Boy next country

when Beth finally decides to move to London, the 18-year old girl didn't thought it would turn out this way..


6. London Life

As I awoke the next morning, my lips automatically curled into a smile before my brain could even progress why.  For several moments I just laid there, taking in the faint scent of his cologne and the still unfamiliar surroundings while remembering last night. Although I'm pretty sure that I would never see him again, it was nice not to feel alone, being so far away from everyone I love. 

Sighing I stand up, now noticing the mess around me, shaking my head I start looking for my coffee machine. 

While I wait, I check Skype, desperatly wanting to talk to Katy. To my disappointment the "offline" sign next to her name seems to laugh at me, laughing at my urge to talk to my best friend, although it was only yesterday I spoke to her.

Three weeks later

The last three weeks were hectic since I started working and my boss is, excuse my language, a really bitchy bitch. I hadn't spoken to anyone from back home for almost two weeks, and today I felt particulary lonely. Exhausted I enter my apartment, frustrated as I take in the mess in front of me. Tomorrow's my first day off, since "bossy pants" made me work every fuckin' day and I wasn't feeling like cleaning when I came home late at night, knowing I had to get up in six hours. 

Pouring myself some of the coffee I made this morning, ignoring the fact that it was ice cold, I fight my way through everything lying on the floor, picking things up every now and then. 

The minute I finally let myself fall onto the bed with a loud thud, the doorbell rings. 

Deciding that I'm not really in the mood to socalize I try to ignore it, also when, whoever it is, rings a second and even a third time. 

"EY LAZY ASS, I know you're in there, so don't let me wait here like this." The second I hear the familiar voice, I pratically run to the door and almost knock her over when I engulf her into a hug.

"Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, I LOVE YOU, why are you here? And why didn't you even say a word? I could've picked you up for heavens sake!"

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