Just a small town girl

Claire is usual 17 year old girl, but one little thing, she's met a boy Nile but she has just met him, should she trust him, or should she walk away while she still can?


5. Niall

Niall walked in, I was trying to hold back my tears, but I couldn't. "Okay guys you can leave now" Niall said with a smirk. I was shaking. They all left, exept Niall. " Are you ok?!" he said with a concerend voice. "N-no" I studdered, still crying. "I am so sorry this happened to you!" he said with a tear in his eye. Why did he care about me, no one cared about me, no one cares about me, right? "Wh-why are y-you being so n-nice to m-me" I couldn't talk, I was so upset! "Because I care about you" At that I automatically froze, what did he just say, he cares about me, no one has ever said that. "why" I managed to say without studdering. "beacause" "But wh-" His lips connected with mine. This is gonna sound really cheesy but I felt fireworks. "wow" I whispered. He smiled. " N-no affense or anything but do you normally kiss strangers?" I said with a kinda sad smile. " C-can I call/or text my f-friend and say th-that I am g-going on vacation a-and won't be here f-for a wh-while" I could tell he was about to say yes, but Harry opened the door, "That will be a no" "B-but my FAMILY AND FRIENDS WILL WORRY, DONT YOU UNDERSTAND HOW IM FEELING, OH WAIT YOU DONT HAVE ANY FRIENDS" I yelled at him. The anger filled his green eyes, he came towards me, Niall held him back, "GUYS HELP" Niall yelled. I ran and hid under the bed. The guys stormed in and took Harry away. Once again Niall stayed behind. He quickly croached down, to look under the bed. "It's ok, shhhhh, its gonna be okay, but you cannot anger Harry like that, sometimes he cannot hold his anger back" he said reaching under the bed and rubbing my back. I felt so scared, yet safe, I couldnt deside which one, I was so tired from crying, I slowely fell asleep.

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