Just a small town girl

Claire is usual 17 year old girl, but one little thing, she's met a boy Nile but she has just met him, should she trust him, or should she walk away while she still can?


15. Holy one.

"You what" I said my mind wondered off. I must be dreaming. "I- I think I love you" He looked in my eyes with confusion, I could tell he wanted me to respond I love you too, and we would ride off into the sunset! Yeah too bad this is reality. Things dont happen like that. Nothing ever happens like that. Theres no such thing as fairy tale endings and there never will be. I closed my eyes, and thought, I like him and all but do I love him."I-" "Shut up" "Excuse me Niall!You just said you-" "Those words werent from me" I was afraid to open my eyes, I was scared to see what was going to be on the other side. I finally managed to open my eyes, they felt like bricks. To my disgusted suprise it was Tyler. Ugh. "You shutup!" "Fiesty!" Right as I was about to freak out at him, the door opened revealing Micheal and Jake. They stopped and starred. "What are you looking at assholes? Ever seen a girl other then your mom?" "Shut up you little prick" Conner snapped. They grabbed Niall and took him away. Micheal followed but stopped at the door looking at me. His big brown eyes looked at me they had a bit of hurt in his eyes. I quickly looked away and they left me there. Alone with my thoughts. The room was dark. Little light shone throught the boarded up windows. The wood looked old, splintered,brittled, if I were to put a peice of cloth over the camera I would be able to pull off the wood and makea run for it. But what if there was glass on the other side and it had a lock on it? And if I did escape what about Niall, I can't leave him here to die. Maybe if I look to god.

"Dear god" I whispered so they wouldnt hear me.

"My names Abbey, as you probibly know, because, well your god. I- uh im not a big christian or catholic, but I do believe in you, and do believe you do good things for good people. I know I'm not the best person. But Niall is. Please if you can do any thing to save him-" "- I uh- I would apreciate it and if I survive this. I promise to got o church....Amen"



Hey movellers, it's footprinint,

sorry I havent updated in a bit, i'v been really busy with school! I will be uploading the other chapter in a minute!!!!! stay tuned <3


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