In the world of the Lamania, fey aren't just your average Tinkerbell. They're dark, dangerous, disturbingly sexy, and seem to know all your darkest secrets. So when Ema Weblake is inadvertently thrown into the midst of this deadly realm with the kidnapping of her mother by supposed 'fairy tale creatures', you can tell that she may be slightly annoyed. Torn between two courts, the lines between good and evil becoming blurred, and a certain wolf-boy hiding his heart behind a wall of ice, Ema's starting to find out that not all faerie tales have happy endings.


2. Karate, Pigs and Swords

Suppage fellow bananas! So here is the first chapter, lol, sorry bout the preface!! xD it'll be explained ALOT more if i have some confuzzled lil people out there!! Please dont forget to read (obviously ;)) and also vote and critique!!! Thank you to all the dedicated people out there who have read this far  I <3 you all!! tehehe thats all for the mushiness! Enjoy :)


Wham! My foot lashes out in a roundhouse kick and meets flesh. I brush my unique curly strawberry blonde hair out of my face and steady my footing. A brief flicker of pain shadows my opponent's face, before it is covered by an out of character snarl. I smile smugly to myself, and sink my tall body into a defensive pose, readying myself for his next attack. But before I know it, I'm on the ground, my body complaining at its brutal dumping. My opponent is already straddling me, pining my arms down with his knees, and his hands at my throat. I try to flick my feet out from underneath him, but he just adjusts his position, so that my legs are now as useless as the rest of my body. I groan and he looks down at me, his expression sombre, but I can detect a hint of self assurance glinting in the corner of his eye.

"Give up?" my Japanese karate teacher demands of me, his English sentences still slightly disjointed.

"Yes." I gasp, short of breath. He presses down harder on my chest. "What?"

"Hai sensei." I struggle out. He leaps off me nimbly, and looks down at me before offering his hand. I grasp it gratefully, and heave myself up, and stand there panting.

"Good work Ema," Hiro says. "But you too confident. No get too confident. That bad."

I glare at him, slightly sheepish. He coughs, and returns the look, before smiling at me. I blink in surprise at the sudden change of character.

"You are better Ema." He encourages. "Try focus only on get your opponent to ground."

" 'Kay." I say ruefully. Then his face changes, and I wither, wondering what will come of his malicious grin.

"Now you do 10 laps. Before you go."

"What??!" I exclaim. "But sensei. . . "

"No but." He barks firmly. "You lose,sou desuka? You do laps. Now go. I counting!"

Grumbling, I stretch and start running, my back aching. I swear. Now I'm sure to have bruises. Lovely.

Once my 10 laps are over, I grind to a sweating halt, and pick my bag up. Hiro is standing with a stony expression in front of me, and I remember my manners.

"Arigatou sensei." I thank him, bowing. He bows back, and moves out of my way.

"See you next week." He says as I leave the dojo.

"Not if I'm dead first." I grumble, as I leave, but I say goodbye to him as I jump onto my bike and pedal home.


By the time I got home, I was aching all over and in a seriously foul. Throwing, well, more like placing my bike in the garage, I unbuckle my helmet and trudge through the door. My mother notices my black mood as as she comes to greet me and quickly steps out of the way. When I return from my room, she appears with a cool drink and some crisps. I accept her peace offering gratefully and throw myself in the direction of the couch.

"Rough training huh? she askes, sliding into the seat next to me more gracefully.

"Yeah." I mutter. "Hiro is too damn good. Why do I always have to face him??"

She smiles. " He beat you again?"

"Hey!" I cry indignantly. "What do you mean by 'He beat you again?? He doesn't beat me that many times!" She raises her eyebrows at me. "Well, maybe he does. But he's the teacher, he's meant to be that good. It's not fair." I cross my arms.

"Right, so this time that's your excuse? It's not fair?" Her crystal blue eyes twinkle.

I throw a cushion in her direction. "You're supposed to be sympathizing with me!" I grab the remote and turn the tv on. Mum grins at me. "Says who? I'm your mother, shouldn't I be doing the opposite?"

"Yeah, you and the rest of the world." I mutter.

She then notices the now animated tv. "Homework first kiddo."

I groan. "I'll do it. . . . "

"Not tomorrow, you've got fencing practice." She reminds me, scowling. "Stop putting it off Ema. You've had all holidays to finish it and keep procrastinating. You're doing your homework now. It's due in tomorrow."

I groan again and silently curse the maternal instinct that woman has. "Jeez. I'll do it then." I flick of the tv and wait for her to leave the room before turning it back on again. It doesn't take long for her to respond.

"Ema Dani Weblake!" She yells from the kitchen. "Turn that tv off RIGHT NOW or you won't be watching it for a week."

I grumble. "Make me!." I scream back.

A loud thud echoes through our small house and she appears in the doorway, eyes narronowed, hands on hips. Her blond hair has escaped the hairtie holding it up and is now cascading down her back, and i can faintly hear crackling, like a lightening bolt. She strides over to me and towers over my slumped figure, body slender, but lethal.

"What did you say?" She asks acidly. I stand up and face her off.

"You heard me." I glare at her. The fight with Hiro had seriously soured my already black mood, and I really didn't want to get bossed around by anther adult.

"Ema seriously." Tania snaps. "I've had crap from worried parents and stupid teenagers and I really don't need it from you."

Guilt steals over me briefly as she reminds me of her job as an ambulance worker, but I don't let it show.

"Yeah and I've had crap from strict and mean teachers all day." I shoot back. "You're the one who insists I have all these stupid self defense lessons. I'm tired and sore and really don't have enough brain power to do homework right now."

"Language." she replies automatically, before sighing and running her hand through her hair, a trait I've inherited. "You're just like your father, you know that?" she says sharply, before stopping suddenly. "Oh, Em, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. . . . "

I reel back as if she's slapped me. "What??!" I hiss. She looks at me, slightly guiltily, and reaches out. I recoil back. "I am nothing like that sick bastard. NOTHING." Wiping my teary eyes, I turn away from her and run from the room, ignoring her calls, before collapsing onto my bed, with tears streaking down my face.


My name is Ema Dani Weblake.

15 years, 355 days ago, my father disappeared my life.

It wasn't a ohcrap he's been kidnapped disappearence, it was a I hate this life, I'm leaving disappearence. He left my mother, 10 days after I was born. He just up and left one morning, leaving a heartbroken wife and two fatherless children. I have no idea whether he had a lover waitng for him in another city, or whether he just didn't want us anymore. I've never recieved cards, presents, postacards, anything, to indicate he cares about me, or anyone else in my family. It's like he was there one day, gone the next.

The only thing I remember about him is his deep booming laughter. Everytime I ask my mother about him, she always clams up and refuses to say anything. I don't know what he looks like, how old he, who he is. I only know some of his personality traits when I'm compared to him by my family, in those bittersweet moments. And I hate him for what he's done.

A few days after he disappeared from our lives, my mother packed us all up and moved to a completely different island in New Zealand, and we settled in the second biggest city here, Christchurch. Mum always said that our place in Dargaville had too many hurful memories, but I always suspected that there was something else bigger than that. It would be another 15 years before I discovered what that was.


In 10 days, I would be sixteen.

The day after my fight with Mum, this thought came to my mind as my alarm clock joyously sang out. Sweet Sixteen. I smiled into my pillow as the 3 syllable sentence swum around my brain. It had a nice ring to it, and I couldn't wait to start rubbing it into my friends faces when that ring belonged to me.

When you turn sixteen, all your dreams supposedly come true. When you become the princess of your story, when Prince Charming should come flying in and sweep you off your feet, ending your story with a Happily Ever After. Despite how sweet and awesome that sounded, I soundly doubted that it would happen to me.

Grudgingly, I part with my pillow and bed, and stand up, my sore muscles screaming out. Wincing, I limp over to the shower and hop in, sighing in relief when the hot water eases the tightening out of my muscles.

When I step out of the shower, I wrap a towel around my body and eye my school uniform distastefully. The teal blue dress mocks me, the white stripes down the side adding insult to inury. I slip on the abomination with a sigh, and a similarly coloured cardigan goes on next, followed by a pair of knee high white socks. I refuse to wear the disgusting green school-provided shoes, so slip on a pair of cute ballet flats. Yes, I said green shoes. Whoever designed this . . . this thing obviously had not a creative gene in their being. Or too many. Despite the flats, the finished product makes me look like a schoolgirl out of the 60's, with the dress refusing to hug my tall and willowy figure. Un.Be.Lieve.Able.

I drag a brush through my unruly curly hair, determined to tame it. Despite being very fine, it refuses to obey me, and I always have to twist it into a braid to make it look semi-presentable. Today though, I decide to let a few strand of hair free, knowing I'll curse myself later but not having the guts to tie it all back.

When I'm all ready for school, I switch off the lights and join my family in the kitchen. Adam, my 18 year old brother, grins at me as I walk in the door.

"Finally finished in the shower have we?" he teases.

"Bite me." I answer as I grab some rolled oats out of the cupboard, and pop my porridge in the microwave, the porridge a weird ritual me and my best friend Dorothy Forrest madee up.

"Don't tempt me." He shoots back cheekily, before returning to his toast.

My mother looks up from her newspaper, and we catch each other's eyes, apologies written all over both of our faces.

Adam looks between the two of us and I go red as he raises his eyebrows. I poke my tongue out at him, feeling very childlike, but still going ahead with it. He grins, and I return to my porridge.

A bark echoes from behind me, and I'm almost bowled over as Winter, my 18 month old Siberian Husky, bounds into the room, grinning manically. I shriek, and bend down to tickle her ears as she covers my face in kisses.

"Win, stop it!!" I giggle. She grins a doggy grin and sits back, tail wagging. "Good morning to you too girl."

Adam clears his throat as he gets up from the table. "Do you want a ride Em?"

I look up at him from my position on the floor. " 'Course I do. Do you really expect me to walk all the way to school on the first day?"

Adam motions to the clock. "Well, I gotta be there early. I'm leaving by 8 Emmy."

I gasp and look at the clock. "But that's in 20 minutes!!"

Adam nods. "So get moving!! Chop chop." He grins at me impishly, his hazel twinkling.

I look to Mum for help and she looks back at me blankly. "I can't take you. I'm out on call today aswell."

I groan and run out of the door, hastily grabbing things from left, right and center. My breakfast pings to indicate that it's ready, but I've already forgotten it in my haste to get ready for school.


Theatrical screams echo throughout the entrance of the picturesque Amari High School as girls clutch each other excitedly, hardly believing that they only saw each other 3 days ago, it felt like so long. I snort and hitch my bag higher up on my shoulder as I pass them, and a few greet me as I walk by. Nodding at them at them and greeting them back, I set out towards the main Hall, where I would be sorted into my new Year 12 form class. Suddenly, a great force barrels into me, and all the breath rushes out of me with a whoosh.

"Eeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmaaa!!!" a voice sings out from behind me. "Eeeeemmma Weblake!!"

I turn to look at the tall, dark brunette-haired girl grinning next to me. "Hiya Dorothy!" I grin back at her.

"Hey!" She sings again, this time right in my ear, squeezing me into a crushing hug. "Sorry I missed Karate yesterday." She smiles wryly. "Mum refused to come back from China a day early just for me."

I sigh dramatically, and pretend to scowl. "He pummeled me yesterday." Then I hug her back just as hard. "I missed you heaps!"

"Same here chica." She smiles, hooking an arm through my own. "Let's go! I don't want to be late for "The Sorting"." She says in a deep voice. "Hopefully we'll be in the same form class this year."

I beam at her. "Yeah. Last year was mental." I shudder. "I had to suffer through it without you."

She smirks. "How did you survive without me?"

Dorothy Forrest, is the nicest and most genuine person at Amari High, as well as being my best friend yet. We met in our first year at Amari High, when we were both placed in the same form class, and had to suffer a year together with the most boring teachers known to mankind. She's the only person in this school who also has a personal hate for Stacey Kimese, the most popular, and the most bitchy, ruler of the school. I smile at her and we make our way to the hall, eagerly awaiting the start of our senior year.


"That teacher," Dorothy fumes, "will be the death of me. I swear. And I've only know her for an hour!"

I grin. "I thought she might have actually liked you for a second there."

She snorted. "Yeah, and pigs flew outta my butt too."

"Well, if you weren't so smart arsy, she might be able to tolerate you. Just because you're good at science, it doesn't mean you have to rub it in! She was trying to explain what we had to do, and you just opened your mouth." I shake my head ruefully. "Why do you have to open your mouth?"

She widens her big brown eyes and looks at me innocently. "I don't know what you're talking about."

I smack her arm. "Sure you don't. And guess what? Pigs just snow boarded outta my butt."

She grins impishly and twirls around. "Really??! Can I see??"

I snort with laughter. "C'mon, we're going to be late for PE."

We arrive at the gym just as our class enters the changing rooms. We quickly get changed, with much a disgusted look at our pasty, and yet again, teal, shorts and t-shirt - the undignified look of Amari High PE victims. Stacey Kimese and her pose tie their shirts up behind their backs with their hairties, making the shirts skin tight. Honestly. Why do they bother?

When we enter the gym I notice the other members of our small PE class; Red head Rob Goodfellowe and his best friend Sam Rocknell, lounging on a pair of pulled up plastic chairs beside our teacher, Miss Evans. The boys start oogling at Stacey and her pose when they walk in, and Miss E whacks them both round the head, only half joking.

As Dorothy and I stand next to the boys, I notice a row of wooden swords set out at the front of the class, and I smile. My suspicions are confirmed when Miss E announces that we will start fencing today. Dorothy grins at me, and waggles her eyebrows. I grin back. Seeing as we both take fencing lessons together, we know that this period will be interesting.

Miss E hands out the wooden swords first, and as she puts it, "Let's us loose." But only after giving each person a pair of gloves and a word of warning, especially to the guys in our class, does she indeed 'Let us loose." Immediately Dorothy and I pair up.

"You're going down bitch." My friend smiles evilly. I look straight back at her and flash an equally menacing grin. "Not if I can help it."

Around us, the grunts and groans of pain echo around the gym as our classmates become accustomed to the pain the wooden swords bring. Beginners. I shake my head in exasperation, letting my guard down momentarily, giving Dorothy a small window of opportunity to nip in with her sword.

"Yes!" she crows. "And the first point goes to Miss Dorothy Forrest!" She dances a small victory dance.

"Shut up." I grumble. Now it wasn't just my arm that was smarting. I grit my teeth and hone back onto my lethal opponent.

We parry for most of the lesson, both of us damaging the other in more ways than one, though Dorothy almost always ended up on top. With just 10 minutes to spare until the end of the period, Miss E stops the class with a smile. We all collapse onto the ground, a mass of sweaty bodies. I toss my gloves to the ground, my hands relieved for the short breath of air.

"Nice going class," she nods. "Excellent work. I'm so impressed with how quickly you have all caught on to the concept of fencing."

"Some more than others." I whisper to Dorothy, nodding in Stacey's direction, where she's not looking nearly as pretty when she's red in the face. Dorothy smiles.

"You just made my day." She sighs happily. "Stacey. Not finding something easy. I'm surprised she hasn't given up yet and tried to seduce the boys. But she is completely red. They probably think she's an alien."

"Stop it!" I whisper. "You're making me feel like a bitch. You're making me feel like her." I shudder. Then I hear my name. "What?" I ask stupidly. The class titters.

Miss E frowns. "I said, do you and Dorothy want to move onto the metal swords? You both know what you're doing."

"Oh. Um, yeah sure." I stutter, blushing. Stupid me. Why do I always have to be socially awkward in these situations??

Miss E picks up two swords deftly in her hands, and carefully hands me one of the metal instruments, warning me to be very careful. As soon as I grip the sword, a white-hot spear of agony shoots up my arm. I drop the sword with a yelp, and the class laughs at my clumsiness. My hands start to blister horrifically before my very eyes, and I hear Dorothy, along with someone else, swear violently. The pain engulfs me in a fireball of agony, and I battle to stay awake. Vaguely I hear my teacher's terrified gasp, and Dorothy talking to someone hurriedly. My body is lifted off the ground, and I vaguely wonder when exactly did I hit it. I'm carried swiftly out of the gym, and I loll back in my carrier's embrace, finally giving in to utter agony.


Thanks for reading the first chapter dedicated readers!! Sorry it's so short, I'll try to make the rest longer!! xD thanks :L


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