In the world of the Lamania, fey aren't just your average Tinkerbell. They're dark, dangerous, disturbingly sexy, and seem to know all your darkest secrets. So when Ema Weblake is inadvertently thrown into the midst of this deadly realm with the kidnapping of her mother by supposed 'fairy tale creatures', you can tell that she may be slightly annoyed. Torn between two courts, the lines between good and evil becoming blurred, and a certain wolf-boy hiding his heart behind a wall of ice, Ema's starting to find out that not all faerie tales have happy endings.


1. Preface

Suppage fellow readers! So this is my first ever story, and as some might gather, it's not finished!! I'll try my hardest to update is ASAP :) I would really appreciate it if i had some criticism coming, don't be scared, I wont bite your head off if you diss my story, I promise!! ;) It's all gonna count in the long run!! But please please please don't be scared away from this random bit!! It'll make sense later, I promise!! Just read on!! xD Or skip it if you want. . . get down right into the action!! :)



Opsm'j'ack'lck m'da'lcsk' skwo'kj'ail'jskw

Lamania' noj skow' mng'rs us'ua

Ra'ijlai'skw mjns'qrae' cav'ere'anskj Ra'me'na

Pl'us'gow' ne'm'ail, gr'aje',a'pe'r no'o'era Lamania

Iro'njaks' vr'opsmeral Ma'no'o' gra'o'er

Gr'a'je' neg'rav'lrj' Ma'ail'an.


The Old Prophecy states that

Lamania will fall into darkness

Until, a light as bright as the Great Goddess herself

Shall return, and help bring Lamania

Up from the ashes of it's betrayal

And restore hope.


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