This includes many different imagines. If you would like your name to be in one or you have any ideas for some imagines comment and i will try and include you name or idea.


2. Charlotte and Liam

You are in London on a on a girly weekend. You are staying in a really posh hotel, for your friends 18th birthday. You decide to go out for the night to a nightclub near by.You all get ready, going each others hair and nails. You were laughing and giggling for hours. Once you were all ready you got a taxi to the nightclub and waited  outside till you could go in. You eventually get in and got some drinks in. You  were dancing on the dance floor when you saw a V.I.P area. You wondered to yourself if it was anyone famous like one Direction. You love 1D and you are always  thinking what you would to if they walked in. But that's what happens when your a directioner. You get back to dancing with your BFFs when your friend pulls you to the bar so you can hear her.

"Charlotte, did you hear that One Direction are over in the V.I.P area." she says to you.

"No there not your just winding me up again." you answered. They did that alot because they new that you would  believe them but you were not falling for it this time. You grabbed your drink and you couldn't help but think what if they were telling the truth and One Direction were here. You couldn't help yourself so you           walked over to the V.I.P area and looked to see who it was. There was someone with blonde hair but you couldn't see his face because he had his back to you. He turned round and you went into shock. It was Niall Horan, your friends were telling the truth. He must of seen the look on your face because he came over to you.

"Are you ok." he said 

"Yeah im fine i  was just looking for my friend." you said trying to think of  a reason that sounded good unlike what you said.

You turned around to walk away when you bashed into someone causing them to spill there drink all over you.

"I am so sorry." they said

"That alright it was my fault." your reply lifting up your head. 

OMG it was Liam Payne, the one and only, the one you have had a crush on since the first time you saw him. You just stay there staring into his eyes until you snaped out of your daydream to the sound of Liams voice .

"Are you ok." he said

"Yeah im fine , sorry i was in another world."

" Em would you like to  come and sit with me and  the boys." he asked

" Yeah that would  be great, i will just go and clean myself up and i will be back. Oh and would it  be ok if my friends come. " 

"Yeah sure, oh and i dint catch your  name." 

"Charlotte." your reply 

"ok Charlotte, see you  in a bit." 

You go the to clean yourself up and you do a little  happy dance on the way.  You get your friends who are already drunk and go over to the V.I.P area. You get in and talk to the boys. Liam asks you if you wanted to dance, you take his hand and your walk to the dance floor. 

"Im going to get some fresh air." you say to him

"Sure i will come with you."

You both go outside to get away from the smell of alcohol.

"Charlotte i have had a really good night tonight." Liam says to you

" Me to." you answer

You turn to face him and you both look into each others eyes. He pulls you close and kisses you. You kiss back and you feel your heart race. From that day on your world was turned upside down.  

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