Boy next country

when Beth finally decides to move to London, the 18-year old girl didn't thought it would turn out this way..


1. Prolog

I always hated my country. I mean who  wants to live in Germany? Of course, not everything is bad, even here we got some amazing cities, like Berlin, Hambourg, Munich. But poor me, never had the chance to live there, instead i grew up in a rather small town in the middle of the "Ruhrpott", where people mostly live from "currywurst mit pommes" and instead of pronouncing the name of cities like Barcelona right, it magically turn into BaTZElona.. 

I was always the language kind of girl, even in my early childhood i read more than some grown up did in their whole life. I was horrible at math,biology, not to mention physics and chemistry.

My childhood was amazing i had a lot of friends, which kinda changed with the years..let's just say i got a little ironic and just took a closer look at the people I wanted to call "friends". 

Throughout the years, I found a good handful of people I adore with all my heart and who I trust with my life.And in exactly that time, i developed a, almost unhealthy, obsession with the well known teenage boy band "One Direction". I certainly don't know how the hell that happend,  i never was one to fangirl over a bunch of goodlooking boys in a boyband..That was just not me.. So almost no one knew about the countless hours I spent everyday just to listen to their music and reblogging photos, going to bed early so I would have more time to imagine lots of situations in which the boys would mostly fall madly in love with me, would make a mistake that ruins our relationship and then come finally crawling back to me ,begging for forgiveness.

Yep, I know that's foolish..just...don't judge me alright?

For me, it was always clear that i really, really, really want to write in my future. While the time was passing, my idea of the perfect job constantly changed, though i always stayed faithful to my dream: any kind of Journalism.

And London being my favourite place in the whole world and English being a language I was almost as obsessed with as with One Direction, I early decided, that after I gratuated school, i would make my dream come true and move to London, for a year at first, to make some experiences, afterwards, I wanted to apply for the ulitmate, the BEST school for journalism in Germany, Hambourg.


But as we all know, life's definitely playing another game and not everythings turns out like we want it to.

This is my story.

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