Just a small town girl

Claire is usual 17 year old girl, but one little thing, she's met a boy Nile but she has just met him, should she trust him, or should she walk away while she still can?


1. Not So Normal Day

Beep,Beep,Beep, my alrm clock went off at 7:00am , I clicked the snooze button, and fell back alseep, and continued my dream: I was walking home when some guy ranby and stole my purse and ran into a alley. I ran after him "HEY STOP, HELP" I stopped at the begging of the alley, the guy wasn't there but my purse was. I slowely and quitly walked down the alley, bent down and grabbed my purse. I tuned around expecting fo someone to be standing there like in all the horror movies i'v seen, no one was there, few. Suddenly there was a cloth over my mouth, I struggled to get it off but I couldn't, suddenly, I slowly fell asleep. I was about to see my kidnapper, he slowly took off his hood, and, "beep, beep, beep" I opened my eyes, I was ack in my green and blue room. I panted. That dream felt so real, like it had litterly happened for real! I wanted to see my the guy who put the cloth over my face! "Stupid alarm clock!, 7:30!, CRAP!" I had only 1 our to get ready! (If your a girl you know what im talking about!

I ran into my bathroom and took a shower, the wam water was so nice in the morning! I grabbed a towel and dried off. I then put on some white I wasted shorts and a pink flowy top along with some light pinck toms, and a silver belt. I through my long curly blonde/brown (its's naturaly brown but in th summer the top of my hair goes blonde) hair in a bun. I ran back to the washroom and but on some mascara, concealer, and light pink chapstick. I had 15 minutes to spare, so I grabbed my iphone 4 and I checked my messages 6 new messages wow, normally I have more in the mornings! Oh well! Lacey: Hi babe what u doing <3. Oh Lacey is my bff we call eachother babe! Reply to Lacey: Hi babe just finished getting ready, i had such a weird dream!<3, Lacey: I'm heading to school now, tell me your dream there, ttys!<3. I grabbed my purse and through my phone a jacket , and some chpstick into it and went down to grab some breakfest.

"Hey sweetie" my mom said as she was making my little sister some lunch. "Why can't little miss perfect make her own lunch" "Because i'm perfect" Laney said walking into the kitchen. "ARE YOU WEARING MY MAKEUP" "no" she said shyly "YOU LITTLE BRAT, NO I HAVE TO DISINFECT MY ROOM!, YOU GOT YOUR LITTLE DISGUSTING HANDS ALL OVER IT!" I almost yelled. "Honey your not old enough to wear makeup" my mom said in a harsh but nice voise. "ok" Laney said and washed it off. I grabbed an apple and walked out the front door. I got into my car and grabbe dout my iphone To Lacey: stupid little lacey got her filthy hands on my makeup shes such a brat. I turned on the engine and drove to school.

I parked in the parking lot farthest away from the school. I then began to walk over. Out of nowhere a guy with a skii ask grabbed my puse and ran! I ran after him "HEY STOP, HELP!", he ran into a alley! I stopped at the begining of the alley. The guy had disapered but my purse layed there, I slowely and quitly walked down the alley I bent down and grabbed my purse. I turned around expecting someone to be standing there like in the movies, but it was empty, MY DREAM, ITS COMING TRUE. I then whispered "I know your behindme, I I h-have a kn-knife in my p-purse, I will c-cut you" I said, it was such a lie. "I have already checked your purse, theres no knife" He threw a cloth over my mouth.I slowely fell asleep.


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