Boy next country

when Beth finally decides to move to London, the 18-year old girl didn't thought it would turn out this way..


3. London Lights

"AAAAAAAAAARGH, what the holy hell...", tears blurring my vision, I try to lift the last suitcase of my foot.

I finally arrived at London, after almost nine hours consisting of my never ending tears, or jumping and singing hysterically after almost 2 liters of coffee.

And instead of  welcoming me with sunshine, like it should be in the frickin' middle of august, my city of choice decides to brighten my mood with rain and a heavy clouded sky. Me being the super opitmistic human being I am, decided to wear a pair of short yoga short with my name printed on the backside and my old waterpolo cap number, number nine, in the front, together with a simple white tanktop and a old hoddie.

So all in all, i was freezing, my top was nearly being transparent and to top all of that, the last suitcase I had to drag into my new home decided to fall on my foot, in front of all my new neighbours who were more than just amused but didn't even thought about helping me. 

I was honestly debating whether I should just leave my suitcase on the street and forget about it favorite dress was in there, along with the matching heels. 

And that's what brings us to my current situation : I'm standing in the middle of the street, trying to carry my handbag, my favorite cushion, and my almost ridiculously heavy suitcase into my new apartment. 

The chilly London wind doesn't really help either, it just causes my hair to develop some kind of own will.

While I'm still cursing like never before, trying to drag my suitcase along, not to drop my cushion and to keep the hair out of my face I suddenly feel how someone takes my suitcase away.

"EY, who do you think you are?",whirling around I glare at the person who attempts to steal my suitcase, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET! What the hell is wrong with those people?

But to my surprise, instead of a remorseful smile oder anything else I expected, I'm greated by a stunning smile, green eyes and a lot of curly hair. "It just seemed to me that you need some help."

Still amazed I stare up at him, trying to get my brain to work, I only manage a weak:" I'm fine thanks, I don't want to bother you."

"You aren't love, just show me where to go!"  Silently I lead the way, inwardly begging my brain to start working again. My thoughts are running wild,:" that can't be, that's unrealisitic, that's to movie like, something like that would never ever ever happen in real life, and certainly not to you", is all I can think.

Arriving in my flat I turn the light on, set the pillow onto my old bar table and try to to bring up the courage to turn around. 

When I finally do, I find myself searching for words again. It's really him. 

Harry Styles.

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