Scientific studies have shown that human emotions are formed right at birth. The child feels no pain, no anger, no sadness... even no love, until he or she is pulled out of the womb. To test this theory, two doctors decide to store away their sense of morale and raise a child to have no emotion. The girl would be kept in a sensory deprivation chamber, being talked and communicated to, until she was fifteen and ready to face the world. But when she is released, is she everything the doctors believed she would be?


1. The Start

Dr. Jeffrey Massone slaps his palms hard on the surface of the table, SMACK. "This is crazy, Suzanne! What are you thinking?" He exhales, shoulders lowering, and starts pacing back and forth. Left foot, right foot, left foot, back again. "Where is your sense of humanity? Morality? You want to just throw that away?"

Sitting on a simple wooden stool, Dr. Suzanne Redd calmly adjusted her thin-wire glasses. "Don't think I haven't thought it all through. I've examined this experiment from all angles, and I've collected all permits from Sacramento. In essence-" she paused, as if wary of her partner's reaction- "the department has officially begun the project already. We are to start as soon as possible."

"What?" the man asked indignantly. "Where are we going to find an unborn, healthy embryo? The necessary equipment to grow one-"

Suzanne's cheeks grew slightly flushed, coloring her pale skin a light pink. "The director says we are to make one ourselves." Her eyes grew hard. "I remember you saying your wife was two months in."

Dr. Massone took a quick breath, fists clenching. "How dare you volunteer her! She'll be heartbroken!"

"Her child won't be gone. She'll be able to see her."

"She will see her as nothing more than a project," Jeffrey ranted. "Or perhaps a forlorn prisoner, trapped in a box!"

"Sensory deprivation is not torture," Dr. Redd said, but now her eyebrows were scrunched together guiltily. "The subject won't understand she's different."


"Supressed emotions are more apparent in the Y chromosome," Suzanne quietly explained.

"Obviously so," Dr. Massone said, with an ironic tone to his voice, watching Dr. Redd's expressionless face out of the corner of his eye.

"Fine. Fine, we will extract the embryo as soon as we can, no matter that it's heartless. Cruel. Inhumane."

Suzanne finally looked up at Jeffrey, her eyes burning with an emotion he couldn't recognize. Want, maybe. Longing. He wondered if the project was the only thing she obsessed over. "The embryo?" she asked. "It's your child. I'd never imagine you being so detached."

Jeffrey let out a long, soft breath. "I'd never imagine any child of mine sentenced to this."

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