Just a small town girl

Claire is usual 17 year old girl, but one little thing, she's met a boy Nile but she has just met him, should she trust him, or should she walk away while she still can?


17. expriment

I was thrown in a black vans back seat, it was barned and there was o door handle for me to get out. The figure got into the front seat and turned the radio on, and began to drive, he seemed so causual, like he does this everyday, he begins to sing along to ed sheeran "White lips, pale face,breathing in the snow flakes, burnt lungs sour taste" He sang like an angel, reality suddenly hit me right in the face, I suddenly got all these feelings inside me, feeling that i'v never had. A pain in my stomache grew and grew I crouched in a ball trying not to scream, i clenched my fists and cryed, I cant take the pain, I screamed and everything went black. 


"Did you kill her!" "I dont know what happened she was fine and then suddenly she was in a ball screaming and crying" "who's there" I croaked. "FEW she's still alive" "WHO ARE YOU, WHY CANT I SEE YOU HELP!" "Calm down" I heard an irish accent speak. "nial" I whispered. "Yes sweety" "NIALL ARE YOU OK,WHAT HAPPENED,WHERE ARE WE, WHO ARE WE WITH, WHY CANT I SEE,WHO-" "Sweety its ok your ok your asking things that noone can tell you." "What do you mean?,What kind of "secrets cant I know" "I think it's time we told her" A woman spoak "She cant handle it" "Niall I dont need you deciding what I cant and can do, tell me" My eyes finnally opened, I was in a white room, there were 3 woman in lab coats with checkboards writing down everything I do, Niall was there and the figure, but I can finnally see him he has long curly brown hair and dimples, very tall, and dressed in the same thing he was dressed in to carry me.  "Ok we are really sorry, we didnt mean for this to go this far. Your an experinment" "What are you taking woman, meth,coke,weed." "excuse me I can come right on over and smack-" "You will do nothing of this sorts!" Niall explained "Anyway your an experinment, we got you stolen and taken away to see the reaction. and-" "Hold the fucking hell up" "sweetie-" "Dont you sweetie me" "We had to we needed to do this its for the f.b.i, we didnt mean to-uh-whats the word im looking for" "use, torture,make me wanna kill myself, abuse,hurt,harm-" "no" "im not done yet, make me fall in love and then break my heart" Niall was crying "You guys are all gonna burn in hell were you belong, you better realise me right fucking now" I couldnt control my tears I ran for the dorr but harry grabbed my wrist, I got this urge of power and grabbed his wrist and twisted it until he screamed, the woman grabbed a walkie talkie "Security please help" too bad I was long gone, I ran.

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