Boy next country

when Beth finally decides to move to London, the 18-year old girl didn't thought it would turn out this way..


2. On The Go

Sighing desperatly, I try to close my suitcase.. I can practically hear my things getting crushed together as I let myself fall on my stubborn suitcase, in a last attempt to finally close it.

While fighting with the zipper, I can hear footsteps sprinting up the stairs, and not even two seconds later my best friend on the whole wide world, Katy, grins down at me.

"It's a sign", I sigh. "All my suitcases don't want me to leave." She just stares at me for a moment before breaking out in a fit of giggles.

"Oooh honey", she laughs as she sees me pouting up at her. She ties her long brown hair in a messy bun, while I watch the, oh so well known movements, and lets herself fall right beside me. 

After we finally managed to close my suitcase we don't stand up at once, instead we just stay a moment looking at my almost empty room, remembering every single memorie we shared in here. 

I glance at her out of the corner of my eye and know at once that she's also remembering the countless hours we spent in my bed, just talking and watching stupid TV-shows , although we actually wanted to go out, but in the end we were always to lazy to get up, so we often just stayed there, laughing at almost everything and just enjoying eachothers company.

"I'm gonna miss you so much, you know that right?" Katy looks at me, her eyes big and sincere, and i can actually see tears in them,  "that's a rare sight", I think, I just saw her cry once, and even there she claimed it would be stupid to cry over a boy who treated her like nothing.

"I know..And you know I love you more than anything else, yeah?" Instead of answering she just nods, avoiding my eyes. "And you promise me that we skype every evening right yeah? And you know you can still call me whenever you want, doesn't matter if it costs us a little fortune or if it's in the middle of the night. If you need me, I'm always there for you, although I'm in another country."

To my surprise she actually laughs a bit:" You know as well as I do, that you won't be able to spend a fortune on a late night phonecall, you're SO going to buy everything that is kind of related to London or One Direction. You're going to be broke as hell, I promise!" 

I just stared at her, amazed that she seems to know exactly what I was going to spend my first earnings on. 

After a little pause, we both start to laugh uncontrollably.

Finally I stand up, while offering my hand and pulling her up. Still laughing we manage to drag my suitcase down the stairs and into the waiting car. 

My whole family and all of my clostest friends are waiting for me, most of them in deep conversation with eachother. They all look up when I drag my suitcase and my,suddendly, heavy feet, down the last couple of stairs, Katy following right behind.

Silently they all watch me as I stow my suitcase in the car, taking my time, because I know that, if I turn around and look at them, I'm going to cry.

After delaying the painful moment of saying goodbye as long as possible, I finally turn around and just stare at them, tears already blurring my vision. Without saying a word my father steps forward to engulf me into a hug, stroking my hair. One after one, all of the people I love the most step forward to hug me and promise me that everythings gonna be alright and that they won't forget me. 

At last, I look at Katy who silently looks back, till we can't hold it any longer and we both start crying hysterically and hug eachother like it's the last time.

Finally we break apart, and without saying another word, i climb into my red Mini Cooper, starting the engine,getting ready to make it on my own, driving away from the city I hate and the people I love.


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