Just a small town girl

Claire is usual 17 year old girl, but one little thing, she's met a boy Nile but she has just met him, should she trust him, or should she walk away while she still can?


10. Help is not on the way

I woke up in a room, my wrists burned, I realised I was tied to a pole, my wrists were tied aginst the pole with rope, I had really bad rope burn, I must have been struggling. The room was dark, I could make out the image of a window boarded up with peices of dark brown wood, and a big bed with white sheets. It was really hot. I heard foot steps, I pertended to be sleeping, I closed my eyes as the door opened. "Is she asleep" said a fimiliar voise, it sounded like...MICHEAL! MY EX BOYFRIEND. THERES THE TERM X, LIKE GONE, BROKEN UP, APART, NEVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER, LIKE EVER!!!!!-Taylor swift ;) BUT SERIOSLY MICHEAL, OF ALL PEOPLE, MICHEAL!!!!!! "I think so" said another fimillair voice, I heard a few people, I knew them all, they were all Micheals friends. Tyler, Jake, Conner, and Gabe. "Fuck lets stop fighting and wake her up" said Micheal. HIS NAME MAKES ME WANNA PUKE! "You do it" "No you do it" "NO YOU" "FUCK FINE I WILL DO IT" he came over and tapped me I opened my eyes and head butted him. FUCK IT REALLY HURT "GET YOUR FILTHY FUCKING HANDS AWAY FROM ME YOU SICK BASTERD" "Oww fuck that hurt-" he said. "-YOU have been bad havent you" he said with a smirk that made me wanna vomit. he reached over and wiped a tear off my face, he was so gental, I WANTED TO KICK HIM SQUARE IN THE BALLS SO BAD BUT MY LEGS WERE TIES UP! He pushed his lips against mine. "YOU HAVE A FUCKIN GIRLFRIEND, STOP CHEATING ON GIRLS, YOU CHEATED ON ME THATS WHY I BROKE UP WITH YOU!" "Excuse me but I broke up with YOU" "Sure anything to keep your pride, OH did you seriosly tell them that YOU broke up with me! HA WOW your that pathetic, haha, I broke up with him because hes a cheating no life fucking retarded stupid ass-" He slapped me across the face. "SHUT UP, I BROKE UP WITH YOU" I started to cry, "YOU HAD THAT COMING!" "SICK BASTERD, IM SUPRISED YOU HAVE FRIENDS! THERE ALL SCARED OF YOU THATS WHY THERE HERE! YOUR NOT POPULAR YOUR NOT FUNNY, YOUR DAMN SCARY-" He slapped me again "-YOU ARE A IDOIT MICHEAL! NO ONE LIKES YOU, YOU A FUCKING SICK BASTERD WITH NO LOYAL FRIENDS-" He slapped me and yelled "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I was getting revenge for him cheating on me! "IM SUPISED YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND, YOU CANT STOP HURTING GIRLS CAN YOU, YOU ARE A WOMAN BEATER MICHEAL, YOU HURT PEOPLE! YOU STABBED YOUR OWN FUCKING MOTHER MICHEAL-" He hit me so hard I started to fall asleep. I can remeber him saying "THAT WAS OUR SECRET YOU BITCH" Before I completly nocked out I said this "YOU KILLED YOUR FUCKING PARENTS MICHEAL, YOUR NOTHING MORE THEN A WOMAN BEATING MURDERER!" then I fell asleep.

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