In the world of the Lamania, fey aren't just your average Tinkerbell. They're dark, dangerous, disturbingly sexy, and seem to know all your darkest secrets. So when Ema Weblake is inadvertently thrown into the midst of this deadly realm with the kidnapping of her mother by supposed 'fairy tale creatures', you can tell that she may be slightly annoyed. Torn between two courts, the lines between good and evil becoming blurred, and a certain wolf-boy hiding his heart behind a wall of ice, Ema's starting to find out that not all faerie tales have happy endings.


4. Her Royal Iciness

Heyy all!!

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When I finally arrive at the gym, the class is already changed and listening to Miss E as she explains what topic we're covering next. Quickly, I pop into the changing rooms and shove on my clothes, before jogging out to meet the rest of the class. The teacher shoots me a disapproving glare, and I murmur an apology as I flop down next to Dorothy. She looks at me questioningly and i shake my head, before tuning into what the teacher was saying.

" . . . .so after you've run 4 laps of the gym, divide into two teams and well start practicing."

Dorothy and I leap up and start our laps.

" What sport?" I puff. She looks at me and grins.

" You'll love it Em. Basketball!!" She sings into my ear.

I punch the air. "Yeesss! Best. Sport. EVER!!"

After our laps, Dorothy and I team up with 5 other girls in our class, none of them thankfully part of Stacey's pose..

" Hey guys." One of our other friends, Zara greets us. I smile at her and a red head called Ever standing next to Zara claps her hands enthusiastically. " We are so going to beat them!!"

I grin at her, its too hard not to catch onto her excitement. I knock knuckles with her and glance over at our opposition. I notice Rob standing next to Stacey, flirting with her, and narrow my eyes slightly when he glances over at me and smirks. Shaking my head, I turn back to my chattering team and try to zone into their game strategies.


"Go Ema!! All the way!!" My teammates scream at me. I hone down on the ball I'm bouncing, and concentrate on the looming goal and its defences. Flicking the ball into my right hand to avoid a charging Stacey, I grin at her, and swap it back into my left hand again as I prepare for the layup. I don't notice Rob standing in my direct path until I crash into him, sending us both spinning towards the ground. I widen my eyes and gasp in horror and frustration. Rob stares at me, and I can't help but notice his green & blue flecked eyes that frame his sculpted face.

"Well, someone’s a little eager today." Stacey cackles, snapping me out of my reverie. I blush furiously at her words, and leap up, shaking my limbs out and pretending that nothing happened. Rob, for once, doesn't smirk at me, and instead his ears go slightly red as he heaves himself up.

"Sorry." I mutter as I brush myself off. He nods, and Miss E's voice slices through the tension in the gymnasium.

"Foul on Ema." She announces, and Stacey's gang falls about themselves giggling at my clumsiness. If it's even remotely possible, my blush deepens, and I glare at them all, annoyed. Rob jogs back overt to his teammates and they all snicker, but stop when he scowls at them. Huh. Never thought I'd see the day when Rob Goodfellowe defended me.

Sighing, I turn around and look for Dorothy. I spot her shaking her head, and looking worried. She catches me looking at her and quickly rearranges her expression into one of concern. Jogging over to me, she calls out "Are you ok?". I nod, glancing over to Stacey and Rob, frowning at his quick change of character. She follows my gaze, and shakes her head in disgust. "Don't waste any more time of your day chica. They're sooo not worth it." Slinging her arm over my shoulders, she beams at me. "C'mon, lets go back to the others. We can totally smash their team; we've got 5 minutes left. Oh," her hazel eyes twinkle mischieviously. "And you owe me lunch by the way."

I gasp dramatically. "Since when???"

She jabs me in the arm. "Since now." She grins, dancing away.

I role my eyes and whack her arm. "You wish."


We pass Rob on our way to The Tree, where our friends hang out. Dorothy nods at him briefly, before steering me away hurriedly. But he's faster, and he grabs hold of my arm, halting our process. I stare at his hand on my arm, before raising my gaze to his. Dorothy stands beside me, eyes flashing.

"Are you ok Ema?" Rob asks, concern creasing his face. I snort and rip my arm away. Raising my eyebrows, I dare him to contradict me. I mean, this was Rob Goodfellowe we were talking about, he never concerned himself with seeing if other people were ok afer he hurt them.

"From PE?" He clarifies, taking my silence for confusion.

"Yes. . . . . . " I trail off when movement from behind him catches my eye, and I see Stacey hovering there, eyes gleaming. I suddenly understand his purpose here, and mentally smack myself. Like he would actually care! It was obviously Stacey's plan to humiliate me even more.

Scoffing, I cross my arms and narrow my eyes at him. "Do you seriously think that I am really that stupid???"

He looks at me, perplexed. Sighing, I wait for the punchline, I knew that this was just all a part of the act that he was putting on. I had to admit it, he was good. A glance at Dorothy reveals a slightly amused expression. I groan inwardly, and turn back to Rob.

"I'm fine, thank you very much." I say firmly. "And you can go and tell your little girlfriend over there that I'm not as thick as she obviously thinks I am."

He looks confused for a second, then he follows my gaze over his shoulder. "Wait. . . you-you think that she put me up to this?"

Well, obviously, I think, but I don't say my thoughts out aloud. Instead, I walk away, calling over my shoulder, "C'mon Dorothy." She pauses for a second, before hurrying to catch up to me. I look back to Rob, who's still standing there staring after us. "It's not what you think." I hear his voice whisper in my ear. But his mouth hasn't move.


When we arrive at the tree (which is really a picnic table full of our junk under a willow tree) all our friends swamp us.

"What did he want?" Jennie asks.

"I still reckon he's cute." Sophie comments.

I bug my eyes out and slap her good naturedly. "Shut up!! Don't do that to me; this is Rob we're talking about." I shudder.

"He's officially gone over to the dark side." Dorothy drones in a deep voice, her face serious, making me crack up.

Soph groans. "Such a shame."

Jennie and I look at her, amused. "What?" she exclaims. "What did I do? 'Tis always a pity when any young man is seduced by the Pop's." She sighs, popping the p when she mentions her nickname for Stacey and her gang. "Their soul hardly ever makes the journey back."

I giggle as Jennie, the only slightly rational one of us, shakes her head ruefully and subtly changes the subject, much to the amusement of Soph. She flicks her long golden sun-bleached hair over her shoulder as she discusses the recent essay she handed in, complaining bitterly about the 'heavy workload' those 'indifferent old codgers' give us each week. Agreeing with her half-heartedly, I glance over at Dorothy, curious when she doesn't voice her opinion. What I don't expect is to see her deep in thought, her brow furrowed. I'm about to ask her what's wrong when we're interrupted by the arrival of Zara and her boyfriend Rome, who's in crutches. The arrival of these two completes our tiny social circle, and I grin as I turn to Rome.

"What have you done?" I tease. "Which poor, unsuspecting poor soul did you goad this time?"

He raises his eyebrows at me. " I goaded them?" he questions me as he guestures at his heavily bandaged foot. "And it was Danver. He can be a bloody tornado when he spots a cat. I had no time to run!!"

Zara splutters into giggles. "He's a freaking cocker spaniel!!"

Rome tries to look serious but he cracks into a grin too. "So? That dog is a hazard to my health." He looks down his nose at her and his blonde hair flops into his eyes, forcing him to blow at it desperately. Zara finally comes to his rescue and flicks it out of the way with two fingers.

"Thanks." He smiles at her. She rolls her eyes at us.

"Honestly." She harrumphs. "He's useless when he's handicapped. It's really quite pathetic."

"Hey!" Rome complains. Zara shrugs at him.

"The truth hurts."

"Are you calling me useless and pathetic??!"

"Yeah, as well as. . . . " She goes into a long list of his bad traits. Despite their banter, one could tell that they loved each other very much, from the way their eyes twinkled at each other. I groan loudly, interrupting their argument, and motion gagging. They both look at me. "What?" The two ask simultaneously, before falling about themselves laughing. Jennie smiles fondly at them. "You two are such goofballs."

I look up to the sky, which reflected my mood, despite my putting a good show on. Grey clouds were threatening to infilitrate the otherwise blue sky, and the has temperature dropped down a few notches. Shivering, I rub my arms and gaze around me. Movement catches my eye, and I stare into the bushes lining the edge of the school property, examining it's depths. I suck in a breath when two ice blue eyes stare back at me, and the shape of a sleek black wolf emerges, hovering near the shadows, but defined enough for me to see it. My eyes widen as I stare at the animal, and a deep growl rumbles from it's chest. Taking a step back, I blink rapidly, like I do when I'm frightened, and the creature disappears.


I hide in the shadows, staring at this girl in front of me. She's talking and laughing with her friends, and I swish my tail to the side, perplexed as to why there was so much attention on her. Her head whips around, and bright green eyes survey the area in front of me, searching for the movement my tail created. Growling softly to myself, I emerge from the shadows, my icy blue eyes snapping angrily as I let rip a slightly louder growl, this time loud enough for her to hear. She takes a step back, looking scared. Cursing myself for even revealing my wulf form to her, I wait for her to blink, before fading from view.


“How was your day? Adam asks as I climb into his car.

"Freezing.” I shiver, throwing my bag into the messy back seat. I look at its surroundings in disgust. “You really need to clean out your car.”

"Not likely.” He retorts as he backs out of the carpark quickly.“It gives it character.”

I cringe and clutch onto the dashboard. “OhMiGod calm down! You trying to kill us???”

My brother smiles mischievously. “You do so not want to hear the answer to that question.”

“No, I don’t.” I grumble. “Now slow down; we’re picking up Dorothy at the front gate.”

What?!” He exclaims. “WHY??!”

“Study session.” I lie quickly. He groans.

“Shit. Switch.”

I lean over and slide over him as he dives over to my seat, and I start to drive as he hurriedly stuffs all the rubbish, sports gear and who knows what else into his bag or under the seat. I cluck at him, and he shakes his head. “Don’t you dare say it Ema.”

I grin. “I told you so Adam. I knew that this would happen.”

He growls. “Shut up.”

"You’re so cute.” I simper. “Trying to impress a girl. Hands off. She’s my friend.”

He ignores my threat and mutter under his breath. OhMiGod. What is it with people and muttering under their breaths?? It’s becoming a ritual around here.

I brake suddenly and Adam swears loudly. He emerges from behind the seat, red- faced and rubbing his head.

“Sorry, sorry.” I apologise. “We’re here.”

“A little bit of warning next time, maybe?” He snaps. “You almost killed me!! Now shove over.”

“Hey, peace.” I soothe as We swap seats again. “Calm your farm. No need to kill me.”

He glares at me. “I could so kill you right now.” He mutters darkly.

“You’ll have to save it for later.” I say as I wave at my friend.“Dorothy!”

“Hey guys.” She greets us as she ducks into the car, shuddering.“Gawd it’s cold outside.”

“Hiya.” I nod at her. “ ‘Scuse the mess.”

She smiles. “It’s ok. They’re guys; what can you do?”

“Hey!” Adam protests. “I thought I did a pretty good job tidying it up.” He says more quietly.

Dorothy smiles at him. “Don’t worry its fine.” Adam grins back at her and they share a moment.

I groan loudly, catching their otherwise occupied attention.“Seriously guys. I’m sitting RIGHT HERE.”

“Sorry Em.” Dorothy says sheepishly, and they both laugh.

The rest of the car ride home the small space echoed with silence. When we arrive home leap out of the car, desperate to escape the cold, and the tension between us. I grab my bag from beside my friend, with Adam and Dorothy following suit at a much slower pace. Impatient, I stand outside our big stone house, gazing up at it as I waited for the others. Our house is MASSIVE; it’s got two stories, with around 5 bedrooms, each with their own ensuite. My bedroom was at the very back of the second story, with a gorgeous view of our large backyard and the forest that our property borders onto. The brickwork is made of a really pretty stone; I think that it’s marble, which just goes to show how expensive our house really is.

When the other two have finally caught up to me, I open the massive oak door into our hallway, and let them go in first. They both take a right into the kitchen, whilst I saunter up the massive curling staircase that follows the circular circuit of the hallway, all the way up to my room. Chucking my bag into the door of my room, I pause and look around. My big queen sized bed took up most of the room, with my desk, tall boy and wardrobe all lining the walls. Walking over to the tall boy, I grab a pair of grey track pants and a yellow top with Donald Duck glaring out at the world, and quickly pop them on, before heading down the stairs to the kitchen.

I’m about to walk into the kitchen, when lowered voices halt me. Curious, I hesitate at the door and listen in closely.

“. . . . weather has changed so drastically. Does she suspect anything?” I hear my mother ask quietly. Huh. When did she get home?

My mother laughs quietly. “She’s too smart for her own good.” Then she sighs, sounding worried. “Why have they come now though? They haven’t shown any other interest before, so why has it all started now? What has brought on such a sudden change?”

“ I don’t . . . . ohshit.” Dorothy gasps.


“Well. . . you know how . . . ugh. Puck is becoming more involved in our affairs, showing more interest in her.” Dorothy says, sounding frustrated. "I don't know why he is, but he's definitely showing alot more interest." This time it’s my mother’s turn to swear. I blink. Did they just say Puck? Like from a Midsummer’s Night Dream? That’s not even possible. . . he was a faerie. Faeries don’t exist. . . .

A hand clamps down on my shoulder, making me yelp. I turn around and am greeted with Adam’s cold and hardened face.

“How much did you hear?” He asks harshly.

I think my eyes must widen in shock because his face softens slightly. “Sorry Ema. But how much did you hear??!”

I stiffen at his demand. “Not much.” I lie. How dare he talk to me like that?

My mother's and Dorothy's faces appear in the doorway, looking slightly concerned, and very annoyed. Something seems to pass between them, because Adam loosens his hold on me, and I manage to wriggle away from him, and I stand there with my arms folded, glaring.

"What was that about?" This I direct at my friend. She squirms under my interrogation, but doesn't say anything. Instead, she tilts her head up, and I turn to my mother, eyebrows raised. She too, refuses to answer me, and I resist the urge to stamp my foot like a 5 year old. I turn back to my friend.

"I think you should leave." I say, hardening my voice, even though I really didn't want to. She opens her mouth to say something, before changing her mind, and closing it with an icy glare. She picks up he bag, and walks out the door, slamming it hard. The sound reverberates through our silent house, and my family members look at me with expressionless faces. I turn around and run up the stairs, wiping angry tears off my face. I hear them start to whisper to each other furiously, but I ignore them as I slam my bedroom door.


I lie on my bed with my head resting on my arms, staring blankly at my wall, which is decorated with posters of my idol Taylor Swift, as well as other animal posters. I have her music playing in the background, but I'm hardly paying any attention, with my mind running away from me at a million miles an hour as I contemplate what I've just heard. The logical part of my brain was dismissing the idea that faeries even existed, that they only lived in faerie tales, that I misheard. Yet, I can't get over the guilty look on my best friend's face when I accused her, and that just encouraged the illogical part of my brain. Sighing, I rub my face furiously. All these mysteries were just getting on my nerves, and digging up unwanted memories. A flashback to the only memory I have of my father; his deep booming laughter. I mentally slap myself when I I thinka about him, and then wonder. Why has this memory resurfaced now, of all times?

A loud knock on my door interrupts my musings, and I lift my head high enough to see my mother standing in the doorway. Her wavy hair was tied up in a loose ponytail again, and she strikes an imposing stance with her arms folded and eyes narrowed.

"What was that all about?" She demands fiercly. "That was horribly rude."

I almost laugh in her face. "What?? Me?" I exclaim. "So, what, it isn't rude for you to be whispering behind my back? What the hell??"

"Language Ema." She snaps. "It was none of your business."

"Yeah, whatever, your Royal Iciness." I glower at her, before turning away pointedly ignoring her by shoving my earbuds in and turning Taylor Swift up to fill bore. But when "Long Live" starts playing, I rip them out again and turn back to her. "Faeries?? Seriously?? What the . . . "

But her face has smoothed out into an icy, yet expressionless mask, and with a hostile air, she leaves my room. My mouth snaps shut and I look out in bewidered silence. My mother has neverlooked at me like that. It was like I disgustedher or something. I couldn't get out of my head that Dorothy was wearing the exact same expression before she stormed out of the door. And I have no clue what the hell I did wrong to piss either of them off so much.


The next few days my relationship with Adam, Mum and Dorothy seemed non-existant. Mum and I barely talked to each other, only speaking when necessary. Dorothy refused to even look at me, even though I had apologises for what feels like a million times. Adam was the only one who seemed to forgive me, and he only talked to me a little bit more than Mum. Soon I just stopped even attempting to talk to Dorothy, and hardly even barely ackowledged my family's presence. All of our friends were curious as to why we held our silence, but she didn't talk, so neither did I. And so soon my friends started shunning me away too. And it killed me to think that this was all happening because of me.

Some say that it is much better to be alone than be bullied, but I have to disagree whole-heartedly. I felt like I was just invisible, a waste of space, and it made me realise how much people need friends in their lives to fill up the empty spaces left in our hearts when we're alone.

The only person who had attempted to fill that space, now that I was a pariah, was surprisingly, Rob. He stopped hanging around with Stacey, and we would sit in the school library together, reading or occasionally chatting. I was astounded to realise that beneath his jerkiness, he was a pretty nice guy, and had a big sense of humor, which helped as I started to warm up to him.

It was 4 days after my argument with the others, a Friday. I was relieved for the week to end, so that I had another two days to recover before it all started again.
I hop into the car, and nod at Adam, who's behind the wheel. Dorothy had stopped taking rides with us when she refused to talk to me, so the backseat was empty. Shoving my earbuds in, I flick the volume up to full and sing along to "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" by Taylor Swift, which was spookily fitting for my situation. Adam sighs frustratedly and runs his hand through his long brown hair, sending me a dark look. I ignore him, and stare out the window.

As soon as we arrived home I leap out of the car and pound up the staircase, disappearing into my room like I usually did. Quckly changing into my usual trackkies and t-shirt, I pick up my book and walk over to the window, splaying my legs out of it as I perch on the window sill. I gaze out into the serene landscape, and the wind tosses it's hands through my curly hair, sending it tumbling accross my face. I catch a movement at the edge of the forest, and freeze, staring fearfully out at the source of the movement. Ever since I saw that wolf on Monday, I was sure that there was even more suspicious movement happening out of the corner of my peripheral vision, but, like always, nothing ever revealed itself, leaving my imagination to go wild.
Once I'd assured myself that there really was nothing out there, I lean against the windowsill and open my book. The sun was shining, and I enjoyed it's warm caress on my face. Closing my eyes, I try not to think about the previous week, and instead focus on mending the broken ties I'd carelessly ripped apart.
My phone vibrates next to me, and I pick it up with a surprised expression, excited and wary as to why I was getting a text now. I flip open the lid, and squint at the screen.

You remembered our date tomorrow?

I groan, and send out a reply to Rob.

How could I ever forget?

His reply makes me burst out into surprised laughter, and I shake my head ruefully. Sending back a snarky reply, I lean my head back against the window sill and look forward to tomorrow.


The next day I get up in time for our 12.30pm tutor session, and dress myself so that I look a little more presentable than I have been for the past week. Looking into the mirror once I've showered, I'm horrified into silence by what the past week has done to my image. My usually boisterous hair is dank and lying, for once, flat on my head. Dark shadows circle below my eyes, and my complexion is pale, with a couple of huge zits dressing my forehead and chin. Disgusted, I shut off the light and try to make myself look the best I possibly can before - ohshit I only have half an hour to get ready!!

Bounding into my room, I twirl around, singing at the top of lungs as I find a pair of jeans and a cute, floaty green t-shirt that Dorothy said. . . . never mind what she said; I'll fix it on Monday.

I decided yesterday that I'd finally make it up to my family; I dunno what exactly I was going to do, I just knew that I'd do something to stop them from ignoring me.

Running through my apology speech in my head as I exit my bedroom, I skip down the stairs, and call out for my mother. The only answer I get is silence, but that really doesn't bother me as much as it should, its what I had received all week. I had seen Adam swimming laps in our pool earlier when I first got up, so I suspected that he was still out there, with my mother somewhere in the house.

I hear the tv going in the lounge, so I head over to the door, raising my hand to knock. Suddenly, I swings open, and I bite back a snappy reply as it swings out and hits me in the face. I swear silently and rub my nose. "Owww."

A loud hiss interrupts me as a trio of creatures appear in the doorway, red eyes gleaming. They have big fleshy ears that look similar to a bat's, and skinny bodies, reminding me of a somewhat deranged Dobby the House Elf. As i gape at them, blinking rapidly, a fourth appears, dragging my mother behind it in a shimmering blue case. It grins at me manically, and I scream. "Mum!!"
Sharp teeth suddenly come into view, and it leaps at me. All my training whooshes back to me, and I scurry back as it flies past me, jeering angrily as it misses me. A loud, piercing noise shatters the silence, and I realise that its me, still screaming in absolute terror. Shutting my mouth, I swing out a hard punch to knock the creature back, but it's amazingly fast, and it darts in through my defences, sinking it's razor sharp teeth into my arm just as Adam appears in the doorway, dripping wet. I gasp as the pain rips up my arm, and stare at the creature in shock as it comes back to bite me again. A flash of blue rushes past me as Adam barrels into the creature, sending it flying. It hisses at him, before, with blood, my blood, dripping from it's teeth, it joins it's companions. I see a flash of gold as they disappear out of the door, chattering again as the ugly creatures encounter someone else on the other side of the huge oak slab.

I'm still standing there, gaping, with my arm throbbing. Adam goes to shut the door, but is stopped as a figure slips through the opening. I yelp, fully expecting another of those weird creatures to come back to finish me off.

"I didn't think I was that ugly." Rob grins as he walks into the hallway. "Nice. . . " he trails off when he see's my bloody hands and a furious Adam. "What the hell happened here Calix???"

I can't take the pain anymore, and slide down the wall, leaving a bloody streak on the otherwise white walls. Rob and Adam both start toward me, but I wave them off. "I-I-I'm fine." I shudder. "Wha-wha-what the hell were they???!!!!"

Adam sighs and rubs his hair, sending water flying. Rob ducks out of the way as he grimaces. "They're gremlins. Nasty little critter. Never seen them since. . . . " All the blood drains out of his face, and he turns to Adam. "Calix, where is she??!"

I look at them confused. "Who's Calix? And who's she?"

They both ignore me as they frantically search the house. "Tania? Majesty? QUEEN TITANIA??"

I'm now completely bamboozled, and speak my mind. "Guys, what the hell is going on?? Who are you calling? Why did they take Mum? What the hell is going on??!!"

Leaping to my feet, I ignore my smarting arm and start to walk after them, when they both appear beside me, looking mighty worried.

"Did you just say that they took her?" Adam demands. I nod, scared. "Yeah. She was in a shimmering blue thingy, she hovered by one of them." I then think harder. "And I dont think she was breathing."

They both inhale a deep breath, looking panic stricken.

"Shit." Adam swears. The front door slams open, and Dorothy stands in the doorway, eyes blazing. She storms inside, and seems to have forgotten her vendetta against me as she notices my bloody arm and Adam's pale face. She notices Rob standing behind Adam and her lip curls, before she turns to face my brother. "Where the hell is she Calix?"

Adam looks at her, petrified, and looking visibly more pale. "He took her. The gremlins came. . .. they just took her."

I finally explode. "STOP DAMN IGNORING ME!! What the hell are you all on about, why were those things here, and where the hell did they take my mother?!"

Rob turns to me, looking slightly amused. "Why darling, those 'things' were gremlins. They aren't human. And they're nasty little critters."

Dorothy glares at him, before turning to me. "Ema, they are faerie spawn. Which means that yes, faeries do exist. They took your mother, who is otherwise known as Queen Titania of the Seelie Court, to a place that we call Lamania. You're a faerie princess Em."

Oooh, my first cliffhanger!! :) Thanks everyone who begged me to update this, I'm soo happy they did!! Lots of questions from this chapter!! Who was the wolf? Why are 'they' showing more interest in her? Hehe and OMG she's a faerie princess!! Sounds really cliche, but hey :) She's alot different, I gotta say!!

Until next time my green carrots,

-Caitie :)

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