chloe i love you

this story is about me and my dear sister chloe hope you enjoy



me and chloe decided not to back to the alleways instead we sat on a bench ousidide the park.

when we went home i tired my first day out after three months was refreshing. i was now afraid to go ANYWHERE without the loyal chloe. i was stuck to her like a magnet a hole year later  a teacher got angry with me and hit me with a ruler in the place where i was stabed i was not alowed to touch it ony when chloe was rubbing my cream on. And yet again i woke up in hospital only after surgery and they said it was to bad to be fixed

They said i had a hour and a half to live i spent it with chloe I had three minutes left my eyes started to shut and then i said

chloe i love you.


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