Just a small town girl

Claire is usual 17 year old girl, but one little thing, she's met a boy Nile but she has just met him, should she trust him, or should she walk away while she still can?


12. SHIT!

"Niall" I whispered, tears began to fill my eyes. "DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME CLAIRE, KILL TYLER!" "HE WILL KILL YOU IF I DO!" I said crying "It's ok claire" "no" I dropped the knife, I dropped Tyler, I dropped to my knees, and put my hands to my face. I knew what this ment, but there was no other way, I would rather A) Kill Tyler and let Niall die   or B) Releese Tyle,r and Micheal will releese Niall, but I will be raped. I couldn't let Niall die. I would rather loose my v-card (virginity) then watch Niall bleed to death. Tyler bent down beside me. "It's ok babe, we wont hurt Niall is it? Too much" He smiled. "NO YOU CAN'T HURT HIM, I LET YOU GO NOW YOU LET HIM GO!" I yelled! "EXCUSE ME, BUT I WOULDN'T BE YELLING AT SOMEONE WHO HAS A KNIFE TO YOUR PRECIOUS LITTLE RETARD!" "HE'S NOT A RETARD!" "SHUT UP I WILL KILL HIM RIGHT NOW" I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, I wish I could die right here. "Please, don't hurt Niall" I whispered not looking up. "Sweetie I need you to get up and layon the bed" I did what I was told, Micheal was still standing there, Niall with a knife to his neck looked like he was gonna cry. Tyler immediatly held my hands behind my back and sat on my legs. "GET OFF HER!" Niall yelled! I couldn`t let Niall get hurt, I was willing to be sacrifised. Tyler immediatly pushed his lips against myn. `STOP IT` Niall yelled! `Tylers tongue escaped into my mouth, I got a hand free and slapped him in the face. He grabbed it again and held it down. He stopped kissing me, and he slapped me in the face. He pinched my arm,he hit my leg, he punched my shoulder `DON`T FUCKING TOUCH HER!` Niall screamed. Tyler and Micheal both smiled. `I`m gonna stop here but we will pick up were we left off tomorow`Tyler said with a smirk. `Niall yoù can sleep with her tonight but tomrow we are gonna hurt you` They pushed Niall towards me and they walked out and locked the door. Niall ran over and hugged me, he had a tear in his eye. He began to rub were Tyler hurt me. `W-why d-did you c-come and try t-to save m-me` I asked studdering because I was crying so hard! `Because` `Because why` `Because I love you`

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