The murder on Eastern road

It was a dark night when I found out my neighbour was a murderer, and I wish I had never of found out!!


2. The man next door

I was sitting in my room on Friday night when I heard a knife drop from next doors house. I sat up immediately!!! I ran to the bathroom and threw the door open. I picked up a glass and ran to the wall in my bedroom, the glass pressed against it. I listened carefully, and that was when I heard the woman gagging for breath....until there was silence. My lips trembled, I didn`t know what to do, if I told my mum she wouldn`t believe me because she thinks Ben, the creature next door is a lovely man, but in fact he is a 50 year old weirdo, who always gives women a strange look. There was absolutely nothing I could do, until tomorrow, for it was midnight. I slowly lay back where my eyes shut ever so slow, and I was drifting off.......right until "CRASH"....

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