Just a small town girl

Claire is usual 17 year old girl, but one little thing, she's met a boy Nile but she has just met him, should she trust him, or should she walk away while she still can?


3. fighting

Slowely 1 at a time each boy left, exept 2, Harry and Niall. "Why are you crying love"? Niall sounding concerned. "IM GONNA BE FUCKING RAPPED YOU ASS" I was balling my eyes out by this time. A saw a tear in Nialls eye. "If you need any help with her just yell" said Liam. Nile walked out of the room, he almost looked ashamed. "Hi Love" Harry said with glee "HI FUCKER" I yelled at him. "WATCH YOUR DAMB LANGUAGE" he yelled. "I'LL WATCH MINE IF YOU LEAVE ME THE FUCKING HELL ALONE" He looked at me I could see the anger in his eyes. "STOP SWEARING" " WHEN YOU FUCKING LET ME GO, THE POLICE WILL COME AND BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF FUCKERS" "Who says were letting you go" Something inside me broke. "WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO RAPPE ME FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!" "MAYBE I WILL, I WASN'T GOING TO BUT MAYBE I WILL" at that I started crying and screaming, He looked almost happy yet also guilty. He pinned me on the bed and kissed me. I kept crying, I couldnt stop. I got my leg loose a kicked him right in the balls, he fell off the bed and moaned in pain. I ran and opeed the door. I quickly I saw the front door staright ahead, I had to get by the kitchen first. As I was aproaching the kitchen there sat Niall on his phone, I froze, he saw me. "It's ok I'm not going to hurt you, stay as quite as you can" he helped me open the door, "Okay now act like you just ht me in the face" a curious expression went on my face, "go now!"  I ran out the door. I heard him yell "OUCH GUYS HELP" I heard Harry run out of the bedroom limping with pain from when I kicked him. "WHERE DID SHE GO" Harry asked. "I DONT KNOW I WAS ON MY PHONE AND SOMETHING HIT ME AND THE DOOR OPENED AND SHUT" Why was Niall lying to protect me. I dont understand, he was going to rape me, wasn't he, he never said he was, Harry, Liam, and Zayn did. But not Niall or Louie.

I realised I better run. So I got out of my hiding place and ran out into the front yard. When suddenly a car pulled infront of me. "SHIT" I yelled, it was Liam and Zayn. Liam jumped out of the car and grabbed my arms. I started to scream. "HELP, HELP ME, HELP" I knew it was useless, but I felt like I needed to try. Harry bursted out of the front door. He stared at me with hate and anger in his eyes. I feel like dieing right here right now.


Hi guys, again as quickly as you can please tell me if you want me to describe the rapping o just say she got rapped??


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