chloe i love you

this story is about me and my dear sister chloe hope you enjoy


1. secerets began

Chloe I said to my 11 year old sister when will i be allowed to hang out with you and youre friends

coming mum she said clearly trying to avoid it

A few days later we were walking down the alleyways when chloe would much rather be with her friends. She said to me Roisin i will let you hang out with me and my friends if you do not tell mum about me when i commit self harm. After all she was an emo. though I told her I would never commit self harm.

i hated the idea but i wanted to hang out with her sooooooo bad i begged for weeks and all of a sudden she said i could. 

about a week later she had told me that she had a crush on Josh who was her beast friend aside from me CLEARLY.

the next day she told me that she once tryed to commit suicide and if it wernt for some priest she would be dead. At thins poind i began to cry. so she calmed me by brushing my hair and styling it just like hers.

and this is how the secerets began.


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