The murder on Eastern road

It was a dark night when I found out my neighbour was a murderer, and I wish I had never of found out!!


3. Finding out

"WHAT WAS THAT?" I shouted at the top of my voice.

I sat up, my heart pumping, and I skidded to the window. I looked out across the veranda to see.....Ben outside with a van. "That must be what the crash was" I thought. I carried on staring until I saw the sight of something that will haunt me for the rest of my life. That sight was Ben`s face, his evil, guilty eyes that he had just been found out. He slowly raised his hands to his neck, pretending to strangle himself. He was obviously showing me that if I told anyone I was dead. So that`s how I found out he was a murderer. And right now in this present time I haven`t told anyone, and I am writing this book so maybe if I am killed by him he`ll be found out so he cannot hurt anyoneelse . Please if you are reading this, report Ben Miller Now!! I `ll keep you up to date with what happens. Thank you!!

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