Boy next country

when Beth finally decides to move to London, the 18-year old girl didn't thought it would turn out this way..


4. Starstruck

And again, I found myself staring at him, I mean who wouldn't? He's THE Harry Styles.

"Ehm, well, Thanks..I guess..I mean for helping me out, without you I would probably still be out there", I try to find the right words to thank an international superstar for carrying my luggage.

He smiles at my weak words: "No problem, really, I mean I can't watch a pretty and cleary exhausted girl struggle, can I?"

Smiling I try to remember my pride and resist the urge to jump up and down, 'cause let's face it, who wouldn't be amazed if Harry Styles called you pretty? Yeppers, that's what I thought!

"So, you just moved here?", he catches me off guard, I mean isn't that obvious? 

"Well hello there, Captain Obvious!" The moment the words slip out of my mouth, I regret it. Why, the holy hell, am I not able to think before I speak? I almost expect him to scream at me, turn around and storm out, but to my surprise, he laughs. 

I just stare at him in amazement till he calms down:" Nice one, really, not many people have the guts to get sassy in front of me." 

Now it's my turn to laugh at his honesty:" Sorry, I don't see why, you're not that intimidating!", and again I really don't know why the fuck I said this. I mean what's wrong with me? To cover my stupid, stupid response I just ramble on :" I would offer you something to drink or to eat or stuff, but as you see..I'm not really prepared for something like this, and you kinda catched me off guard out there, and I'm really really sorry that I thought you tried to steal me suitcase and.." He just grins at me and shakes his head about the non-sense coming out of my mouth. "It's fine, I promise. Look..", now he's the one to look helpless as he notices that he never asked me for my name. "It's Beth", I tell him, giggling a bit. 

"So Beth, what about this: we order some take-away and I help you to..ehm..put away some off your stuff. You know, getting to know eachother and stuff..", he trails off, almost looking a bit nervous.

I raise my eyebrows at him, and this time I luckily think before the sarcastic remark that came to my mind can slip out. So instead I just look at him and think about his intentions. Why would he do that? While the fangirl inside my brain screams, I should just fuck him senseless, the more reasonable part says that it's already pretty late and that I don't want to be some hook-up story in every single magazine, and that in my first week.

But my reasonable part also doesn't fail to notice that he looks like a lost puppy, biting his lip and trying to sort out his curls. As he can't stand the silence anymore he hestitantly speaks up:" I mean, only if you want to, I mean I guess it was a pretty long day for you, and I totally get if you don't wanna be associated with me and if it's kind of creepy to just ask you that. It's creepy, isn't it? Oh God, I'm sorry, I probably ruined you're first day here.." 

Why do I have the feeling that the roles changed magically in only half a minute? Now, I'm the one who looks at him, listening how he rambles on and on. 

Finally I cut him off: " I would love you to order something" "Ok, so I'm just gonna go, and leave you alo..You what? Really? Oh nice ok, I'm just going to order, yeah? Alright? Alright!" 

It's hard to stop grinning as he tries to gain his pride and coolness back, but I act as if I didn't notice.

"Ok, just..make yourself a home, ok? I'm going to hop into the shower really quick and ehm..change", blushing I look down at my soaked top, you can cleary see the red-lace bra I wear underneath.

"Alright, what do you want me to order?" "Oh, I don't care, Pizza perhaps? But just choose what you want."


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