This includes many different imagines. If you would like your name to be in one or you have any ideas for some imagines comment and i will try and include you name or idea.


1. At the cinema


You and your friends and going to the cinema to watch the new film Skyfall. You were no good with scary films as they scared you so much, so you were hoping that it would not be to scary.  You bought your popcorn and drink and took your seat at the back of the cinema. You went to the latest showing that was at 10:20pm so it was only you and your friends in there. The film was about to start when a group of boys walked in. They were sitting in front of you and you didnt know why when there was a whole cinema full of  free seats and they chose to sit there.  The movie started and you cheaked your phone to see if it was on silent.u decided to quikly cheack twitter an when you saw a tweet from Niall saying cinema tonight, going to see 007 in action. You read it, but didnt take much notice what it said, and then put your phone away and watched the movie. Its gettin to a scary bit in the film when  someone comes up besides you ans pats you on the shoulder you jump and your popcorn goes everywere.

"Sorry but i was just going to ask if you wanted something from the food counter, and seeing that i made you spill your popcorn i guess that would be a yes." the boy said with a laugh in his voice.

"Yeah, i will come with you."

so you go with the boy, who  you still didnt know because you couldnt see anything in the cinema. You walk out and the light hits you. You look at the boy and you have to do a  double take. Its Harry Styles. Your heart skips a beat. You couldnt believe it you knew you recognised that voice from somewhere and then you relised the tweet that Niall put on twitter. They were hear One direction they were sitting right in front of you for the past hour and you didnt even know. You try to keep calm and walk with Harry to get some popcorn. you start talking and it was the best conversations you had even though it lasted for 2 mins. You went back to the film and Harry said you could sit next to him as your friends had fell asleep. You sat down next to him and ate some popcorn.  You ended up throwing popcorn at the other boys.  You couldnt stop laughing. You and Harry calmed down and started to watch the movie again. There was this really scary bit coming up and you put your head in your hands . Harry grabs you round the shoulders and pulls you into him. You end up cuddling up with harry through the  rest of the movie. His hand round you and you head on his shoulder. The movie finnished and you, Harry and the boys walked out the cinema. You were outside with harry.

" I had a  good time tonight. " harry says

he gives you his number on a piece of paper gives you a kiss on the cheek then walkes to his car. You walk back inside and then you see the others.

" Where did you go, you could of woke us" your friends said

You walk to the car and all the way home you have a big smile on your face.

" What happened in the cinema." your friend asks

" Oh nothing."  you answer.

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