heap. “I’m the only one who knows the way, don’t I? Let me go in front!”

Dorothy growls and obviously says something to him, because he screws his face up and laughs, flinging his head back.

“You may know most ways, but not this way, do you?” He teases, grinning cheekily and shaking his finger at her. Dorothy glares at him, but slows down; he obviously actually told the truth for once.

I sink lower into Dorothy’s back, attempting to escape the wind, and loosen my hold on her fur when I see my stark white fingers. I look around and see various trees flashing past us in green and brown clumps, looking like a child’s been let out with green and brown paint, and told to go crazy.

Feeling a little bit more confident in myself, I slowly let go of Dorothy's fur and cling on with my legs, before leaning back and letting out a little shriek of happiness at the rush of adrenaline that was coursing through my body. I feel Dorothy laugh beneath me, and grin. This was amazi-

"DOROTHY!" I screech as I go flying over her shoulders, face planting into the dirt. "What the heck was tha- ohcrap."

I gasp and look on with wide eyes as the wolf from my dream stands in front of us, snarling, icy blue eyes flashing. Dorothy creeps forward to stand in front of me, a low growl emitting from her throat.

Renallmyn. She snarls in my mind.

"Renallmyn." Puck echoes her throat, eyebrows raised. "What are you doing here? You're prescence is unwelcome in Lamania."

The wolf barks, almost sounding like a laugh. "And who are you to decide then, Goodfellowe?" His deep husky voice echoes throughout the meadow, and I shiver at the coldness within it.

"I suggest you leave." Dorothy replies, voice bitter. I look from her to the wolf, and back to her again. How were they talking like this?!

The sleek black wolf shrugs, eyes narrowed, before he glances at me. "My Queen was just. . . . curious, as to who this human female is."

Dorothy growls. "You don't need to know."

Puck answers at the same time. "Oh, it's just the lost Summer Princess Mae."

The wolf's eyes widen slightly, then he suddenly speeds off with a sneer. My mouth is still hanging open slightly and I blink my eyes at his rapid retreat.

"Well, that was totally uncool and rude." I mutter under my breath with a scowl in the wolf's direction. I mean, talk about the height of rudeness!

Adam snorts and shakes his head ruefully. "Only you." He smirks, and I send a glare in his direction before picking myself up off the ground and brushing myself down. Dorothy looks on at me with an amused expression, which looks just plain weird on a wolf. I raise my eyebrows at her and gesture forward.

"Well, are we going or are we gonna stay in this creepy wolf infested forest?" I ask her with an impatient stamp of my foot.

Puck chuckles and starts our party off again, with me stamping after him and the others bringing up the rear. We walk on for around a quater of an hour before a slightly obvious thought strikes me.

"Uhh, guys?" They all mumble replies. "Who was that talking wolf back there?"

They all freeze, and turn to look at me at the same time. "Woah, talk about spooky." I mutter under my breath as they all stare on in silence.

"Uhh, guys?" I wave my hand in front of Dorothy's face. "Dorothy."

She snarls suddenly and narrows her eyes at me. You don't need to know.

I narrow my eyes right back at her. "Excuse me?" She ignores me and keeps on walking. "Dorothy Forrest!" I snap, grabbing hold of her ear. She whines and bares her teeth at me, but still keeps silent.

"DOROTHY!" I yell as loud as I can. "STOP BLOODY IGNORING ME!"

She whines a second time, flattening her ears against her head. "DOROTHY!" I shriek. "Please?" I say quietly.

I hear a snigger from behind me and whirl around to see Puck quickly trying to keep a straight face. "Not. Helping." I snap at him. "If you think it's so funny, you tell me who he is!"

He pales slightly. Hell yeah. He should be scared. Then he shrugs.

"His name is Renallmyn'Jakmyr'Mjown, he's arrogant, selfish, nasty," Puck ticks off them on his hand as he says each word. "Oh, and he's also the Ice Prince of the Unseelie Court."

"Wait, that wolf was a human?" I ask, trying to process all the new information.

"He isn't human." Adam says, amused. "He's fae."

"I know that stupid!" I growl, shaking my head. "Isn't the Unseelie Court the Seelie Courts ultimate enemy? With that Mab person as the Queen?"

Dorothy nods. Yeah. And now that she knows you're back, life's gonna get a whole lot more interesting.

Sorry for the short chapter guys, my dad was nagging me to go to bed cause its super late and my brains melting and I feel really bad keeping you guys STILL waiting!! I'll try update soon, but I have massive exams that I have to study for or I'll fail. . . . . yeah you know the drill. Hopefully I'll update by the end of November!

Sooo, what do ya'll think so far? Please tell me ya opinions!! :D I love hearing from you guys!

Until next time my amazing rainbow chocolates,

-Caitie xx

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