In the world of the Lamania, fey aren't just your average Tinkerbell. They're dark, dangerous, disturbingly sexy, and seem to know all your darkest secrets. So when Ema Weblake is inadvertently thrown into the midst of this deadly realm with the kidnapping of her mother by supposed 'fairy tale creatures', you can tell that she may be slightly annoyed. Torn between two courts, the lines between good and evil becoming blurred, and a certain wolf-boy hiding his heart behind a wall of ice, Ema's starting to find out that not all faerie tales have happy endings.



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I almost slap her. "What????!!!!!"

She flinches away and I realise that I've raised my hand. "What did you say?" I growl, lowering my arm.

"He's still alive." Adam takes over from my friend, staring me in the face. "He is the King of the Seelie Court, King Oberon, and he is very much alive."

15 years of anger comes boiling up out of me and I can barely suppress my rage. "So why the hell did he abandon us?" I spit, growling slightly. Adam looks back at me, slightly uncomfortably, but still saying forcefully, "He couldn't come back."

"Calm down Ema." Puck remarks casually from behind me. "Take a deep breath."

Clenching my fists and shutting my eyes, for once I do what I'm told, and wait for my head to clear. Drawing in a deep breath, I open my eyes and stare at the others, only uttering one word. "How?"

Dorothy rubs her eyes before starting in a subdued voice. "Your name, your real name, is Maelailah'Danicallyn'Webyll. You are the 5th and yougest daughter of Queen Titania and King Oberon of the Seelie Court. The other 4 are Hanailah'Arohallyn, Anescaytlyn'Yarallyn, Dovelina'Isabellyn, and your twin Leallaryn'Akalaillyn. You know Lea as Dorothy Forrest. Me." She says flatly as I gasp. Dorothy was my twin sister?? I look at her caramel skin, long mahogany hair and brown eyes, and fail to see any resemblances to my own pale, strawberry blonde and green eyed complexion. I look to Adam, lost, and and he nods once.

"So you're telling me," I shriek at her. "That you've been my best friend for my whole life, and you didn't think to tell me the tiny detail that you were my twin sister??!"

She looks at me rather sheepishly. "Sorry Em. But mo-Titania made me swear not to tell you until you came of age and you're powers returned."

"OHMIGOD." I mutter. She tips her head at me.

"Think about it Em. Why can't you remeber any of our younger years, when we were under the age of 13, hmm?"

I sigh frustratedly and rub my face furiously. My head starts swimming with all the information I've recieved in the last day, and I begin to feel faint again. I notice Puck looking at me with an amused expression. I grit my teeth, lean back against the wall and look at Dorothy as she starts speaking again.

" We have another sibling. His name is Calanmyr'Raxodll." I see Adam stiffen at the mention of my 'brother's name, and Puck go slightly pale which was unusual, even for him. I stare at them and wonder what he did that was so bad. "Cal was. . . . different." Dorothy continues, staring at me with wide brown eyes. "He was the first in line for the crown, and all the power went to his head. He dabbled in dark'myr'malan, or dark magic, thinking that it would help him hold great power over all of the faerie world when he came to kingship. Our parents disapproved of what he was getting himself into, but trusted Cal's judgement and left him to decide his fate.

Well, he got worse. He became more and more involved in dark'myr'malan. Oberon and Titania were forced to take action, for they feared for the lives of their subjects and daughters, and they banned Cal from becoming any more involved in the dark magic, as well as posting a 24 hour guard watch on him. He had broken their trust, and they never really forgave him for that, they were so disappointed.

Then we came into the equation. Oberon had denounced the title for the King from Cal when he betrayed the crown, and he was looking for someone to take over the title. When we came along, Oberon knew straight away that one of us would be able to take over. Call it a gut feeling. But he never really knew who would take over until our 5th birthday and our wulves came along."

"Our wulves?" I interrupt her. "What are our wulves?"

Dorothy looks at me, annoyed that I had interrupted her story. "The royal families have many. . . powers over the other fae." She grimaces. "One of which is our ability to turn into a wulf."

I inhale sharply. "I'M A FRICKING WEREWOLF?!"

She winces. "Well, technically not a werewolf but. . .. " She speeds up her explanation when she see's my face. "Yeah, a kind of werewulf. But we're different. Werewolves are such. . . . animals." She shudders.

"And there goes her friendship with Leinan." Puck mutters under his breath. She glares at him, and he shuts up quickly.

"We are similar in the way that we can change into wulves." Dorothy explained. "But we are different in the fact that we have total control of our wulves, and we can use the Seelie magic through our wulf bodies."

"So why haven't I . . . . . . changed into my wulf?" I question her curiously.

"You have been in the human world for too long." She says simply. "Spend time in Lamania and she will come to you eventually. But it will take time; you have spent your entire life here.

"As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted," She says, looking pointedly at me. I glare back as she continues. "When we turned 5, our wulves came for the first time. But Oberon noticed something different in you that had briefly appeared in Cal, before the dark'myr'malan came in and stole his essence.

You had what we all have, the ability to weild the magic of the Seelie Court. But you also had a very rare and deep magic; The Wilde Magic, or the jakmyr'gralain. It's the most powerful magic of all; with it, you can control the very core of the earth, and all that comes with it, so long as you deserved the immense power that was the jakmyr'gralain. Cal never was able to control it, and no one knew why until they found out about the dark'myr'malan. He had lost the respect of the Great Mother, and so the power that she gave to the Chosen One.

Cal was furious when he found out that Oberon had replaced him with you. He had left the royal family a little more than a year before, and had been collecting followers to help him storm the castle and take over the crown. Learning that his own father had replaced him with one of his sisters was the push that he needed to go over the edge, and he invaded the castle.

"He came during the night, taking us by surprise." Her voice started to break, and Adam sent me a withering look as he walked quickly over to comfor her. "He took you, me and Titania and banished us from Lamania before Oberon could stop him. Adam came with us to protect his queen her daughters, but Oberon could not abandon his country and subjects just for his wife and children, much to Cal's disappointment. Oberon ended up banishing him from Lamania, vowing that he would never let Cal return until his wife and daughters could come back to him.

We've been here ever since. Oberon has not been able to reach us, apart from sending his most trusted and arrogant," she sent a scowl in Puck's direction, who just stared back at her with an impassive expression. "To come and help us, aswell as just wanting to know how we're all holding up. Your-our- mother made up that story about your-our- father so that you wouldn't know the truth until you were ready. We knew it had finally started when you started reacting to iron."

"So, let me get this straight." I say, rubbing my aching temple. "My father is actually alive, and happens to be a big King of faeries, and I just happen to be the one person who can save them all from a deranged brother, and so now I just need to find a way to get back to the 'realm' in which said father is living in and ruling." They all nod and I groan. Talk about cliche!

"Why does this always have to happen to me??" I sigh unhappily. They all raise their eyebrows at me and I growl at them. Puck grins. "She's coming back to us people." He says happily.

I clench my fists and resist the urge, once again, to slap him. Seriously, this guy brings out the worst in me!

Relaxing my stance, I feel oddly calm, despite what has happened to me in the last 20 minutes. God, it's only been 20 minutes??? I then look at the others. "So why can't I come and help you?"

Dorothy looks at me incredulously. "Have you not heard a single word I've said??"

"Yes," I nod. "But that still doesn't give you an excuse to stop me from rescuing my mother, sister."

She flinches when I say that, but looks on determinedly. "Ema, we can't risk losing you. If you die, who's gonna take over the throne? Who's gonna save us from the Big Bad Wulf?" The last part she says sarcastically.

"What makes you think I'm even gonna take the throne?" I ask angrily. They all gape at me, astounded. I look back at them, sure my face is staunch. "I'll make you a deal." I say, as an idea strikes me. Even though I hate it, I suspect it's the only way I'm gonna be able to come with them. They all look at me warily, fully aware of the kind of deals I make.

"I'll become the Queen of Lamania," I say, slightly sarcastically putting quotation marks around Queen. "On one condition." They all seem to relax slightly, but I know it won't be for long.

"I'll become Queen if. . . " I continue. "You take me with you."


"I still think that this is a stupid and dangerous idea." Adam grumbles to us. We've all changed into slightly more comfortable clothes and are about to leave the house. I've changed into a pair of cargo pants and a green t-shirt with an unferling fern on the front, with a plain black hoodie and spare change in a bag on my back. Dorothy's in a similar get-up, having borrowed some of my clothes, and Adam grudgingly lent Puck some of his clothes too. We've all gathered in the hallway, with Adam carrying another small backpack, and Puck lounging on the chair next to the door, looking smug. I look back at the house with a morose expression; I suspect that this may be the last time that I come here. My thoughts carry me up to my room, where I've spent the last 15 years crying, laughing, and steaming about my brother's antics. I sigh deeply, and am about to walk out the door behind the others when a loud noise interrupts me. I turn around with a startle and let out a cry. The others look back at me curiously. A big ball of white and grey fur comes running down the stairs, and I turn to the others with an alarmed expression on my face.

"We can't leave Winter behind!!" I wail. Puck looks back with a disgusted face.

"You let her call that thing WInter?? How idiotic is that??"

Adam shrugs. "She wouldn't let us call her anything else. I wouldn't have been able to put up with her whining in my ear all day about it."

Dorothy sighs and stares at my dog. Winter looks back at my friend-or sister, i didn't know what to call her right now- with the biggest brown doggie eyes I've ever seen, and it made me tear up more.

"Please please please please!!" I beg them. "I'll do anything; just let me take her with us!"

Puck looks at me with an interested expression. "How far are you willing to go. . . ."

Dorothy slaps his arm hard, making him wince. She turns back to me and my dog, both of us with the same puppy-eyed expression. She sighs even deeper, looking like she's gonna regret her decision. I leap up and hug her fiercly. "Thank you thank you thank you!!"

She pulls back and looks at me with a fake-angry expression. "I didn't say anything!!"

"Yes, but I know what you were gonna say." I grin at her. The others look at us, exasperated.

"Now that we've decided to take that . . . . animal with us, can we ple ase get a move on?" Puck says sharply. "That yham won't stay open forever."

"What's a yham?" I ask them as I clip Winter's lead onto her collar. She yips in excitement at the impending walk.

"Its kind of like a gateway between this realm and Lamania." Puck explains as we finally head out the door. "They open and close randomly so that humans can't accidentally wander into our realm by mistake."

"And that would be bad. . . . Why?" I say, failing to see the point.

Adam looks at me with a 'Duh' expression. "Ema, imagine if you were just and ordinary human being," He winces as I shoot daggers at him. "Sorry. Rephrase. Imagine if one of your friends just accidentally walked into Lamania, where fae roam free. Now she may have been lucky enough to walk through a yham into one of the nicer parts of Lamania, like the Seelie Court, where a fae would kindly send them on their way back, making sure that they forget where they ended up. OR they could end up in one of the meaner parts of the realm, like the Unseelie Court of Freewood, where, let me just say, they wouldn't be coming back anytime soon, if not at all."

Shuddering, I nod and close the front door behind me, hoping that it's not for the last time. It slams with a resonating bang that echoes through my body, and I suddenly wonder whether I'm making the right decision or not. I hesitate and look up at the big stone building, tears suddenly building up in the corners of my eyes, and I wipe them away furiously as WInter whines next to me. No need to get sappy Ema. I scold myself. You're the one who decided to come with them. Now get ahold of yoursef!!
The others are already ahead of me and have started to walk, leaving me in peace for a few seconds. My dog tugs on the lead, eager to catch up to the others, and I oblige to her, allowing her strong pull drag me closer to the others.

Dorothy looks up at me when I pull up next to her, and she smiles sympathetically at my obvious reluctance to leave.
You'll be alright. I hear her voice whisper in my ear, but when I look at her she hasn't moved her lips at all.

"Did you just. .. . . " I whisper wonderingly. She nods, before speaking again silently. "Telepathy, you could call it. You'll be able to do it aswell when you get your wulf back."

I smile at her, finally breaking the ice between us. "I'm sorry." I speak queitly so the boys ahead don't hear us. She hugs me sideways. "Me too." She says this out aloud. "But it was for your own good you know."

"Don't say that." I scold her playfully. "Or I might just go back to ignoring you."

She laughs, before smirking at me. "You wouldn't be able to cope." She says grinning. I snort and purposely walk faster, leaving her straggling behind me. Spluttering in mock outrage, she runs ahead of me and joins the boys.

"So . . . . . boys." She purrs. "Where are we going?"

They look at her strangely ,and she shrugs. "What?"

Winter drags me up to the others and I pop up next to Adam. I zap him with my fingers and send him a cheeky grin when he glares at me. "Mmmph off. " He laughs as he rubs his sides. Puck shakes his head ruefully at us before turning into a park.

"May I ask why we are coming to a park, of all places?" I ask him with a raised eybrow. Or a semi raised eyebrow. He smirks at me. "Shut up." I grumble. "Not all of us are gifted with the art of the raised eyebrow."

He raises his eyebrow at me. If looks could kill. . . . . he would be so dead right now.

Puck leads us through the playground, where we collected many weird looks from the parents there, and straight for the forest that borders on the edge of the park. After about 10 minutes straight walking through the bush, I lose interest in the other's silence, and instead tune into my surroundings, looking with appreciation at the tall, towering trees and the canopy of leaves they make above. Which is probablt why I didn't notice Puck stop suddenly in front of me, making me run straight into his rigid figure.

"Ow!" I say hotly. He shrugs at me.

"Sorry princess. Not my fault that you weren't listening when I distinctly said 'We're here'."

Adam chuckles as I blush furiously. Glaring at him and rubbing my sore arm, I turn back to Puck and stare at the thing before him incredulously.

"A tree. A tree. You expect me to think that this yham whatchamajig is in a tree."

Dorothy slaps her hand over my mouth, stopping my rant, and looks pointedly at the now still Puck. He mutters something under his breath and I stop mid-sentence, mouth gaping. The once normal willow tree that was proudly standing before us had been ripped apart, leaving a gaping hole in its trunk, which shimmered with a bright golden light.

"Nice work." Adam says, impressed. "And I have never seen the day that Ema was rendered speechless by something."

"Shuddup Adam." I mutter under my breath. Puck turns around, looking a little strained, and he motions for me to go through. "C'mon we don't have all day princess."

I gape at him, my eyebrows shooting up. "You have to be delusional to think that I will actually walk through that death trap, its abolutely. . . . . "

He sighs frustratedly, and nods at someone behind me. Before I can shriek a protest, I'm shoved from behind and sent stumbling into the brilliant golden light of the yham, dragging Winter along behind me, who yelps in shock.

Have you ever had an out of body experience? Where you don't really feel like you're completely attached to your body? Well, that's what it felt like travelling through that yham. A feeling of almost oblivion passes through me when I trip over my feet walking through the shimmering light, and I gasp when I see the picturesque scene in front of me. A small meadow, accompanied by a small lake, bathed with radiant beams of the sinking sunlight, surrounded by an ominous forest. I step forward out of the yham and gaze in wonder at my surroundings. The grass is a lush green colour; the saying "The grass is always greener on the other side" made perfect and ironic sense now. Little dewdrops of rain sparkle on the individual grassblades, and the sinking sun sent a prism of colours skittering across the surface of the small lake. I shudder at it's beauty; it was just too perfect and finished, with a rather foreboding feeling. And it scared the crap out of me.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Dorothy says next to me. I startle at her sudden prescence. "Yeah." I mutter. "Actually no, it's to perfect. I don't like it."

She barks out a small laugh. "Yeah. Thats the Freewood for you - rumored to be one of the most beautiful and dangerous parts of Lamania."

I shiver, and turn around to see Puck closing up the yham, with Adam standing guard next to him. I bend down and unclip Winter's lead, letting her free with a stern "Stay close to me girl." She yips in excitement and proceeds to sniff the grass, but staying close to my side, which makes me laugh.

Ambling over to the lake, I peer beneath it's glistening depths, admiring the colourful fish that dart beneath the surface.

"You be careful." Puck warns me as he walks over to the others. "There are kelpies in there, and they don't let a meal go to easily."

I try not to shudder at his warning, and, as if to prove a point, a pearly white horses head rises out of the water, red rimmed eyes watching me hungrily. I back away, horrified, and it sinks back into the shadowy depths, with what sounded like a sigh of disappointment. Puck chuckles to himself, murmuring "I told you so." I glare at him hotly and hurry away from the lake.

The forest surrounding us was an everpresent shadow, and I thought I could see glowing eyes appear at its edges each time I spared it a glance, regarding us with wary curiosity and interest. Every time I turn back to the others they seem to fade from sight, leaving me more than a litte freaked. A sudden, flickering shape sends a shadow careening across the meadow, and it startles me for a second until I realise that it's just Puck starting a fire. Dorothy is glaring at him hostily, and their fairly loud conversation drifts across to me as I walk over to them.

". . . . . you could have at least asked." she was saying to him. Puck was shaking his head at her, eyes gleaming cheekily.

"She was already dead." He argues. "It wouldn't have mattered."

She jabs him in the chest. "It always matters in Lamania!! You of all fae should know that! You can't just amble up to a dead tree sprite and think 'Hey, let's burn her she doesn't matter anymore!' She obviously only just died Puck; fae don't leave shells behind! What makes you think that she doesn't have a family looking for her??"

"Princess what else would we have used for wood?" Puck grins ruefully. "Unless you want me to cross over to Tig Esor and grab some of their dead fae."

"Well, no-" Dorothy sighs. Adam crosses over to her and rubs her arms softly, staring into her eyes. Puck groans loudly and looks pointedly at them.

"Seriously guys, save it for the bedroom."

I wince as he looks at me, smirking. Turning away from him, I look at my best friend and brother - supposedly - wrapped up in each others arms. "So. . . . what are you guys anyways?" I ask. "Are you an item?"

Dorothy looks up at Adam and he bites his lip. "I guess you could say that." He sighs. "My name, my real fae name, is Calix Rakam'ja. I'm not a faerie prince, per sey. I'm you're sisters knight."

"Real ceremony that was." Puck mutters under his breath. "All smooches and vows, I can't believe Oberon made me go. Kinda was like a wedding. But without food."

"Smooches?" I scew up my face. "Really?"

Dorothy shrugs sheepishly. "A knight pledges his word to his queen and the princess he wants to protect. Only a few get the priviledge of swearing their life away to protect their princess, and lov-"

"Wait wait wait." I interrupt her hastily so she doesn't say that word. "Pledges his life??!"

"Yeah." Adam speaks up. "It is a great honor to be serving my Queen and Princess. . . . "

"Yeah yeah whatever." I say flipping my hand around. He looks at me, annoyed, before Dorothy rubs his arm and he looks at her instead, obvious affection shining out of his eyes. I shuuder. Seriously, my best friend slash twin sister and my brother?? It's not even worth contemplating how terribly disgusting that is, even if my whole life they've been lying to me. I still consider them my best friend and brother, and the thought of them making out is just shudder-worthy.

Puck yawns, interrupting my thoughts, stretching labouriously. "Well, I dunno about you guys, but I'm calling it a night. We've got a long day ahead of us. I'll get us some food in the morning, but I don't trust the wild fae enough to go out at night." He then grins impishly. "Sleep tight, don't let the mean fae bite." Sniggering to himself, he lies down, head cushioned by one of his long, gangly arms. I shake my head at him, and settle down next to the fire, not entirely trusting the widerness. Making a pillow out of my backpack, I shift around uncomfortably until I find a semi-comfortable position. Winter, who had been sleeping near the fire all evening, stands up and comes over to me, whining softly. I smile at her, and pat the space next to me. She flops down next to me, her body curling up next to mine in a ball, and I stroke her head, reassuring her. I stare up at the huge white moon above me, and hear Dorothy and Adam whisper to each other before settling down near me. The deep, slow rhythm of their breaths lulls me into the unknown, and I close my eyes slowly, banishing all thoughts of the previous day and what's sure to come and bite me in the ass tomorrow.


I'm back at my house, watching from my frozen spot in the hallway as the little gremlin's carry my mother away. I don't take time to realise that this is the exact same dream I had repeatedly when I was under the Gromyll nectar's influence, and instead desperately try to free myself, trying to help my mother. A gremlin waddles over to me and sneers, spitting in my face.

"We know who you are Ema Weblake." It's eyes glow at me, seperated from it's pale, angular face. They hover in mid air as my mother starts to speak, words lost to me as the eyes draw nearer, burning full of spite and malice. I shriek and clutch my arm as the eye's glowing gaze pierces it, opening up two holes. The eyes rush at me, and I yelp, covering my face.

"We are waiting!!"

I'm engulfed in ice cold water as bright blue eyes replace the red ones, burning into me as I slowly sink beneath the surface of the water. The ice starts to knaw away at my bones, tearing into my very core. I shudder, finally giving up the struggle to stay afloat, and the darkness swallows my vision, as laughter booms all around me, echoing, echoing, echoing.


I gasp, flinging myself forward as I shake off the remnants of the dream. The moon's still beaming down at me, and tiny stars have now joined it, winking at me merrily. WInter sighs next to me, and kicks my leg softly. I shiver, drawing my arms around my body tightly as I remember the last part of the dream; it definitely was newer than the rest of the dream. Sighing, I stretch and turn onto my side, staring blankly into the shadows-

-to find a pair of icy blue slitted eyes staring back at me. A breath hitches in my throat as a deep, throttled growl is emitted from behind the eyes. I already know that these are the eyes from my recent dream - the ones that belonged to the sleek black wolf I saw at school. Inhaling sharply, I blink rapidly, and just like before, the wolf melts from view. I sit up quickly, peering around my surroundings, to find nothing-ness greet me sullenly. Dorothy sighs next to me as I lie back down again. A freezing cold draft sweeps through me, chilling me right to the very bone, and I sink deeper into the ground, desperate to escape the cold sweep that so vividly reminded me of my dream. I close my eyes, relieved to find the warm embrace of sleep waiting for me, leading me into blissful oblivion.


Unknown POV

I slink back into the shadow, growling quietly to myself. Why was she here of all places?! She shouldn't be here; what business did she have in the land of fae? I sigh to myself, and stretch out my long limbs, sprinting back to my land with news for my Queen. My blue eyes assess the land before me as I lope on, and my breath comes out in short bursts, colouring the air with frost.


There you all go!! Finally finished the chapter, I hope you all like it!! Please give me feedback so that I can improve my story!! Lotsa new info here, sorry it got quite heavy for a sec :) I'll leave you all to ponder and think about what's happened!! Adam & Dorothy, awwww <33 And who is the mysterious wolf? I betcha some of you will have suspicions ;)

Thank you to all the people who have travelled this far in my story! I cannot stop thanking you for your dedication :)



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