Findin' Myself

Alexis Daniel Bieber: I’m born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada on February 14. 2000. I have really light skin, black hair, which goes to just below my breasts and, because of a very rare disease, I have black eyes. I have a nose piercing and a belly button piercing. I got both of them done illegally though.

Alexis is just a normal teenager, or so she thought. What happens when she finds out, that she is actaully Justin Bieber's sister? Will her bestfriend become more than that?
Find out 'Findin' Myself'.


1. My Best Friend


Alexis’ Point Of Vision:


“ALEXIIIS! GET UUUP!” I heard my best friend, Mathilde, yell.

“What?” I sleepily asked.

“He’s leaving today.” She had now sat down on her bed, and was of course talking about her ex, my other best friend, Martin. He was going to Italy for a week with his school, and she’d miss him a lot. I would too, he was my best friend after all, she would miss him more though, that was obvious.

“Yeah, but I’m leaving today too..” The words quietly came out of my mouth, but she still heard me.

“OMG, I totally forgot.. I’m gonna miss you so much..” We’d been best friends, since we started school eight years ago, and had seen each other nearly every day ever since, so I was dreading to move away. I knew we were still going to text, skype and whatever else we did, but we didn’t know when we would be together in person again. I was going to New York to meet my brother and some of his friends for the first time in ten years, and afterwards I was going to Canada to meet the rest of my family. I wasn’t moving over there though. Some of them I’d never met. You’re probably thinking ‘Why haven’t you seen your brother in years?’ and stuff like that. Weell.. When I was a few years old, I was kidnapped. I didn’t know until recently though. My ‘parents’, Peter and Sandy, took me to Denmark after they kidnapped me, and let me grow up, thinking they were my parents. A couple of weeks ago I got a call from an unknown number. I answered it, and JUSTIN BIEBER was on the phone. Now.. I’m not his biggest fan, but I do like his newer songs. We talked for quite a while, and I found out he’s my brother. Anywayyy, the reason I’m not moving over there, is ‘cause I wanna finish my education in Denmark, so I’m moving to Martin’s house. You see, Martin is my stepmoms Nephew, so my parents let me move over there, until I finish school. He doesn’t know I’m coming though, since I want it to be a surprise.

“Helloooo???” I heard Mathilde say, I must have zoned out.


“Ann and Bill are coming in like five minutes, so HURRY UP!” She yelled the last part.

“What do you mean hurry up? I don’t have any clothes, remember??” Peter and Sandy had thrown all of my stuff of. At least I had all my photos at Mathilde’s house.

“Right, I forgot.. Aren’t they bringing you clothes and makeup and all that stuff?”

“Yeah, so we’ll have to wait.” It was nearly 5 a.m., meaning they were gonna be here soom. ‘They’ were Ann, Bill, Martin and Michael. Michael was Martin’s younger foster-brother; they had both been in foster care for most of their lives, because their parents were unable to take care of them. All of a sudden we heard the doorbell, and both jumped up.

“This is it..” we said in unison.

_______________________________________________________________FMY FIRST STORY! YAAAY! Seriously though I really hope you like it.

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